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Results for October 2013

0340/139 October 2013Witchery
Headline: Drawn to style
Image: a girl and boy on opposite sides of an illustrated tree.
0342/139 October 2013Holden Ltd
There is what appears to be a dead body on a beach and it says "How did he get here" and then Uncover New TRAX to find out.
0343/139 October 2013Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Bike on the roof of delivery man's vehicle
0344/139 October Ltd
The advertisement starts by saying some like, if you've been thinking about it, nervous about what it might feel like, what is might be like.... we recommend you just do it, make September a month to remember - everybody who walks in to an adultshop receives a free toy.
0345/139 October 2013Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
Billboard of a slim young female (20-25 ish), in bikini on a beach with the words (in large font) SELF ESTEEM, powered by protein
0347/139 October 2013Innerware Lingerie

I would like to make a complaint about the 'Innerware advert', why is it necessary to have a women walking into a workshop, in her underwear requesting those men if "they can fit her"! 

0348/139 October 2013Club Eastside - Alice Springs
Shows footage of pokies and bar/alcohol with music playing then fades to 'club eastside' logo on white background.
0349/139 October 2013COUGERLIFE.COM
The ad is 'advertising' that older women ('cougers') make better dating partners for younger men.
0350/139 October 2013Unilever Australasia
The current advertisement put forward by Lynx advertising their deodorant for men, has a man and a woman kissing very suggestively while 1) she holds a snake, 2) in a theatre, 3)a restaurant. All very explicitly suggestive almost to lead one on to repeat the same actions.
0351/139 October 2013Universal Pictures
Movie advertisement- 'Kick-Ass 2'
0352/139 October 2013Murray Goulburn
The ad starts with an older woman sitting on a couch surrounded by cats. She calls her cats to “look what Mummy’s got” and starts feeding the animals from her bottle of milk. She sticks her fingers in the bottle and lets the cats lick the milk; lets the cats drink straight from the bottle; and drinks from the bottle herself. The doorbell rings and it is a young man standing with an empty milk jug. A subtitle of “Never run out of milk” appears on the screen. The ad can be seen on the Devondale corporate website at and on YouTube at
0353/139 October 2013IKEA
Early teen boy standing on a kitchen table talking about how the kitchen needs to become an important part of family life. He exchanges disgruntled words with his teenage sister.
0355/139 October 2013IKEA
Boy ("teddy") standing on kitchen bench talking to sister opening the fridge.
0356/1323 October 2013Yum Restaurants International
KFC advertisement for their 'cheap as chips' meal for $20.95. The advertisement lists the contents of the meal and has the wording "Now School's Out...this is a KFC family meal deal definitely worth going on holidays for!".
0357/1323 October 2013Yum Restaurants International
KFC Zinger Pie Advertisement.
0358/1323 October 2013Planet Video
This was a full page advertisement on page 35 of the Seven Days Magazine in the West Australian.
It depicts two young women dressed as young girls. They are standing hand in hand in a video shop. They have both apparently been stabbed in the abdomen and are both covered in blood.
The caption is "You See It All At Planet Video."
0359/1323 October 2013Heaven's Hell Industries
During the advertisement which sounded very sexual the background music was a recitation of an Islamic call to pray which is very holly in the Islamic community.
0360/1323 October
Booking accommodation
0362/1323 October 2013Murray Goulburn
The advert on the Devondale site is titled "Cyclops". It is part of their "Awkward Moments" campaign. It has someone referring to a Cyclops as they show a child wearing an eye patch over one eye.
0373/1323 October 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
Last week drivers on the northbound lane of the Southern Cross expressway were confronted with the billboard message BOOBS in large print and the style of BONDS advertising style (you could tell something else was coming) and I thought that was inappropriate enough until the continuation of the 'message' yesterday which expressed BONDS FOR BOOBS and a line-up of 4 (I think) images of the top half of very young women.
0381/1323 October 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
Advertisements on the side of the bus, three seperate images the height of the bus. Each image had a woman wearing underwear and a bra with the slogan "Bonds is for Boobs".
0382/1323 October 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
Advertisement is for BRA's using various adjectives (like busty etc.) to describe the same with BIG WORDS on TOP - BOOBS