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Results for July 2009

233/098 July 2009Australian Football League
AFL - TV ad for the "League of their Own" including footage of bull fighting
247/098 July 2009Club X
Club X - Radio describing how a vibrator works and what it offers.
249/098 July 2009Girls Gone Wild
Girls Gone Wild TV (249/09)for phone downloads with highly sexual content. Girl on girl action.
257/098 July 2009Panasonic (Aust) Pty Ltd
Panasonic 257/09 - TV ad afor Lumix Camera with Paramedics looking through the camera of a dead man killed in accident.
269/098 July 2009Gambit Group
Gambit Group - 1800 no credit. Man breaks up with girlfriend and then charges her for the call.
271/098 July 2009Greater Building Society
Greater Building Society - loans for purchasing a car directed to young malws. Image of V8 in background
272/098 July 2009Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnotts 272/09 - Campbells Country Ladle Soup. Musician singing listing the negative aspects of the city lifestyle
273/098 July 2009Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnotts 273/09 - Campbells Chicken Stock. Lady holding Child upside down
274/098 July 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurants 274/09 - KFC truck driver not wearing a seat belt
275/098 July 2009Sexpo Pty Ltd
SEXPO 275/09 - TV with 2 women about to kiss and men & women parading around near naked
276/098 July 2009Sexpo Pty Ltd
SEXPO 276/09 Billboard with woman naked woman covering her breasts
277/098 July 2009Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
Super Cheap Auto 277/09 TV windscreen wiper changing service with male and female characters.
278/098 July 2009Pharmacare Laboratories
Pharmacare 278/09 Brut TV robot gathering possessions including a doll that changes to a woman in a bikini
279/098 July 2009McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonalds 279/09 - TV with person handling flake into ice cream with no gloves (ie: bare hands)
280/098 July 2009FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Foxtel Management (Fox 8) 280/09 Pay TV - various ball tricks performed using a socer ball then a player clears his nose in view of the camera.
281/098 July 2009Lowes Menswear
Lowes 281/09 TV. Ex-footballer cooking in kitchen and another comes in and calls the first one a poofter.
284/098 July 2009Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle Australia Ltd (284/09) - TV 'Fruit Fix' recommended as healthy snack for children with '1 serve of fruit'
285/098 July 2009Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited
Inghams Enterprises P/L (285/09) PAY TV something wrong with you if you don't like chicken
286/098 July 2009Cadbury Pty Ltd
Cadbury P/L (286/09) TV children raising eyebrows & distorting their faces
288/098 July 2009Hasbro Australia Ltd
Hasbro Australlia Ltd (288/09) TV Baby alive doll receives medicine from spoon and up nose
289/098 July 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI 289/09 - Billboard Making Love - Do it Longer.
290/098 July 2009Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellog Aust P/L (290/09) Coco Pops TV young boy dressed in shirt/tie comes arrives home 'from work' and receives coco pops as snack
291/098 July 2009Plant Health Pty Ltd
Planet Health (291/09)Print - Life Stream Bowel Biotecs+ bowel cleansing supplement
293/098 July 2009Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle Aust P/L (Fruit Fix) - (293/09) Transport advertising Uncle Toby's Fruit Fix
294/098 July 2009Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle Australa P/L (294/09) Internet nutritionist recommends Fruit Fix' as healthy snack for children
295/098 July 2009Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle Australia P/L (295/09) TV- man depicted as ball machine on tennis court - KitKat
297/098 July 2009Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing - (297/09)Cinema -anti drinking campaign with girl on ground with knickers down
298/098 July 2009Tartarus Pty Ltd
Tartarus P/L (298/09) Billboard in Clayfield Brisbane with Satan promoting Hell Pizza
299/098 July 2009Statewide Steel
Statewide Steel - (299/09) TV features woman with large breasts and low cut top (Geraldton)
300/098 July 2009Bairnsdale Motel
Bairnsdale Motel - (300/09) TV woman swinging cat around room
301/098 July 2009The Adult Warehouse
The Adult Warehouse - (301/09) Print Mothers Day ad in 'The Advertiser', Illawarra area
302/098 July 2009Campbell's Australia
Campbell's Australia - (302/09) fully loaded man having balls of meat doing rough 'bloke' things in the bush
303/098 July 2009Stanley Australia
Stanley Australia - 303/09 Radio -2 men attacked by do when attempting to ateal Sidchrome Tools from back of ute -"around my friggin neck"
307/098 July 2009Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd
Virgin Blue Airlines - (307/09) TV -female airline stewards dancing around the plane and owner Richard Branson (wait until we get it up'
308/098 July 2009Hoyt Food
Hoyt Food Spices - TV. young women dancing in a kittchen wearing 1950's style clothing.
309/098 July 2009Rheem Hot Water
Rheem TV - images of children showering with voice over
310/0922 July 2009Youi Car Insurance
Youi Car Insurance 310/09 TV - person obsessivley cleaning glasses "ridiculous habits"
311/098 July 2009Diageo Australia Ltd
Diageo - Bundaberg Rum TV. Bundy Bear outside Billy's Bourbon Bar and then one man changes the neon sign
312/098 July 2009Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot - Chicko Roll billboard. Image of girl on bike in bikini
314/098 July 2009The Booby Trap Warehouse
Booby Trap Warehouse TV ad. Rows of thinly clad breasts and then a close up of a womans crotch
316/0922 July 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets - (316/09) TV chocolate and strawberry milkshake paddle pops afternoon calcium source.
317/098 July 2009Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain - (317/09) TV featuring iron man Zane Holmes - you only get what you put in.SEE FILE FOR FULL COMPLAINT TEXT
318/098 July 2009Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain - (318/09) TV beach boy (approx 7) on beach with mother goes swimming growns up and wins iron man comp after eating Nutrigrain Sydney/Melbourne)SEE FILE FOR FULL COMPLAINT TEXT
319/098 July 2009Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutrigrain - (319/09) TV young boy depicted running on farm pretending to surf on land in training for Cold Coast iron man (Brisbane)SEE FILE FOR FULL COMPLAINT TEXT
320/0922 July 2009Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd (320/09)-(think outside the square) - TV Dorito chips - bikini clad woman helps two men breaking down
322/0922 July 2009InsuranceLine Pty Ltd
InsuranceLine P/L (322/09) TV income protection for family member with bone cancer
324/0922 July 2009Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society (324/09) TV - fundraiser to cure MS
327/0922 July 2009Sportsbet
Sportsbet (327/09) TV - 2 older men predicting outcome of sporting events in office environment
328/0922 July 2009Professionals Burnie real estate
Professionals Burnie - Radio ad portraying renters negatively and refering to cat piss in the roof.
330/0922 July 2009Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Ltd
Golden Casket - Tattersall's Lottery TVC with man pushing in front of woman to buy lottery ticket.
331/0922 July 2009McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's 331/09 Radio ad with man with French accent feeling homesick and being rude to people.
332/0922 July 2009FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Foxtel 332/09 Internet IQ service. Lady explains about buying IQ for a year with Foxtel
333/0922 July 2009Solahart
Solahart TVC Naked woman in shower with her back facing viewer with side of her breast clearly shown.
334/0922 July 2009Jamba! GmbH
Jamba TVC 334/09 - Lust Mobile. Women in sexually explicit positions with pink lips covering private parts.
336/0922 July 2009Jungle Brolly
Jungle Brolly TVC 336/09 shows people using the hand shield product and then puring acid etc on to their hands.
337/0922 July 2009Ssangyong Motors Australia
Ssangyong print 337/09 - You can throw your tools in the back, and the missus.