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Results for September 2009

296/0916 September 2009Wize Guys (Australia Pty Limited
Wize Guys - Billboard (296/09) - 'Drink Cocaine' campaign with woman in shiny red devils suit laying across top of can
323/0923 September 2009Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Gaviscon (323/09) pilot experiencing heartburn symptoms
345/0923 September 2009Freedom Furniture Ltd
Freedom Furniture - (345/09) Mum thinks Dad's gay
352/099 September 2009Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission (352/09) TV male driver under influence of drugs exits car to change drivers killed by passing car
367/099 September 2009Meei
Meei TV advertisement features a clad woman rotating and wearing a g-string. Also before and after face shots etc
382/0916 September 2009Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - (382/09) TV 'Racey Shapes'
383/099 September 2009STA Travel Pty Ltd
STA Travel - (383/09) Internet "cheap ass flights" banner
384/099 September 2009Vili's Bakery
Vili's - 384/09 (Big Screen) at SCG with women dancing around pies
386/0923 September 2009iSelect Pty Ltd
iSelect - TV (386/09) medicare levy "stuff them"
388/099 September 2009Whirlpool
Whirlpool - (388/09) TV Newton/Meldrum "bend over" for producers
389/099 September 2009Pharmacare Laboratories
Pharmacare Brut 389/09 TV. Revised ad where Robot turns doll into 'real'woman.
391/099 September 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra TV 391/09 Call Mum. Shows people calling Mum but no sign of Dad
392/099 September 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever Rexona 392/09 TV ad featuring a man of "European" appearance putting another man in a garbage crusher (Rexona Invisible Ice)
393/099 September 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever Rexona 393/09 TV ad featuring police officers laughing at a single black man for white marks under his arms.
394/099 September 2009Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
MLA 394/09- Pay TV Sam Neil with Dennis the Orangutan who makes a gesture suggesting insanity for not eating meat.
395/099 September 2009Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target 395/09 - Internet features semi-naked man drinking milk and spilling it down his torso.
396/099 September 2009Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target TV 396/09 Features the target symbols stripping including child sized symbols.
399/099 September 2009Goodman Fielder Limited
Goodman Fielder - 399/09 TV ad promoting margarine as healthy alternative with dialogue from a cardiologist included.
400/099 September 2009Fairfax Digital
Fairfax Digital- (400/09) RSVP Dating service, pigeon thrown in fan to "get with the times"
401/099 September 2009Collins Foods Group Pty Ltd
Collins Food Group - Sizzler (401/09)TVSizzler denouncing so-called food experts
402/099 September 2009General Pants Group
General Pants Group Poster 402/09 Image of woman with her mount stitched/sewn up.
403/099 September 2009General Pants Group
General Pants Internet 403/09 Images of female with her mouth sewn/stitched shut.
404/099 September 2009Australian Hair & Beauty Imports
Australian Hair & Beauty Imports - MUK (404/09) - Petra Hair Care window displays
405/099 September 2009The Passionfruit Sensuality Shop
The Passionfruit Sensuality Shop - (405/09) Print photos of vibrator guaranteed to hit he G spot
408/099 September 2009The Mercury (Newspaper)
The Mercury Newspaper Billboard. Back of naked man with information on his back running onto a sports field.
409/099 September 2009Essential Beauty Franchising
Essential Beauty Radio 409/09. dialogue refers to womens privates as her "Tasmania" and deforesting her Tasmania.
410/099 September 2009The Boardroom of Melbourne
The Boardroom Transport vehicle with a picture of a woman offering intimate services.
411/099 September 2009Ian Jones Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Ian Jones Insurance Brokers 411/09 - Billboard with rear view of naked man with overwriting "Cover your ASSets"
412/099 September 2009Youi Car Insurance
Youi TV 412/09. Shows a male playing a video game whose behaviour is described as being compulsive
413/099 September 2009Big W
Big W- Catalogue (Bonds Underwear) 413/09. Model posing seductively with barely any clothing on
414/0916 September 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI Print 414/09. Mail delivered in yellow envelope with pamphlet enclosed with text "Want longer lasting Sex" in large blue type.
415/099 September 2009Australian Insurance Holdings
Australian Insurance Holdings (Budget Direct) TV ad involving a young French woman talking to a typical Aussie bloke about Budget Direct.
416/099 September 2009Tourism Victoria
Tourism Victoria 416/09 (Daylesford Vic) TV with catch line "Be double minded"
418/0923 September 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (418/09) TV SMS TRY
419/0923 September 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (419/09)- SMS TRY Billboard
420/099 September 2009Holeproof
Holeproof - (420/09) -2 stripe underwear
421/0923 September 2009La Famiglia Fine Foods Pty Ltd
La Famiglia - (421/09) Garlic bread so delicious the Italians will want it back
422/099 September 2009Peregrine Corp (Smokemart & Gift Box)
Peregrine - (422/09) Smokemart & Gift shop catalogue advertising novelty items for fathers day
423/0923 September 2009Bronzed Brazilian
Bronzed Brazilian (423/09)- Print 'Quest News' woman holding blue bow just covering vagina
426/0923 September 2009Fasta Pasta
Fasta Pasta - (426/09) TV red laser displayed on man's forehead whilst advertising meals at Fasta Pasta restaurants
427/099 September 2009McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - (427/09) - 'Surprise Ending' during Ice Age 3 tie in promotion (blue slushy drink for adults and fruit cup for children)
428/0923 September 2009Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi Motors TV 428/09. The ad depicts a Mitsubishi Outlander driving in braod daylight with its Fog lights on.
429/0923 September 2009Covergirls Bar & Lounge
Covergirls Bar & Lounge - Transport. Image of 2 girls in bikinis touching in an intimate way.
431/0923 September 2009Jeans West Corporation
Jeans West Corporation - Poster. Honour the Denim. Group of Japanese girls kneeling in front of a caucasian girl.
432/0923 September 2009Jeans West Corporation
Jeans West Poster 432/09. Image of Japanese men kneeling before a caucasian man.
434/0923 September 2009Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota Rav 4 - 434/09. TV ad which shows all 4 wheels of a vehicle off the ground before it drives down the sand dunes.
435/0923 September 2009Paramount Pictures Australia
Paramount Pictures Australia - Radio. features excerpts from the "I love you man" movie
436/0923 September 2009Brothers Ink Pty Ltd
Brothers Ink - Skinny Blonde Internet, staring competition and girl removes bikini top.