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Results for March 2013

0045/1313 March 2013Cotton On

Cotton On advertisement for active booster shorts. The pose the model is taking constitutes nudity as her buttock is exposed.

0063/1313 March 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Young woman describing her going out shoes - her father advising her to wear sensible driving shoes, and her compromise to still wear her 'wedge' on the clutch foot. Ad emphasises bonus storage beneath passenger seat, ideal for shoes.
0064/1313 March 2013Unilever Australasia

The ad portrays a great number of people drinking the beverage and then enjoying various fun pursuits under water in a pool apparently without the need to breathe.

0065/1313 March 2013Virgin Money (Australia) Pty Limited

A man appears to be struggling to install a child’s car-seat, and a woman (presumably his spouse) arrives to assist him in this task. During this time, she educates him as to the potential benefits of a Virgin life-insurance policy.

0066/1313 March 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd

The ad is about understatements. It has an actor saying that we in Australia play down how good things are, it shows some rocks in the sea (great ocean road) and says to Australians these are just rocks, then he hand feeds a crocodile whilst standing on a log in the middle of the river and says.... to Australians this is just a littley..

0067/1313 March 2013Dick Smith Foods
Dick Smith advertising his own range of Australian grown foods.
0068/1313 March 2013Cancer Institute of NSW
It is a photo of a sick little girl, lying in a hospital bed with nasal prongs of oxygen insitu with a statement of "your children suffer from your smoking".
0069/1313 March 2013Billy the Tool Man

It is singing commercial which talks about Billy the Tool Man and what a top bloke he is and how you should let him help you with your tools.
There are two versions of this ad. One is sung completely with no 'bleeps'. The second version (which my complaint refers to) is sung where 'bleeps' are placed over swear words.

0070/1313 March 2013Bayer Australia Ltd

The advertisement is for advocate a spot on product which is used for fleas, intestinal worms and heart worm in dogs and cats. The advertisement clearly shows a dog after treatment licking a child’s face.

0071/1313 March 2013Nestle Australia Ltd

During the above program, I was distressed to view a commercial for a biscuit and cheese snack whereby the scenario was a child visiting a zoo/animal park who was eating said snack. The child was enjoying the snack in the view of a monkey who looked enviously at the snack. The child was then shown to drop a biscuit into the animal enclosure at which point the monkey came over to retrieve said biscuit. The child was then shown to lean over into the enclosure and offer the biscuits and cheese to the monkey.

0072/1313 March 2013Myer/Grace Bros
It was a Calvin Klein and Sass & Bide lingerie commercial for Myer.
0073/1313 March 2013AAMI

The current AAMI car insurance TV advertisement commercials showing a compilation of AAMI TV commercials over the past 30 years i.e. lots of car accidents including a scene where a small dog jumps from a hill and lands on the lap of a female car passenger after falling through the sun roof.

0074/1313 March 2013Unilever Australasia
It opens with a devil type man shaking dandruff over a man. He uses the product and the dandruff vanishes with the devil to be replaced by angelic images.
0075/1313 March 2013Global Shop Direct
Schticky is a roller type of product which is advertised to adhere to fluff from clothes, hence attracts the fluff making the clothes appear fluff free. Available at
0077/1313 March 2013Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
Schweppes has a dangerous TV ad on about Schweppervescence where multiple people jump from high places and bounce many times while rolling down hills.
0078/1313 March 2013Wicked Campers

The printing on the side of the van said "if you've ever met a woman with crooked teeth, you've met a woman who has given Chuck Norris a blow job".

0079/1313 March 2013Wicked Campers
The back of a Wicked Campers van has the words, "I'm straight; don't rear end me!" The rego is 1CFS 136.
0080/1327 March 2013Yum Restaurants International

3 Scenarios are presented, the general idea is that a KFC chicken burger helps to redeem the 'crime' committed in each one.
Scenario 1: A woman in pink steps over a man, leaving his apartment. A narrator mentions "taking one for the team", doubtlessly signifying that in order for the narrator to have sex with an attractive girl, the man on screen had to screw the girl who you see walking down the hall.
Scenario 2: No complaints here.
Scenario 3: Narrator: "Forgive me bro, for breaking the (unwritten?) rule." On the screen we see men playing poker with a woman. (Someone's brought his girlfriend along to the game.) She's so stupid that she's showing everyone her cards. The unwritten rule must be don't bring women to our poker games because they're too dumb to play.

0081/1327 March 2013IAG Insurance
The billboard shows a young person's car being driven by an elderly lady. The headline is "we cover anybody who drives your car".
0082/1327 March 2013Sydney Luxury Massage
A double sided flyer - one side has a photo of model in lacy lingerie and text saying 'a massage service provided by stunning models. This unique service is the only one of its kind where the beauty is as paramount as the touch'. The other side has on overtly sexual pair of lips with a finger on them and text saying 'bringing you the ultimate pleasure in the ultimate way, the ultimate massage down under'.
0083/1327 March 2013Sexyland

The large top of building billboard advertisement has a picture of a woman in a wig, and the top portion of a pink plastic rabbit that looks like a sex toy.

I believe I have located on the Sexyland website as being the 'Fabulous Rabbit' vibrator from their 'Easter goodies' range, please see the attached link: The poster also had wording along the lines of 'shop with more buzz'.

0084/1327 March 2013Mars Confectionery

Two male actors, two female actors. One male actor is aggressive towards the female and the other male states he should have a snickers.

0085/1327 March 2013Motor Accident Commission SA

On the back of the bus there is wrap that says something along the lines of "country roads don’t need" then it has a picture of a rooster or Cock.. so when you put it all together I am sure that they don’t mean rooster or chicken I think they actually mean cock..

0086/1327 March 2013Street Strider Australia

The advertisement for Street Strider's shows adults and children riding in groups, spread out across pedestrian paths, and on roads and going downhill into the direction of what would be oncoming traffic (i.e. on the wrong side of the road), swerving from side to side across the road and so as well as in high traffic areas such as the beach.

0087/1313 March 2013Prince Bandroom
At the bottom of the page in a black square headed Prince Bandroom, is a list of bands playing there. The 4th band down is called FUCKED UP ,O BROTHER and this is the way it is printed.
0088/1313 March 2013WIRES

The advertisement shows a koala with a scantily clad woman pole dancing.

0089/1327 March 2013Guys Grooming
"Rangas do get lucky" - with a picture of a red haired man with a woman in his arms. Offering $25 off haircuts for men with red hair.
0090/1327 March 2013I Am Duckeye
Poster for 'I Am Duckeye' event, seen in Plain Street, Frankston near Braap motorbike store includes an image of a naked man with something covering his genitals and 3 young children are with him in the photograph.
0091/1327 March 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd

Fiat vehicle driving with fog lights on and there is no indication off raining or fog.

0092/1327 March 2013Sure Deal

Advertisement for Shisha pipes: “Keep your wallet (and your health) from going up in smoke with Tobacco free E-Shish pipes.
• Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free Fruity E-Shisha Pipes!
• Check Out the Video Below!
• Zero Tar or Toxins Make them a Great Smoking Alternative!
• MASSIVE Sensation Across U.S. and Europe!
• Set a New Trend for Non-Smokers who DON'T Want to Be Left Out of the Smoking Area!
• LED "Lights Up" as You Take a Puff - Just Like the Real Thing!
• Available in Great Grape or Awesome Apple Flavours!
• Works by Releasing a Fruit-Flavoured Vapour With None of the Bad Stuff!
• Doesn't Require Re-Charges or Cartridges of Any Kind!
• Provides between 250 and 500 Inhalations - 50 TIMES More than a Regular Cigarette!
• Just Like Regular Smoking Only Without the Harmful (and SMELLY) Side-Effects!
• Long-Lasting but Fully Disposable - Take it With You Wherever You Want!
• Buy 1 for $14, 2 for $24 or 3 for $36 - Great to Share with Mates!
• Free Delivery to Your Door!