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Results for November 2013

0361/1313 November 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
Simple- black background, white wording stating "boobs" in Bonds brand style. No other details.
0363/1313 November 2013Target Australia Pty Ltd

Fifty shades of grey with a young woman exposed almost naked outside our local church St Barnabas Church, Broadway, it is not setting an acceptable or respectful image or culture towards woman, women are not objects and I along with other residents and members are infuriated. There are families with very small children being exposed to sexual imagery in this area and it is next to a church.

0365/1313 November 2013Hungry Jacks
Train passing a rail crossing with a femail driver contemplating jumping over the train using a ramp in the scene.
0366/1313 November 2013Unilever Australasia

Three young women are sitting in a lounge room when a forth comes in her hair is a mess and the forth woman is distressed she asks "have you seen my tresemme?" the other women trying to hide their deception answer no got split ends the forth woman leaves then they show the bottle of tresemme being hidden by one of the other women.

0367/1313 November 2013Nokia Mobile Phones (Australia) Pty Ltd

Scenes of adults (parents) watching a child's play and the adults begin to get aggressive as they compete for the best position to take photos with their phones.

0368/1313 November 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
It is a bonds ad which says BOOBS in the bonds font. There is no other information on the ad, just the one word.
0369/1313 November 2013Betfair Australia
A man is in a pool room and by the beach talking about power and gambling. "when you have power, you can do whatever you want, with whoever you want."
0370/1313 November 2013aBillboard company
The advertsing company 'abillboard' is advertsiing spare billboards around Mackay. They are advertising it under the title 'exposure yourself' you can also view these images on their webiste:
0371/1313 November 2013Darwin Truck Parts
People are discussing this company and talking about how you can get all of your tucking needs there. The ad plays on the 'truck' word insinuating the word F*@k
0372/1313 November 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The song "It's not easy being green" (Kermit the Frog) playing while a redheaded child is being overlooked and ignored.
0374/1313 November 2013Xotica
Below, poster on the door: PLATINUM BAR, six women in bikinis in sexualised poses, surrounded by words 'TABLE DANCING, STRIPTEASE, LAPDANCING,' etc
If required I can email photos I took on my phone.
0375/1313 November 2013Xotica
Billboard: "Miss Nude Finals 2014", woman on left wearing g-string, on the right, a long line of women
If required I can email photos I took on my phone.
0376/1313 November 2013Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
"Kid Bet" advert, portrays children betting on various sporting codes.
0377/1313 November 2013Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Child using a mobile phone to photograph sights in America
0378/1313 November 2013KIA Automotive Australia
The ad commences with a man talking about 'turns out she isn't a real woman' before realizing he is 'on air'. He then puts on a formal broadcasting voice and says something along the lines of "well that was uncomfortable, I'd rather be in a Kia Cerato". The ad then 'ends' and you hear him say "haha turns out his real name is Steve... Oh is this still recording".
0379/1313 November 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The ad shows a child who is always left out, or not as important as other siblings, until he gets into the family car which is Nissan.
0380/1313 November 2013Innerware Lingerie

A mature aged attractive Lady gets out of a car in her lingerie bras, panties, suspenders and silk black night gown. As she approaches two younger unattractive mechanics she flicks the back of her night gown exposing her bottom. She approaches the men at the counter in a seductive way and asks the mechanics if there is a discount for her car service.

0383/1313 November 2013Yum Restaurants International
App based game which promotes KFC snacks with prizes of KFC product discounts.
0384/1313 November 2013Erotic Nights
Plastered on the sides of the car (and on the back) is an almost full sized photograph of a woman in suspenders laying in a lustful pose.
0385/1313 November 2013Scarlett Productions
Red poster with yellow border with naked women.
0386/1313 November 2013Hotels Combined

A man has made a mess of his house, stayed up all night, seems disorganised, obsessed and confused. He is trying to find the best possible hotel deal. His wife or friend asks why he didn't just use Hotels Combined and he begins chanting the company name. Then the punch line: You'd be "crazy" not to use Hotels Combined!

0387/1313 November 2013Go Health Clubs
The large billboards, close to a school and busy thoroughfare feature a young girl bending over with a statement indicating young people will develop a tight arse if they visit the go health club.
0388/1327 November 2013Yum Restaurants International
KFC Boneless
0389/1327 November 2013John Simpson Real Estate Agent
The ad depicts the agent holding a hand gun (probably fake but looks real enough) with the caption caption in small lettering '…. the straightest shooter in the game'
0390/1327 November 2013CardioTech
Sophie Monk is dressed as a bride, running on a treadmill. She is called to (supposedly) get to the alter, but she declines as she is in her "fat burning zone". Towards the end of the ad, she says, "Burn, you little bastards!"
0391/1327 November 2013Libido
A glass window with three TV screens, playing commercials on a continuous loop. 
I have photos I can email to you.
0392/1327 November 2013Eskanders Betstar Pty Ltd
Online betting and they described how the advert would be done by sign language (verbally).
0393/1327 November 2013Australbricks
It is the "looking gorgeous is only half the job" ad for bricks, where they compare their bricks with models who can "last the distance".
0394/1327 November 2013Ministry of Sound
Ministry of sound Bass Nitro TVC.
0395/1327 November 2013Adventure World

A very large oversized billboard erected on the grounds of Adventure World, and amusement park in Bibra Lake which is situated at a very busy traffic intersection, and is completely inescapable at a red light. Its also not such an easy road to bypass (or I would). The ad is large, nearly all black and has a very large black 'Hooded Grim Reaper' character with a faceless black face.
The text is something like "I know what you'll be doing this summer" Visit our new scary summer attraction -opening 2013"
I think there may also be other ones erected on other sides of the large adventure park.

0396/1327 November 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
A cartoon off a spotty man saying 'be my Facebook friend' and a fiesta car speeding away from him with the caption 'let's get the fiesta out of here'.
0397/1327 November 2013Bonds Industries Ltd

It was an advertisement for Bonds apparel. The theme song was 'spread a bit of love' (or something along those lines), and was displaying some of their new underwear for men and women, as well as baby wear. There was a group of men running through the street wearing online underwear; they ran to a door and rung the bell. A woman comes out and seems happy about watching these men sing Christmas carols. The next scene is a bunch of women running through the street, again wearing only underwear, and rung another door bell and a young man answers the door. Again, he seems very pleased with watching these women dance in their underwear. There is also a scene where a group of mothers hold their babies and ring a door bell. The last scene is where they are all dancing together.

0398/1327 November 2013Lion
Extra Dry Beer and the man is at a party and goes into the kitchen. His mouth detaches from his face and jumps onto the bench and talks to him. Flashes back to the man with no mouth.
0400/1327 November 2013Murray Goulburn
An advertisement about devondale milk
0401/1327 November 2013Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited

I find the new Volkswagen car ad very stigmatising towards our elderly population, references to hair growing on upper lips, plastic hips, an elderly lady judging her what seems to be gay grandson, and a few other references ... Honestly our elderly population already have to deal with stigma and discrimination on a daily basis, do we really need to see it now on our television ads also?

0402/1327 November 2013Ansell Healthcare
Young women in sexy underwear stating she loves sex but not with normal condoms but to use Skyn condoms.
0403/1327 November 2013Wicked Campers
The cartoon depicted two cockatoos talking to one another in “speech bubbles". The smaller cockatoo said: “Grandpa, do you & Grandma still have sex?” - to which the larger cockatoo replied: “Just oral. I say “Fuck you’. She says “Fuck you too’.” I have a photograph of the advertisement if this is required.
0404/1327 November 2013Everlast Trading
A fax was sent to my office advertising Truck Tarps and new website - Visit our new website for a chance to win trip to Las Vegas.
Everlast Australia Wide Truck Tarps
PH 1300795112
PO Box 7231 Mount Annan NSW 2567
0405/1327 November 2013C-Bomb Hot Sauce
The transcript of the advert:
Man: This is delicious, what do you call this love?
Woman: Rice.
Man: Yeah, but what have you done with it?
W: Just put C-Bomb Hot Sauce on it.
M: Why does it taste so good?
W: Well, because C-Bomb is made from all fresh orange and lime juice, carrots, capsicums, tomatoes, onions, coriander, garlic, ginger and chillies.
M: Where'd you get it from?
W: On-line, from drop the C-bomb dot com.
M: So it's called [bleeped out word] hot sauce.
W: Don't drop the C-Bomb at the dinner table.
M: C-Bomb Hot Sauce, sponsors RTRFM 92.1
0407/1327 November 20137-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd
Promotion of the month on New: Slurpee Zilched - Drink different: Less than 1% sugar (written in real fruit pieces) New Fruit Salad. This campaign is also widely spread on billboards.
0415/1327 November 2013Lion
The ad as stated above says that a person should be rewarded with a beer after sucking sweaty toes (obviously someone else's toes) I would like add that I also saw another billboard, the same, on the corner of Walter Road and Wellington Road, Morley.
0426/1327 November 2013Lion
It shows a man licking a woman's toes/foot. Then the "mouth" is on a table and says something to the effect "change your foot fetish and drink....."