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Results for December 2017

0473/1719 December 2017General Pants Group
The words 'Slippery when wet' superimposed on a photo of three women in swimsuits.
0505/176 December 2017Liquor Barons
The billboard says "I can see your house from here, you need more wine" followed by the Liquor Barons logo
0515/176 December 2017Westfield Group
Honey Birdette's products listed on the Westfield Belconnen Website
0518/176 December 2017Hungry Jacks
A man is consuming a healthy beverage ie: wheatgrass juice at a health food bar and the plastic burger phone rings he answers it and a voice is telling him to ditch the juice and go to Hungry Jacks to buy an iced soft drink. He throws the wheatgrass juice over another patron and leaves for Hungry Jacks.
0521/176 December 2017Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra ad showing different types of shows you can watch if you connect with telstra.. with netflix and foxtel, images displayed were Zombie-like characters.
0527/176 December 2017Dragboard Co

Advertising a bodyboard for the company DRAG includes an image of Schapelle Corby holding one of the Boards.

0528/176 December 2017NEDS
Today, NEDS have chosen to be placed all over MSN, which people like myself use for catching up on news. I don't want to have 4 different ads on the front page of MSN offering me money for wagering - deposit $50 - get 4 x $50 bonus bets. Its just encouraging gambling.
0529/176 December 2017AAMI
A girl with a foot injury goes to a Chinese Accupuncturist. She then kicks him in the face when he inserts a needle. He falls to the floor.
This is false these neeedles do not hurt.

0532/176 December
Final scene shows close up of man wearing budgie smugglers that clearly shows the outline of his penis
0533/176 December 2017NEDS
Nine was promoting a sports article about how Roger Federer has suggested Nick Kyrigos could be the future world no 1 in tennis
0534/176 December 2017Craveable Brands
Red rooster social media stating that flowers a rip off and that they are better value for money
0536/176 December 2017Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Young girl washing tennis clothes in fabric whitener
0538/176 December 2017Bethesda
The advertisement depicts an ashen-bodied man with his eyes closed. His torso is bare, and a number of human hands seem to be fondling or clawing at it. The skin on his torso is lacerated as though it has been attacked with long claws or a scalpel.
0540/176 December 2017Warner Village Theme Parks
Cinema advertisement for Movie World Fright Night event prior to 6pm screening of Bladerunner 2049 on 6 October 2017.
0541/176 December 2017Honey Birdette
Scantily Clad woman in red lacy see through lingerie with naughty sexual look on her face as santa in the background pulls at the garter strap on her leg with a written quote "sorry kids we gave santa the night off". The other poster in second window has a different lady in a very sexualised pose and pout with the same message quoted.
0542/176 December 2017Sportsbet
Promoting deals on horse racing
0543/176 December 2017Cheap as Chips
A large photograph showing an out of control Christmas office party, with what appears to be Santa groping a woman's breasts - and a scantily clad male. I have a photograph of the offensive item.
0544/176 December 2017NT Official

CU in the NT. The letters CU and NT were in large bold capitols while "in the" was small and insignificant.

0545/176 December 2017Sexpo Pty Ltd
Promoting the Sexpo Exhibition in Melbourne.
0546/176 December 2017Sexpo Pty Ltd
Convention location, dates and web address.
0547/176 December 20172SM
A female voice describes her experience in visiting Peter Warren Automotive. She tells listeners that "as a female" she was uncomfortable and nervous and didn't know what to expect. The ad then goes on to describe how Peter Warren Automotive made it easy and how comfortable she felt, or a similar message such as that.
0548/176 December 2017Electrical Trade Union
It says: is your apprenticeship missing something?

0549/176 December 2017Gun World Australia

Advertising guns, using a Christmas theme and the text "Santa knows what you really want for Christmas." The image includes a copy of a woman dressed in a Santa costume holding a gun. The logo for Gun World is on the billboard.

0550/1719 December 2017Mondelez International
The advertisement is an animation. It begins with a full screen Freddo playing a bright red electric guitar. The next frame is a block of chocolate, where Freddo is playing the guitar on one piece of chocolate. The remainder of the block depicts various images of Freddo printed into the individual squares of chocolate. The block of chocolate is then wrapped in the packaging which shows the guitar playing Freddo on the front. The package then splits into two different packs, one with the guitar playing Freddo and the other with Freddo holding an umbrella. This second pack is the packaging for Freddo ‘sprinkles’. The description beneath the post states ‘Music to our ears (music note emoji) Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo is now available in blocks (chocolate and frog emojis). Who would you like to share a block with?”

0552/1719 December 2017How Now
This company is trying to sell milk by claiming that they are kind, ethical, humane and cow-centred. They are claiming that they do not consider the calves waste products like other milk companies. They argue that "most of the rest of the calves (roughly half a million each year) are taken to abattoirs" but they are not.
"How Now is purely about our cows and their babies, living and sleeping together, as they should be. "
"We don't kill baby (bobby) calves to produce our milk, we value all life."
"Calves are not separated from their mothers, keeping loved ones close."
0553/1719 December 2017Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd


'Halloween 2017. Discover a FREE Trick or Treat experience in store this Halloween by picking up one of these packs in store!

Kellogg’s partners with Shazam to provide a spooky augmented reality experience, making Halloween more fun for you and your family. Accompanied with childlike pictures and the cartoon spokes-characters from cereals in Halloween type outfits.

0554/1719 December 2017Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
The advertisement is for Kellogg’s ‘LCMs Splitstix yoghurty’ and was released on Shazam on around 16 October 2017 to coincide with the lead up to Halloween (31 October 2017).
The advertisement is an interactive game, which is accessed by using the visual recognition platform app Shazam. By pointing the smartphone at specially marked packets of LCMs, users enter the interactive game where a large iron gate appears to open on the packet, and the words ‘Mum make your choice’ together with two animated tombstones, one bearing the word ‘trick’ and the other, ‘treat’. Users then tap on one of animated tombstones on the screen to choose between a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat’, following which they obtain short Halloween themed animations. Examples of the animations include green coloured slime which appears to splat across the phone’s screen and then drip slowly down the screen, a six eyed spider that hops across the screen and then appears to run down the inside of it, and a ghost which flits across the screen. The animations available appear to be the same regardless of whether ‘trick’ or treat’ is chosen. After the animation ends, the user can tap to either obtain a free recipe or to re-play the game. Due to the nature of Shazam, the advertisement cannot be attached but the following article provides information on the nature of the advertisement: Kellogg’s website also contains some additional information on the advertisement:
0555/1719 December 2017Boost Juice Bars Australia
The advertisement is currently live on their Facebook page, the ad depicts a caucasian man in fruit-constructed traditional warrior garb amalgamated from Polynesian/TSI/indigenous cultures. The video on the banner of the page begins with this man acting aggressive in native dress, and then upon drinking a Boost - relaxing and sticking his tongue out, behaving idiotic and simple, correlating these identities.
0556/1719 December 2017Surfstitch
Young women on a beach in bikinis with their legs spread and close ups on g-stringed bikini bottoms.
0557/1719 December 2017Studiocanal
A large image of a sinister face with white face paint all cracked. It is a very confronting horror image. No words, just an image.
0558/1719 December 2017Geocon
Large yellow billboard on Furzer st Woden depicting a woman and a man.
0560/1719 December 2017Yum Restaurants International
It is an email for kfc chicken telling customers that the ‘wogs’ are coming in reference to the cricket
0561/1719 December 2017Yum Restaurants International
A 45-second commercial featuring people singing 'there's a hole in my bucket' anthem to rival the Barmy Army. The final scene features are young boy eating KFC chicken wearing a 'buckethead' with the text reading 'Join the HCG Buckethead Army' The majority of people featured in this ad are children and children seem to have most of the air time through the duration of this ad.

0562/1719 December 2017Hanes Brands Inc
Called 'Light it Up This Christmas with Bonds'; approximately 30 second ad.
0563/1719 December 2017Hanes Brands Inc
The advertising shows 3 people (2 women, 1 man) in underwear, posing for part of the Bonds 'Light it up' Christmas campaign.
1 woman appeared on the left-hand side of my screen and is wearing a bra and undies, which are very revealing. There is a gold zigzag pattern right across the front of the woman's bra, deliberately drawing attention to the nipple area, as the photographer has captured the light reflecting off that area.
The man appeared on the right-hand side of the screen, and is more modest than the female figures, but still clearly wearing undies.
The 3rd and final figure appears in a small block/square advertisement, on the upper-right hand side of the sign-out screen. She is wearing a very brief bra and undies set and appears to be taking a stride. The undies do little to cover the model's bottom and inner thighs, but worst of all the is the extremely offensive black shiny bra the model wears, which clearly shows a raised nipple area.
0564/1719 December 2017Hanes Brands Inc
Christmas ad for bonds underware
0565/1719 December 2017Stan
I’m not sure the rating of Kath n Kim however the brief ads for the new show “SMILF” I’m Stan that came up during its “on demand” viewing on 9now involved frequent use of “fuck” and also in another ad for the same show, the star of the show tells us why we should watch SMILF is because “there is a lot of full frontal nudity” and goes on to spell it out: there is a lot of cock, lot of “peen”, lot of dick etc
0566/1719 December 2017Stan
Ad for a TV show on streaming service Stan. TV show titled 'SMILF' and picture of a woman
0567/1719 December 2017Australian Radio Network
Advertising air conditioning servicing I think