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Results for January 2009

1/0921 January 2009Major Oak Theatre Restaurant
Major Oak Theatre Restaurant - man in riding chaps with buttocks exposed and lipstick kiss on buttock cheek
10/0921 January 2009Jimy Tools
Jimy Tools - catalogue featuring two women - one in bikini & one with thumb in waist band of denim shorts exposing underwear
12/0921 January 2009Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Fosters - VB - Shane Warne in London states 'if you win you could be sitting under some stinking Pom's armpit
13/0921 January 2009NIB Health Funds Limited
NIB - Man in pool sitting on a flotation pool pony.
15/0921 January 2009Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Mother - remake of 287/08 using stick figure SWAT team attack scientist in lab
16/0921 January 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurants - KFC - cricket players stopping their game of cricket so they can eat this particular type of fast food.
17/0921 January 2009Lyndi J Australia
Lyndi J - sexualisation of 10-12 year old girl with braces on teeth to sell jodpurs
18/0921 January 2009Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare - young woman tells boyfriend she may be pregnant - it's your Dads
19/0921 January 2009Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare - two men - implied soliciting
2/0921 January 2009Totally Whild
Totally Whild - A person painting a sign is abused by passersby for incorrect spelling
20/0921 January 2009Atlas Media
Atlas Media - adult prepaid internet - woman in very brief underwear
21/0921 January 2009Cancer Institute of NSW
Cancer Institute NSW - Melanoma - graphic of inside body, black cells spreading
22/0921 January 2009Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing - Transport - graphic image of stitched wound 'don't let your time in the sun catch up with you'
23/0921 January 2009Betfair Australia
Betfair - commentators during cricket promoting Betfair
24/0921 January 2009Betfair Australia
Betfair - Banners placed around cricket pitch and viewed during telecast
25/0921 January 2009National Australia Day Council
National Australia Day Council - (Print) Exercise your democratic right to give dead-arms (while tongue in checck) is suggesting that you punch someone so hard that their arm goes numb
26/0921 January 2009National Australia Day Council
National Australia Day Council - (TV) Exercise your democratic right to give dead-arms (while tongue in checck) is suggesting that you punch someone so hard that their arm goes numb
27/0921 January 2009Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Australia Day ad -Sam Kekovich used offensive language "rooted
3/0921 January 2009Fonterra Brands (P&B) Pty Ltd
Fonterra Brands (P&B) - featuring slogan ít's not coz we can't it's coz we can't be bothered
4/0921 January 2009Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Commission - young brit saying how poor the aussies are at sport
537/0821 January 2009Colorado Group Ltd
Colorado Group - Williams the Shoeman - female models are too thin
538/0821 January 2009Cavana Plumbing
Cavana Plumbing - Don't freeze your nuts off - man looking down PJ's front
539/0821 January 2009Coca-Cola Amatil
Coca-Cola Amatil - Deep Spring - naked woman in waterfall "your source of natural sparkle"
541/0821 January 2009Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Rav4 - Internet - chainsaw chops up hands
542/0821 January 2009Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - Craking up to catch drivers
547/0821 January 2009Fish 'n Bits Bait & Tackle
Fish n Bits Bait & Tackle - People pig hunting in 4WD - dog chases down a wild pig
549/0821 January 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra Corp - men in tents - 'where is Barry?' - implies Barry may be homosexual??
550/0821 January 2009Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's Pizza - Jim Beam Flavoured Pizza
551/0821 January 2009Activision Pty Ltd
Activision - Playstation - Guitar Hero - Woman playing air guitar in white business shirt and socks
552/0821 January 2009Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Pepsi Max - Young men on rooftop with propellor strapped to back
554/0821 January 2009Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
Nando's - bilboard - woman licks plate in sexualised manner
555/0821 January 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Men do it LONGER
556/0821 January 2009Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - Mazda 6 - Double page ad, one page is image of 'how Mazda looks' (road vehicle), other page 'how Mazda feels' (racing car)
557/0821 January 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurants - KFC - Guys and girls splashing drinks - sexualised licking of fingers etc
6/0921 January 2009South Australia Lotteries
South Australia Lotteries - Powerball -Thor the son of Odin is portrayed selling and talking about powerball
7/0921 January 2009Autobarn
Autobarn - car is cut in half by 2 men in backyard garage.
8/0921 January 2009Autobarn
Autobarn - man applies car engine oil to a pizza and two men with knives threaten sheep