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Results for August 2017

0314/179 August 2017Sportsbet
Ads try to portray the sportsbet phone app/website as high quality by associating it with athletes (both real and fake) who use illegal means of performance enhancement. They attempt to make the ad memorable by having punchlines puns "puts the 'roid in android" or puns using fake non-english names that have racial undertones.
0330/179 August 2017Cotton On

Image of a jar with coins in it. Includes text "Shit I'm saving money for."

0331/179 August 2017CRH Law

The ad depicts an elderly man being embraced by a young, attractive woman with her hands cradling his face, pulling him into her embrace, looking into the camera and smiling. The headline of the billboard reads 'Abusing power of attorney?' followed by 'We navigate complicated situations' followed by '1800 Elder Law' with the logo and law firm name at the bottom.

0333/179 August 2017Wicked Campers
Wicked campervan, Victorian registration UTT089, bearing slogan: 'I believe wet dreams are a hand job from God'.

0334/179 August 2017Airbnb Australia Pty Limited
Air Bnb are campaigning for everyone who believes in marriage equality to wear a black ring on their wedding finger in order to show their support. The advertisement shows a hand with the black ring on the wedding finger, with the slogan 'until we all belong'
0335/179 August 2017eHarmony
Shows illegal activity as a focused view zoomed in. The female in the car while it is moving she has her complete arm outside of the car window. 
0336/179 August 2017Casa Mia
Ive found my fit 5 ladies in lingerie. And the lady from Casa Mia. Says your perfect fit.

0337/179 August 2017Best & Less

The advertisement is for Best & Less selling women's underwear and shows women standing in bra and underpants.

0338/179 August 2017Bayer Australia Ltd

An ad supposedly impersonating a farmer advertising a product he uses. Which is avenge lice control for sheep. He uses the words bloody and bugger.

0339/179 August 2017Honda Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement depicts Honda Civic vehicles driving in opposing circles on a dirt surface at speed sufficient to throw up dirt from the wheels.

0340/179 August 2017Purplebricks

The family sit around the table in the backyard while the young husband is cooking, the father in law asks his son in law did they use purple bricks to sell their house because they have no fees, he said "no fees!! I'll be back," then goes and puts his head underwater in the esky for a long time.

0341/179 August 2017Lexus Australia
The advertisement described the power and speed of the red Lexus sports car.
0342/179 August 2017Lion
Coles advertising cows milk for sale and claiming it is beneficial for health.

0343/179 August 2017Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
A commercial for toilet spray. IP Poo?
0344/179 August 2017The Man Shake
A commercial for "Man Shake" - three men at a bar discussing the "shake". The commercial features Adam Macdougall.
0345/179 August 2017Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
Kinder Surprise - Give Some Surprise Back Despicable Me 3 Toys. The advertisement is for Kinder Surprise chocolate, containing toys from the very recent children’s movie Despicable Me 3.

The advertisement is a 15 second film clip showing a young child engaged in an activity while seated at the family coffee table. The words ‘your kids never stop surprising you’ are flashed briefly on the screen. The young child is then presented with a Kinder Surprise chocolate. He is shown to express delight when he sees the Kinder Surprise chocolate, mouthing what appears to be the word ‘WOW’. The words ‘give some surprise back’ then flash briefly on the screen. The child is then shown eating the chocolate, while still seated at the coffee table and playing a game with his parent. Up to this point, there is a musical background but no voice over. At the 10 second mark, the advertisement changes, to become a cartoon showing a character from the Despicable Me 3 movie, followed by the banner for the movie including its title, the words ‘Now Showing’ and the image of the minion characters from the movie. While these cartoon images are shown, the advertisement includes voice over which says ‘enter the world of Despicable Me with Kinder Surprise. Discover the ten new toys.’ At the same time, there are sounds coming from the minion characters. The final scene shows a cartoon with three Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs, each with a character from the Despicable Me 3 movie on the packaging, and four additional characters surrounding the products.
0346/179 August 2017Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
The advertisement of Kinder chocolate is on the bus. There are a big heading saying "Meet the winners of face of Kinder", the faces of six children winners and two packs of Kinder chocolate in the advertisement.
0348/179 August 2017Content Living

Four people are playing cards. A female of Western Asian appearance has drawn a home with no floor coverings etc. A male with a beard draws an average home. A smart-casually dressed male draws an average home with extras. A middle-class looking female draws a home with everything.

0349/179 August 2017Motor Accident Commission SA
The advert is horrible. It says "Get your Sh*t together.." .
0350/179 August 2017ATA Allstar Artists Pty Ltd
The ad features a picture of a naked woman straddling the Eiffel Tower looking at the viewer.
0351/1723 August 2017Honey Birdette
Slideshow of still images of women in lengerie in erotic poses.

0352/179 August 2017Tuff Muff Exhausts
A group of men chanting "No muff too tuff" before a voice over sayings they repair mufflers
0353/179 August 2017Burger Biz
This weeks special
Tha Mcklucka Muthafuka
0355/179 August 2017Southern Cross Austereo
Promoting a radio station with banter of someone putting down & using a slur of derogatory terms towards people with red hair.
0356/179 August 2017Twisted Toys branding

There is a video playing in the front window of the store showing many different women in different types of clothing, some with G strings showing bare backsides, many with breasts exposed with only the nipples covered with tassels, the women are suggestively dancing in many scenes also. There are close ups of the vaginal areas with see through underpants. The behaviour of the models is sexually suggestive. 

0357/179 August 2017Sexpo Pty Ltd
I dont believe its necessary or appropriate to advertise sexpo during family viewing times my 6 yr old was watching this and its inappropriate.

0358/179 August 2017Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Carefree selling pads for women

0359/1723 August 2017Tic Toc Online Pty Ltd
Depicts an elderly impoverished woman from a European country who has very few teeth to somehow promote their home loans.

0360/1723 August 2017Eco Tan
Describing the benefits of a moisturiser by Ecotan.

0361/1723 August 2017Taller Shoes Australia
Stick on advertisement inside commuter train. Imagery is of a well-dressed man shrunk to approximately 60% of the size of a well dressed woman. She has a smirk on her face and is pointing down over the top of his head. Advertisement admonishes men to get taller by purchasing their height increasing shoes, and that the subject should: "Man Up".

0362/1723 August 2017Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd

It was a trailer for the horror movie Annabelle - Creation. It starts with a pic of a big house, moves to some dialogue about some little girl, then a pic of a creepy doll. Lots of black, a few scary noises- I found it haunting and disturbing and inappropriate for the video I was about to watch.

0363/1723 August 2017Roadshow Film
The advertisement was a trailor for the movie 'Annabelle Creation'.
0364/1723 August 2017General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
Family around dinner table. Angry father throws tablecloth plus dinners away violently.

0365/1723 August 2017Roadshow Films
The outdoor poster on bus shelters is to advertise the new film Annabelle