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Results for September 2013

0284/1325 September 2013Muk Hair
A series of still photos of males and/or females in various suggestive poses, semi-naked or naked. They can be seen on the MUK Hair website (
0296/1311 September 2013Holden Ltd
The advertisement if for the Holden "Malibu" and depicts a couple in a car entering a city street from a side laneway/driveway. They drive down the road, and all the people on the road (they are all pedestrians or cyclists) stop to look at the car.
0298/1311 September 2013Citroen Automobiles Australia
Shows a young girl riding a horse along a beach then cuts to a Citroen Cabrio.
0299/1311 September 2013Holden Ltd
Two people leave a street full of boring people and get into a Holden Malibu. They drive recklessly through the street, forcing a bicycle user to have an accident, hide from the Police and then accelerate off into countryside.
0302/1311 September 2013White Ribbon
A promotion of the White Ribbon Campaign
0303/1311 September 2013Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Nerve pain advertisement
This is the link to the specific advertisement
0304/1311 September 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds lacy underwear, women dancing in underwear with umbrellas.
0306/1311 September 2013Naughty But Nice
The poster is in the window of a Naughty but Nice shop. It is a large poster of a woman's bottom wearing a G-string.
0307/1311 September 2013Dapco
Features 5 cheerleading girls with the Dapco logo on the front of the uniform and a single letter on each of the girls posterior skirt bottoms to spell DAPCO
0308/1311 September 2013Citroen Automobiles Australia
Ad was played before video attached to story. Ad begins with a naked female child riding a horse.

0309/1311 September 2013RACQ
A woman who fails to buy insurance fails to marry and lives as the "crazy cat lady', if she had married she would have a good life and not be a crazy cat lady
0310/1311 September 2013Lion
There is an advertisement for a new beer dispenser that is stored in the fridge like a mini keg. It enables the user to pour a beer as if from the tap at a pub.  Lionel Ritchie is playing the piano and singing the song "Hello"
0311/1311 September 2013General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
A series of Old El Paso ads showing the supposed discovery of new foods, the latest to be Mexican rice by supposed Mexican people
0312/1311 September 2013Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd

Advertisement depicts a number of different driving situations where another vehicle is shown presenting a safety concern to the driver of a Hyundai is forced to evade the issue. A truck is wavering over the road...driven by an ape, a motorbike is speeding past ridden by a wolf and a truck drops its load...driven by some other non-human animal.

0313/1311 September 2013KIA Automotive Australia
Depicts a man giving a lift to a woman in his KIA Serrrato. The woman is asked whether she is expecting or when she is due.
0314/1311 September 2013Steinbok
One page colour printed flyer with the leading slogan "What's NEW Pussy Cat" Flyer was attached to a Liquid Mix invoice received at work. It shows a picture of a new product by Steinbok which is a premix drink using Steinbok Peach. The product is called WetCat.
0315/1311 September 2013Logic Ecigs
The ad was for Logic E-Cigarettes and claimed the e-cigarettes "looked, felt and tasted like real cigarettes- but they weren't."
0316/1311 September 2013Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares
Advertisement banner says Australia's Largest Wreckers (in red)
Photo of motorcycle with almost naked woman lying on the ground in front of it in a pose suggesting she is inviting sexual advances.
0317/1311 September 2013Cotton On
Young girl black underwear high heels and lingerie.
0318/1311 September 2013Tabcorp
It is when a guy with facial hair is in the bar and his winner comes in and makes contact with people on his way to the bar to collect his winnings. He kisses one man and then leans against the bar rubbing his own nipples.
0320/1325 September 2013Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
A full page advertisement for Steggles chicken in relation to serving this to Dad's on Father's Day. "Father's Day. his day to sit back while you make him dinner...just like the other 364 days of the year."
0321/1325 September 2013Goodman Fielder Limited
An ad for margarine that tastes and looks like butter - but "better for you"
0322/1311 September 2013KIA Automotive Australia

A man picks up a woman and refers to her needing a bigger car soon as she appears to be 'expecting'. She answers with "No, I just like cake."

0323/1311 September 2013General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
Old El Paso Mexican Rice Kits
0326/1325 September 2013ACON Inc.
Oh Yeah is printed in giant letters. Underneath is more text about ending HIV. Giant condoms over the O in Oh Yeah. The O is elongated and phallic shaped to accommodate the giant condom. The campaign appears on bus stops, other signage and banners around Sydney.
0328/1325 September 2013Ryobi
A relay race in which contestants use the same battery to power several Ryobi tools (Line trimmer, Nailgun, Circular Saw, Leaf Blower)
0329/1325 September 2013Universal Pictures
Trailer for the new movie R.I.P.D
0331/1325 September 2013Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
It men with tattoos and women in underwear walking around with a white background and some contemporary music in the background.
0332/1325 September 2013FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The billboard says 'drama with a difference' and shows the head and shoulders of a man covered in blood.
0333/1325 September 2013Regional Express Holdings Ltd (Rex Airlines)
On a paper cup distributed by Rex Airlines: photograph of woman's legs in short skirt, which appeared to have been photo shopped to make the skirt shorter
"Travel in Rex-tra Style!"
You can now book Extra Leg Room in advance*
Visit, select "Products & Services" for more information
* Terms & Conditions apply
0334/1325 September 2013Australian Fast Foods
Red Roosters new Rippas: Hard Working Aussies Used Car Salesman Ad.
0335/1325 September 2013Murray Goulburn
A girl is shown though a series of situations to be a fluorescent, glowing green. Other children are cautious of her and she is used to light the bonnet of a car which has broken down. Her parents express concern. The words 'PRESERVATIVES HAVE CONSEQUENCES' appears on the screen.
0336/1325 September 2013Ella Bache
Three young women smiling huddled together naked.
0337/1325 September 2013Murray Goulburn
Long life milk without preservatives.
0338/1325 September 2013Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Children were used in an inappropriate sexualised way to advertise vodafone. They were dressed up in glittering dresses and going to a night club.
0339/1325 September 2013Holden Ltd
A Holden Malibu is seen being driven out of a narrow alley, across a footpath and past a street barrow and back into an alley.
0346/1325 September 2013Unit
Large window poster of a woman sitting on a motorbike wearing a bronze swimsuit displayed at front of 'Unit' (mens clothing store) at DFO Fyshwick Canberra. In front of the food court.