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Results for July 2013

0207/1310 July 2013Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota Kluger - woman talks to receptionist about buying one
0208/1310 July 2013Spieglworld Empire
Spieglworld Empire advertisement
0209/1310 July 2013Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
This ad shows a yellow Suzuki Hatch driving through a multi level car park driven by a youngish driver with a young female passenger.
0210/1310 July 2013Sexpo Pty Ltd
An advertisement promoting attendance at the Perth Sexpo event.
0211/1310 July 2013Coles
Advertising to stock up on alcohol for the weekend.
0212/1310 July 2013Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
The Poster/billboard has "Buy my Feckin DVD" Which I know is a slogan for the TV show but as my 7 year old read it asked me what "Feckin" meant then continued to try to make sense of the ad with the word with my other three children, I think this is not only offensive advertising but certainly inappropriate language.
0213/1310 July 2013Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Mature woman stripping down to underwear.
0214/1310 July 2013Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd
The Oporto ad is advertising a new burger/sub - and depicts a North Korean officer in uniform (and a full close up of the Mock Up North Korean Flag) whilst a plane crashes in the background in the final moments of the commercial.
This commercial appears on all free to air networks - I have just used Prime7 as an example to identify the ad. The ad is part of a national campaign, and therefore, is not isolated to one region.
0215/1310 July 2013Boost Tel Pty Ltd
Boost mobile ad: A person on a motorbike having to get petrol during a zombie apocalypse, who then turns on a radio with a baby crying, and then cuts down and shoots the zombies with an arrow, and drives over them.
0216/1310 July 2013Nude Muse magazine

The company’s car has a photo of a nude model on the side and one across the back of the car. It was a white hatchback. The inappropriate parts of the models seemed to be blurred out.

0218/1310 July 2013Mars Confectionery

I wish to inform you of my disgust at an advertisement shown yesterday Sunday 2nd June. This ad showed a man with a crocodile bitting onto his right arm, but seemed to be unconcerned as his interest was on some (chocolate pod).

0219/1310 July 2013PFLAG Brisbane



On Thursday 12 June    saw an advertisement displayed on an electronic GOA billboard at the corner of Junction and Sandgate Roads, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland.


A pregnant woman, lying down with a bare stomach exposed. Congratulations you are having a lesbian.


0220/1310 July 2013Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
Family of 4 sitting at Nandos and adult male says something to the effect of his son being the result of "hole in one" with his Mother whilst holding up I think maybe a chip and a cherry tomato or some other such foodstuff.
0221/1310 July 2013The SEO Company Australia
The male voice over starts out by saying;
"You can't get it up can you?"
"You poor bugger, you just can't get it up"
Continues along this line and adds that they can help you get it up and get some Google loving.
0222/1310 July 2013Brand Developers
It is called the "Brazil Butt Lift" It has closeup images of girls bottoms showing their crutch as stills and whilst exercise, before and after their butt lifts. Lots of exercise and it goes for an exhaustive length of time, for many minutes and with repetition. It was on every ad break as well.
0223/1310 July 2013Erotic Nights Pakenham
Large rectangular banner on the factory/shop - up high (for all to see)- out front.
0224/1310 July 2013BSQ Productions
The ad is for "The Old Fella" who appeared on "Australia's Got Talent" and he is touring Tasmania. There shows a small joke to show that he is a comedian.
0225/1310 July 2013Missguided
Women's clothing. Women dancing around wearing swimsuits and big shoes getting into cars out in the desert.
0226/1310 July 2013McDonald's Aust Ltd
A McDonald's chicken dinner box is advertised. The advertisement states that the box contains chicken mcbites, chips, drinks, chicken burgers and 'much more.'
0227/1310 July 2013Transport for NSW
No more excuses - get your hands off it
Transport NSW media release dated 12-6-2013 on internet.
View video on youtube
0228/1310 July 2013Essential Beauty Franchising
Essential Beauty are advertising for people to buy a franchise but they have also in the past advertised their products.
0229/1324 July 2013Sony Australia Pty Ltd
Sony make.believe. Loud music is playing and people have headphones on enjoying the music and presumably Sony's technology.
0230/1310 July 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan Pulsar racing through streets to get pregnant woman to hospital and recording their fastest time.
0231/1324 July 2013Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
The male appeared to be holding some kind of sex toy or phallic shaped bottle of sexual lubricant. Words something like when great sex moves you love sex.
0232/1324 July 2013Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Male and female by a river, male rides a motor cycle, woman acts seductively.
0233/1324 July 2013Bayer Australia Ltd
The commercial included camera footage/shot that directly exposes the infant's female anatomy as her nappy is changed on a change table and the nappy rash cream applied.
0234/1324 July 2013Retail Food Group
Chopping board with donuts on it. Advertising their donuts.
0235/1324 July 2013Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Clearasil is promoting their new Skin Care 'Daily Care Vitamins and Extracts' range on a Facebook page - as a free sample promotion.
0236/1324 July 2013Pole Perfect Dance Studio
Still images of women on poles.
Dressed as strippers.
One image with woman upside-down with her legs completely spread.
Tone of voice over is friendly, family - telling women it's good exercise.
0237/1324 July 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
The LCM “Exciting Facts” app (‘the app’) promotes LCM Original Cereal Bars, and has been advertised through Kellogg’s TV advertisements and on packaging on LCM Original Cereal Bar products. The associated TV ads have previously been considered by the board in decisions 0179/13 and 0180/13, and found to breach the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (‘RCMI’). The app provides the user with daily facts on a range of topics including “the world around us”, “the human body” and “silly”. The app is available for download on Google Play and at the App Store, and the “exciting facts” can be “shared”, along with Kellogg marketing, by sending them via email, Facebook, twitter or SMS. The exciting facts are promoted as being suitable for writing on the specially-designed packets of LCM Original Cereal Bars.
0238/1324 July 2013Sanofi Aventis
Ad shows Bear Grylls demonstrating how much fish you need to eat to get the equivalent omega oils from fish. He goes into the water with a tree branch he has made into a spear. He catches a fish and the eats is raw; with the appearance that the fish is still basically alive.

0239/1324 July 2013Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
The product is a video game called "The Last of Us".
0241/1324 July 2013Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
U by Kotex advertisement features images of women exercising and being embarrassed by perspiration marks on their gym clothing around their private areas.
0243/1324 July 2013Australian Defence Credit Union
A picture frame containing a young man (trophy hunter) with a pool cue standing between stuffed and mounted wild and endangered animals (his so called trophies).
0244/1324 July 2013McDonald's Aust Ltd
Cartoon characters painting a wall and playing games and laughing in the tone of an excited child. The characters get paint on each other and one of them is in the shape of a McDonald's meal box. 
0245/1324 July 2013Metro Trains
The specific advertisement is an image of a cartoon character being eaten from the waist down by fish with large teeth. There three fish biting at the skeleton of this character.
0246/1310 July 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The advertisement is a modified version of the original Pulsar Turbo Hatchback that appeared during the month of June 2013. The vehicle is being driven by what one assumes is the husband, with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat (the pregnancy is later revealed to be fake at the end of the advertisement). The vehicle is driven to the Emergency Department of a hospital in order to have a baby delivered.
0247/1324 July 2013Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd

The advertisement is for Oreo chocolate biscuits. The advertisement shows a bright blue background with animated Oreo cookies arranged neatly in even rows, as if ready for a game. As the catchy “wonder filled” theme jingle begins, Oreos flip over in time with the music to show their white filling, and the word “wonder” appears on the screen, with an Oreo for the ‘o’. An animated sequence then begins with a cartoon hand holding an Oreo zooming through the sky spelling out words in time with the jingle.

0248/1324 July 2013Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres (Aust) Pty Ltd
The voice of Billy Conelly is used; he is saying something similar to "I was driving through the bush when something was going down on me." Vision goes to a man standing with his back to the audience and someone kneeling down in front of him. It goes on to talk about his tyre going down.
0249/1324 July 2013FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Jennifer Hawkins (model) with dress revealing her cleavage.
0250/1324 July 2013Broadway Homes
It appeared to be trying to sell an apartment.