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Results for July 2015

0255/158 July 2015A.O Adult Store
Large image of scandily clad woman advertising the adult shop. This image is depicted all across the shop windows and on the shop roof.
0258/158 July 2015AHM Health Insurance

I would like to complain about the AHM insurance ad.

0259/158 July 2015Mars Petcare Australia
Two men are fighting and notice a dog in the middle of the road and they run out into traffic to rescue the dog.
0260/158 July 2015Ingogo
Tagline: 'You call, We Finger'
0261/158 July 2015L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
My complaint is specifically directed at the catch phrase "F n L" pronounced "effen ell" - and as EVERYONE knows that is "polite" for "f*cking hell*.
0262/158 July 2015Nestle Australia Ltd
Kit Kat advertisement about "having a break" shows a lady secretly having a Kit Kat under a tree when she is meant to be out running.
0264/158 July 2015Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
The latest advertising campaign for Red Bull energy drink with cartoon characters suggesting you will be more attractive if you drink red bull
0265/158 July 2015Mitchell's Quality Foods
And I quote "being thinner and healthier makes you a better mother".
0266/158 July 2015Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd

Commercial centred on the release of a new Nissan 4x4 utility vehicle, where it drove through a large pipe that was not restrained properly to a semi-trailer, falling off onto the ground.

0267/158 July 2015Mars Confectionery
2 women eating maltesers in an office setting. One of the women lifts her top to reveal her bra to a male colleague
0268/158 July 2015L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
Use of FnL to make it sound like a swear word did not seem required to sell product and an excuse to gain attention.
0269/158 July 2015GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
0270/158 July 2015Aldi Australia
The Aldi advert of a man in a chicken suit falling off a chair and using offensive language (taking Jesus Christ name in vain).
0271/158 July 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Link to image of the ad as above.
0272/158 July 2015Crazy Domains
Set in a massage room, with the masseuse being a male dressed as a female (in no way is that the reason for my complaint)
0273/158 July 2015Yum Restaurants International
Sexualized food, portrayed as erection of bacom resulting in pizza huts "love "child. Illegitimate child.
0274/158 July 2015Kennards Self Storage
It was a radio ad with a male and a female character and they're discussing the usefulness of renting out a storage container in a self-storage facility.
0275/158 July 2015Urban Purveyor Group
The billboard shows a photo of a you do smiling woman who is bursting out of her top and carrying a very large stein of beer in each hand. Next to her is the caption "keep between the posts". The same billboard is repeated several times along the walkway.
0276/158 July 2015Urban Purveyor Group

Lowenbrau Keller advertisement on Pandora music App "Bigger is better" "Wunderbra"

0277/158 July 2015L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
Garnier Fructis Haircare "You'll get one F'n'L of a reaction"
0278/158 July 2015L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
A woman walks through an office, people in the office say "F'n'L" in reference to the product "Full n Lucious" - it sounds as though they are saying "effn Hell"
0279/1522 July 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd
The radio advertisement promotes the Minions movie tie-in with McDonalds and in particular, a McDonald's meal featuring a Quarter Pounder, Fries, Coke and Minions McFlurry.
0280/1522 July 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd
The McDonald’s website, at promotes the Minions movie tie-in with McDonalds and in particular, a McDonald’s meal featuring a Quarter Pounder, Fries, Coke and Minions McFlurry.
0282/1522 July 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd
The TV advertisement promotes the Minions movie and a McDonald’s meal featuring a Quarter Pounder, Fries, Coke and Minions McFlurry.
0283/1522 July 2015Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
The Red Bull advertisement features a man and a woman who have been trapped on an island following a shipwreck. The woman asks how they will escape, whilst the man covers over the Red Bull can with sand. The idea that Red Bull will give them the wings that will allow them to escape.
0285/1522 July 2015Samsung Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
Samsung phone new
0286/1522 July 2015Buckle Me Up
There was a male toddler pictured laying flat across the back seat of a car with toys and other items around him. The voice-over read 'Jack looks like he is asleep. He looks peaceful. But Jack, is dead'.
The camera pans out to show the toddler apparently dead in a car accident after his mother was unaware he had unbuckled his own seatbelt.
0289/1522 July 2015Starshots
Large photos of personal portrait photos. Mostly men and women in lingerie.
0290/1522 July 2015Berwick Chrysler Jeep
It advertises that they have women car sales people there so women can shop for cars comfortably
0291/1522 July 2015SCA Hygiene Australasia
The ad continuously plays on 'oh sheet' in different situations and says its 'The good sheet' at the end.
0295/1522 July 2015Honey Birdette
A store window in a shopping centre displays a poster, approximately 2 metres tall, featuring a photo of a woman wearing a black bra, underwear, suspender belt and thigh-high boots and holding a black helmet, sitting astride a black motor bike. The text reads: "Strap In Wild Thing".