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Results for August 2013

0251/1314 August 2013Honda Australia Pty Ltd
The new Honda Accord advertisement introducing the new Honda Accord Luxury Model. It depicts a younger male driver overtaking and passing other more expensive vehicles.
0252/1314 August 2013Santa Fe Gold
A woman with a large set of breasts in a very revealing singlet is leaning over exposing a very large cleavage. With the words "
I'm Waiting" written next to her.
0254/1314 August 2013Unilever Australasia
New Radox product for shower "Come to life..."
0255/1314 August 2013Tatts Lotteries

Yesterday evening I saw this ad twice, at 6:15 and at 6:58 during the news and during the

7:30 report. However, I have previously also seen this ad on channel 10 during The Doctors program between 13:00 and 14:00 hours.

The ad portrays young people sitting on the front of a cruise boat with their legs over the side. A program about water police pulled up a boat for this reason and explained that it was unlawful and very dangerous.

0256/1314 August 2013Pharmacare Laboratories
A redwin moisturiser commercial starring Jennifer Hawkins in her underwear dancing to a children's song.
0257/1314 August 2013Australian Insurance Holdings

As above, young lady washing hair arms above head naked in shower facing viewer but no breasts shown. And then a much older man shaving in the basin in same bathroom.
So if the two were conversing with each other, then you're teaching young women it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to expose the body to a much older man, and insinuated sexuality (why else would she be naked showering and he shaving if they weren’t having sexual relations?)

0258/1314 August 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
This advertisement for Kellogg’s LCM “Split Stix” was broadcast during July 2013. It depicts a primary school-age boy in a typical school classroom at lunchtime. He takes an LCM Split Stix bar from his lunchbox and unwraps it, smiling quizzically at the product as he realises it is able to be split in two down the middle. He splits the LCM bar and takes a large, enthusiastic bite. He then picks up a paper plane from the desk in front of him and throws it out the open classroom window. The viewer follows the plane out the window as a joyful jingle begins. The plane flies past a tall tree with children playing in the school yard underneath, before heading over the roof of the school. The paper plane pauses on the eave of the building as an animated pigeon looks on. It then flies downward, re-entering the school building and flying past surprised children before landing back on the desk in front of the boy. He picks up the plane, looks smilingly at the plane and his remaining half of the LCM bar, before biting into the second half and again throwing the plane out the window. A female voiceover says “LCM Split Stix. Splits in two so it’s fun they can have all over again.”
0259/1314 August 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
A young woman in a bathrobe is drying her hair. Her female friend/housemate questions why she has had a shower in the middle of the day and then goes on to suppose it was because 'Richard' with the Alpha Romeo had visited.
0260/1314 August 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd

A female comes home at 3pm to find her housemate/friend just out of the shower. The inference is she has just had sex with Richard, the owner of an Alfa Romeo. (If men buy one they will have sex with women.)

0261/1314 August 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd

A woman in a lift who is taller than the man - is quite sneering and scathing to the man about the fact that she doesn’t have a new car' "It’s an Alfa Romeo".

0262/1314 August 2013Boost Tel Pty Ltd

No1 shows zombies in the supermarket and a woman on roller-skates trying to hit the zombie with a cricket bat. The zombies are bleeding in the supermarket.

0263/1314 August 2013Boost Tel Pty Ltd

The second is a masked man on a motorbike and there are zombies in the street and near a school bus.

0264/1314 August 2013Fire and Rescue NSW
The advert was warning about Fire Safety in the Home and promoting having a Fire Safety Audit at home. The logo said NSW Government with GIO insurance and the NSW Fire Service.
0265/1314 August 2013Target Australia Pty Ltd
Headline: Oh My GOK "Ladies I'm all about your assets!"
Sub headline: 85% of you don't know your true bra size.
Advert code: TAR01029/a
COPY: we have bra fitters in every Target store to help you discover your true size. Check with your local store for bra fitting times and availability.
0266/1314 August 2013Target Australia Pty Ltd
Front page of the Target catalogue dated Thursday 25 July - Wednesday 31 July 2013.
0267/1314 August 2013Woolworths Supermarkets
Front page(s) of this weeks catalogues July 25-31
0268/1314 August 2013Coca-Cola South Pacific
The advertisement described how the Coca-Cola company is striving to fight obesity.
0269/1314 August 2013Australian Pork Limited
Advertisement for pork products. Women discussing neighbour's weloming tactics of other neighbour.
0270/1314 August 2013AAMI

I am writing to lodge a complaint to an advertisement by AAMI in which a woman supposedly in childbirth is ringing up AAMI and a doctor is peering between her legs.


0271/1314 August 2013Cringila Hotel
The advertisement uses three "barmaids" in low cut clothing to invite viewers to go to the Cringila Hotel to "have fun", suggests they will be there and includes a barmaid who fondles a billiard ball.
0272/1314 August 2013Advanced Medical Institute
This type of advertisement on a massive billboard is highly inappropriate, distasteful and embarrassing. It is morally unethical and contains the type of message normally reserved for late night adult tv. I had hoped that this style of advert on s major road and viewed by thousands daily was a thing of the past!
0273/1314 August 2013Colgate Palmolive Pty Ltd
Advertising a naked woman head to toe showering with shampoo.
0274/1314 August 2013Target Australia Pty Ltd
The designer holds a girls breast positing to the bra and calls the breasts "bangers".
0275/1314 August 2013Sexpo Pty Ltd
Banner saying SEXPO ON NOW
0276/1314 August 2013Stihl Pty Ltd
Young boy wearing safety goggles holding chainsaw- looks as if he used it to build his tree house.
0277/1314 August 2013Cotton On
It is a poster of a female advertising lingerie.
0279/1314 August 2013Neon Records
Man and woman picture semi naked with the words 'f*** me I'm famous'
0280/1314 August 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford advertising their city active braking system
0281/1328 August 2013Honey Birdette
Bombshell Rita dressed in push up bra and matching underpants and suspender belt with stockings advertising Tasty Treats.
0282/1314 August 2013BIC Australia Pty Ltd
A photograph of a woman's lower torso and upper legs wearing only a pair of underpants. Printing over the underpants says 'Showered, shaved and trimmed all while your man's still looking for his keys'. The logo features a lacier and presumably see through pair of underpants.
0283/1314 August 2013Target Australia Pty Ltd
An advertisement about Bras and the fact that all target stores have the ability to assist with sizing of BRAs.
0285/1328 August 2013Virgin Money (Australia) Pty Limited
A man is talking to his wife about income protection whilst he's sitting in front of a laptop, she is mixing what looks like cake mix. He tells his wife that a work mate has gotten injured and has no income for months.
0286/1328 August 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
With the amount of deaths and complaints about drivers not doing the right thing -  for Nissan to have an ad that with a couple faking a trip to hospital speeding to hospital, gives the opinion ofl fluanting the law, when in fact there is no emergency, no baby, just making out the car can go really fast - Nission is being plain irrisponsible .
0287/1328 August 2013Puratap Pty Ltd
It is an ad about Pura Tap using the word CRAP repeatedly.
0288/1328 August 2013Cupid plc
Ad for a dating/social website. Male and female getting changed into underwear/lingerie, then walking down the street half-naked.
0289/1328 August 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
The brand power woman describes the breakfast cereals coco pops and nutri-grain as now available in a drink. We see a kitchen with a mother and children in it and the children take a breakfast drink each and leave the house.
0290/1314 August 2013Sexyland
Advertising Adult Sex toys
0291/1328 August 2013Big W
A man in his 40s is looking at girls clothes saying "Emerson" in a big W store he then imagines him-self in what looks a club pressed up behind a young girl. He then realises he is in the girls section of a store pressed up against a female mannequin. A young girl walks past in the clothing advertised & he stares again saying the words "Emerson".
0292/1328 August 2013Blackmores Ltd
A Blackmores commercial asking for people to commit to visiting their website ( for their 'littlelesslittlemore' campaign.
0293/1328 August 2013Sanofi Aventis
Male drinking a concoction of milk/vegetation from a boot.
0294/1328 August 2013Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
The avertisment is a badly loaded small truck losing its load inn front of a car following.
0295/1328 August 2013Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
This advert appears on page 26 of the 10th August edition of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine. It includes a picture of a blue Hyundai i40 car and an image of a motorcyclist with the reflection of a dog shown in the left hand mirror of the motorcycle.
0297/1328 August 2013Gympie Foam and Rubber
Show men in sumo suits loading mattresses into a truck and jumping on mattresses
0301/1328 August 2013Australian Fast Foods
A women wipes sauce from a teenage males face - a friend of her sons and licks her finger suggestively.