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Results for August 2009

232/0912 August 2009iSelect Pty Ltd
iSelect (232/09) radio advertisement on radio 97.3 using blasphemy.
313/0926 August 2009The No Brace Centre
THe No Brace Centre TVC shows children talking about how traditional braces are terrible and "no braces" are cool.
321/0926 August 2009Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
Nando's - (321/09) gatecrashed the Bruno movie opening outside State Theatre
325/0912 August 2009Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures - Bruno Transport(325/09)ad to promote movie on Syndey Transit Buses
329/0912 August 2009GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
Glaxo Smith Kline - Panadol (329/09) people sneezing on each other
335/0912 August 2009Victorian Aids Council
Victorian Aids Council - 335/09. STI campaign with young man in underwear and/or nude at tram stops in Melbourne.
338/0926 August 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Continental Vegi Full Soup (338/09) TV petrol bowser incident requiring fire brigade
339/0912 August 2009Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
Suzuki Aust P/L (339/09) TV 4wd on dirt road near cold climate area, switches to bikini girl in hot springs and riding horse
340/0912 August 2009Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
Suzuki Aust P/L (340/09 - TV 4wd bikini girl on car with footballer driving car
341/0912 August 2009Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
Red Bull - (341/09) Cinema cartoon characters on beach with black patches over genitals
342/0926 August 2009Yum Restaurants International
YUM - KFC 342/09 TV ad for KFC wrap with young boy riding pushbike with one hand
343/0912 August 2009Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers - TV (343/09) fingers superglued to keyboard
344/0912 August 2009Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - Accord (344/09) TV new Honda Accord Euro exceeding speed limit
346/0912 August 2009Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers (346/09) Rabbit grooming rego 046 CXX QLD
347/0912 August 2009Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers (347/09) Upright organ Rego 011 JAA QLD
348/0912 August 2009Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - (348/09) TV featuring Sam Neill and an Orangutan named Dennis to encourage Australians to eat more red meat
349/0912 August 2009Coles
Coles (349/09 TV "shouldn't be taxed for being a woman" discounted feminine hygiene products
351/0926 August 2009Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing (351/09) - Big Screen/AFL ICE anti drugs campaign
353/0912 August 2009Mo's Mobiles
Mo's Mobiles - TV (353/09) Father described as "tight bastard"
354/0912 August 2009Couta Group /Pex Plumbing
Couta Group/Pex Plumbing (354/09) "I won't have any cross dressing on my site"
355/0912 August 2009Nutricia Australasia Pty Ltd
Nutricia Toddler Formula 355/09 featuring images of a children's party with voiceover about "sharing everything"
356/0926 August 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Lynx deodorant 356/09 Excessive perspiration with water gushing from his armpits.
358/0912 August 2009Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Fosters VB 358/09 - parade through a country town with different groups marching under various banners
359/0912 August 2009Heinz
Heinz 359/09 toddler milk promoting formula as a healthy option for children
360/0912 August 2009Energy Australia
Energy Australia - Print (360/09) "Wastes energy explaining LBW to Madge"
361/0912 August 2009Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly-Clark - Kotex Beaver 361/09. Man lying on the ground and woman talking about what she would take to a deserted island.
362/0926 August 2009Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan 362/09 shows 3 cars on mountain ranges and then on busy intersection
363/0912 August 2009Ateco Automotive Pty Limited
Ateco Automotive - Alfa Romeo 363/09 - Depiction of car travelling at speed with text - "You were born screaming"
364/0926 August 2009Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Roadshow Film Distributors 364/09 - Drag me to hell movie trailer
366/0926 August 2009Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Roadshow Film 366/09 - Drag Me to Hell movie trailer (Pay TV)
368/0926 August 2009Diageo Australia Ltd
Bundaberg Rum - (368/09) Voiceover guy that leaves the game 10 minutes early/have another Bundy
370/0926 August 2009Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - (370/09) 'girlfriend/five year plan
371/0926 August 2009Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
MLA 371/09 - "Wake Up" TV Sam Neil with Denis the Orangutan riding a bike and dancing.
372/0926 August 2009Jamba! GmbH
Jamba Jamster - (372/09) PAY TV (Lust Mobile) wet & wild/Lusty Lena/filthy Latina in her back yard
373/0912 August 2009Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle Kit Kat 373/09 Billboard with woman holding man by the legs mowing the lawn with his teeth
374/0926 August 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (374/09) Radio- SMS 'Try' for premature ejaculation problems
375/0926 August 2009Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks 375/09 - catalogue with young girl laying on the back of a convertible car.
376/0926 August 2009Department of Health and Ageing
Department of Health & Ageing 376/09 Outdoor campaign "Always use a Condom"
377/0926 August 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum (KFC)377/09. Man at picnic lies about owning the car and having to move it.
378/0926 August 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurants (KFC) 378/09 Man at picinic lies about speaking English when asked to take a photo for tourists
379/0926 August 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurant (KFC) 379/09. Man at family picnic lies about being allergic to dogs.
380/0926 August 2009Epiclinic
Epiclinic (380/09) - women walking around with paper bags on heads 'lose the bag'