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Results for December 2013

0408/1311 December 2013Norco
It is a poster by Norco milk that promotes a drink that shouldn't be drunk by "men called nancy".
0409/1311 December 2013Norco
Man's voice describing things men can do, e.g. "drive in a straight line, say it in 10 words" followed by mention of the milk product.
0410/1311 December 2013Unilever Australasia
This advertisement for Streets “Trop-o-Saurus Slime” icy pole products has been broadcast since October 2013 on commercial television in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Two young children (a young boy and a young girl) are seen running through a jungle, before they find a PaddlePop Trop-o-Saurus “slime” icy pole in what appears to be a dinosaur egg. The young boy takes an enthusiastic bite as the product is described by a male voiceover: “New Paddle Pop Trop-o-Saurus Slime: with a gooey tangy sauce inside and a tasty tropical outside: because every great adventure needs a great treat! Try one today.” The young boy them metamorphoses into the Paddle Pop Lion, who is seen with a cartoon friend to be battling against animated adversaries, shooting green laser-beams and swinging through the jungle, as dinosaurs walk below. The Paddle Pop Lion are seen holding aloft the “Slimes”, before the scene cuts to the two young children, standing in the same position, with their icy poles held aloft. The final scene shows the “Slime” icy pole, Paddle Pop branding, and details of the associated website:
0412/1311 December 2013Virgin Money (Australia) Pty Limited

I have seen many sexist and degrading advertisements in my time but this one takes the cake. This advertisement depicts a "gold-digging" female discussing her excitement for life insurance as her 80-year old husband sits quietly next to her.

0413/1311 December 2013Lovers Adult Store
Do you want to have more fun in the bedroom, in the kitchen??? Then come to the Adult shop where you can buy products that will enhance your sex life.
0414/1311 December 2013Westpac Banking Corporation
The ad involved a couple who were trying to live a "fun" life going about their normal couple business and this annoying man was interfering and being a pest.
0416/1311 December 2013Good Time Burgers
A burger company advertising burgers by displaying the naked buttocks of a woman, in between which a burger patty is lodged (ie, the woman's naked buttocks act as a burger bun). The woman is lying in a suggestive position with a close up of her naked bum. The catch phrase is "the freshest fun between the buns"
0417/1311 December 2013Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
Advert depicts drinking alcoholic cocktails by young people. They are shown dancing with alcoholic drinks, kissing and staying up all night drinking. The advert explicitly shows a bottle of 'Barcadi' brand rum and makes reference to having your own bar that never closes.
0418/1311 December 2013Schwartzkopf
The advertisement shows two young guys in a car approaching another car and yelling "Hey sexy" at the "female" occupant. When it turns out that the "girl" is actually another guy, they are shocked and disgusted.
0419/1311 December 2013Menarini
A couple on bed in a suggestive pose, sexual messages and text.
0420/1311 December 2013Sexpo Pty Ltd
This was an ad promoting Sexpo in Melbourne over the upcoming weekend.
0422/1311 December 2013Just Cremations
The Ad depicts two elderly people sitting naked on a log with log fire behind them and a dog. The tope left hand corner reads "no fuss..."
0423/1311 December 2013Renault Australia
The ad featured a dolled up woman and a tradie style man advertising a vehicle.
0424/1311 December 2013Mambo
There is an image of a young woman, maybe fourteen or fifteen years old wearing a mambo bikini sitting astride a high handled bicycle. Her legs are astride and the bike seat protrudes between her legs.
0425/1311 December 2013Warner Village Theme Parks
An internet ad on the side bar of the homepage showing youing girls coming down a slide at a water park.
0427/1311 December 2013Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Put another (shrimp)/BEEF on the barbie.
0428/1311 December 2013Self Care

How long will you allow such images??

This appeared in the Sunday Times Body and Soul section today November 24.

0429/1311 December 2013Campbell's Australia
Arnotts are currently running a TV campaign for thier product Cruskits. Their assertion in the advert is that there are "60% less carbs in Cruskits than in bread" The very small print then states that this is comparing two Cruskits with two slices of bread.
Note this claim is also currently made on the Arnotts/Cruskits website
0430/1311 December 2013Hungry Jacks
Ad for crunchy burgers where there are 4 people in an open top jeep reversing into a car park, and the girl in the front seat crunches on the burger.
0431/1311 December 2013RWWA
Guy riding horses WITHOUT a helmet. I consider this a Safety issue for me as well as others children.
0432/1311 December 2013Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Do you need a drink? Large red text over picture of a camel.
0434/1311 December 2013Australian Therapeutic Supplies
A condom Ad. This commercial demonstrates a naked couple having sex in 5 different positions, trying out the various kinds of condoms. They are seen naked in front of pharmacy staff… and even while the female is on the phone to her mother. The sex positions a quite explicit.