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Results for January 2017

0001/1718 January 2017Lion

-a boat is being lowered into the water
-beer is being put on ice
-people are then seated in the boat
-the skipper/captain has a swig (drink) of beer
-the boat is then on the calm open water
-the advert closers with the slogan and the boat full of people drinking

0002/1718 January 2017Lion

A group of people go out in a boat, after launching the boat at a boat ramp. The person who’s boat and car is later drinking beer with others in the boat.

0004/1718 January
The advertisement included a cat perched high on a ladder supposedly changing a light bulb. The cat falls from the ladder and hits the ladder as it falls
0006/1718 January 2017PETA
The ad started with a man getting out of a car and locking it. When he walks away a woman who was asleep on the back seat wakes up. She is a good looking woman and she is dressed in shorts and a singlet. As she attempts to get out the car it starts to get hot. She tries to get out the car but she is trapped. She pushes her self up against the windows, eventually she gives up as the heat becomes too much for her. Then the message comes up on the screen and then the organisation's name

0008/1718 January 2017Tatts Lotteries
The commercial showed Lotto balls as cartoon characters getting ready for a draw
0009/1718 January 2017Save the Children Australia
Asking for donations to save the children in Africa.
Very graphic images.
0010/1718 January 2017Lowes Menswear
The advertisement shows a man dressed as a woman, however, the man has a very thick moustache and wearing makeup.
0014/1718 January 2017Coca-Cola Amatil
Full length ad on a bus featuring a girl in yoga (could be Jen Hawkins, not sure) Hydration Nation or similar

0023/1718 January 2017BCF
It is set in the wilderness advertising for BCF (Boating Camping Fishing) with a catchy tune
0024/1718 January 2017BCF
Ad for bcf.

0025/1718 January 2017BCF

BCF Club members receive an emailed catalogue on all their specials. 

The current one reads " The BCFing Boxing Day Sale."
0536/1618 January 2017Coty Australia Pty Ltd

The perfume is called Decadance

0544/1618 January 2017Honey Birdette

Girl in red bra in shop front window in shopping mall. Nipples visible through garments pointed out to me by my eight year old daughter.

0546/1618 January 2017TP Concreting

 I have a recording of the ad if needed. The ad has a man speaking in an exaggerated 'Asian' accent to another man over the phone asking him to come fix something at his house, he states he "has sushi".

0547/1618 January 2017Bees Nees City Realty
A Google paid advertisement for Property Management of rental properties for Brisbane
0548/1618 January 2017Road Safety Advisory Council

Scenarios of "mates" (men) interacting with other mates on various levels. The punchline is when a "real mate" takes the car keys off his mate who has been drinking and drops them down the drain.

0549/1618 January 2017Muzz Buzz

Both ads have very poor messages of responsibilities and are shocking role models for the children they are targeting.
The other shows a man punching through two paper cups of slush, spraying the contents everywhere. I have no idea what they are supposed to advertise (other than Muzz Buzz itself)..

0551/1618 January 2017Make A Wish Australia
Advert is for make a wish lotto using minors talking about what they 'wish' for if they won.

0553/1618 January 2017Grill'd
Grilled "Feel Good" Icon: a Buddha/ Buddhist monk image with a burger for a head

0554/1618 January 2017BCF
Christmas advert, for BCF featuring boating, camping and fishing .
0556/1618 January 2017 Members Own Health Funds Ltd
People unhappy with their insurance and engaging in workplace violence to the competing companies telephonist.
0557/1618 January 2017BizCover
Radio advert
0558/1618 January 2017BizCover
Radio advert
0559/1618 January 2017Surf Life Saving Australia
The advertisement has a picture of an Asian female and male half submerged in water. Over that picture there is writing stating "Myth: only tourists get caught in rips"
0560/1618 January 2017Boost Juice Bars Australia
Mailing list for Vibe Card members, like a email newsletter
0562/1618 January 2017Entertainment One
Advertising the upcoming release of the movie Office Christmas Party.
0563/1618 January 2017Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
It was a trailer for the movie "On the edge of 17"
0564/1618 January 2017Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
Father told son do not touch my car while I'm away. Some takes the car for a joyride type weekend away, driving recklessly with friends and getting the car really messy/dirty. Dad texts to say he's coming home early so son rushes to clean car using products from Supercheap Auto but although the car is clean the dad catches him out because the driveway is dirty.
0565/1618 January 2017Chemist Warehouse
The advertisement had a person on a building site using their mobile phone. The person had their head down and a piece of equipment missed their head because they were using their phone. 'Another life saved because of the chemist warehouse app'
0566/1618 January 2017Boost Tel Pty Ltd
The ad was about a particular mobile plan offered by boost mobile
0567/1618 January 2017Crimsafe
The advert was about crimsafe for christmas
0568/1618 January 2017ING Direct
ING selling their product to real people using a celebrity. Using a minority as a joke to to others!
0570/1618 January 2017Bally Cafe and Splash
The flyer was for a bikini car wash - image of woman
0572/1618 January 2017Queensland Health
2 young boys & 2 young girls discussing sexual transmited diseases.
0573/1618 January 2017BCF
There was singing advertising BCF gift buying
0574/1618 January 2017Lion

Men and women on a motor boat, not wearing life jackets. Point of view of person out of sight except for hand holding can of beer joining second man in toast. A woman is also drinking beer. Another man is fishing. There is a driver shown with his back to the viewer, no drink in sight. A large logo reads "Take in the Gold".

0575/1618 January 2017Planet Blue

The email features a large GIF of a girl wearing tiny denim shorts. She starts with her shirt lifted up to expose her stomach. She progresses to lift it further, exposing half of her chest. In the last step, she turns around to begin removing her shirt completely. The percentage off is over her stomach area.

0576/1618 January 2017Bras n' Things
Christmas advert for bras and things - numerous women in overly revealing underwear while in front of Christmas backgrounds
0577/1618 January 2017Good Vibrations (Adult Erotica)

It is an ad for 20% off everything at Good Vibrations adult store. There was no issue with the words but it features a picture of a woman in a sexualised outfit looking provocative.

0578/1618 January 2017BCF
BCF have adopted a new advertising slogan "BCF-ing" as a play on words with the well known profanity known as the "F word". It is all over their catalogues, their website and on their free to air TV ads.

0580/1618 January 2017Department of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria)
The portrays a father verbally abusing his wife. And is only targeting men as the perpetrators!
0581/1618 January 2017Department of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria)

The propaganda I viewed shows a family at a park having a picnic. The dad playing "ball" with his son tells his son to kick the ball at his mum's head. He is encouraged to "kick it as hard as you can at your mum, alright".
The ball hits the mum's head and the dad applauds and encourages this.
I believe it's a state initiative.
The video is called "Family Violence Has No Good days"- youtube.

0582/1618 January 2017TakeClothe

An offensive sexualised image of a man grabbing a women's arse on a shirt. I've screenshot but don't know how to attach to this complaint.

0583/1618 January 2017Nestle Australia Ltd

George Clooney at the Nespresso bar, talking to an attractive young woman. He is grabbed by 2 thugs who take him to the office of the husband of the woman who accuses George of "hitting" on his wife, implying if he gives up his Nespresso capsules all will be ok. George will not give them up and the next scene, a beaten up George is drinking a coffee.

0584/1618 January 2017Road Safety Commission WA
Advertisement against drunk driving by the WA government.
0586/1618 January 2017Youi Car Insurance

The actor promotes the product indicating that customers get discount on other products such as cinema tickets, fast food, theatre tickets, and airline travel. At the end of the commercial the actor J walks across the road in front of an international airport. Not only is this illegal, it endangers road users, and as such contradicts what the insurance provider should be promoting: safety.

0587/1618 January 2017Harley-Davidson Australia Pty Ltd
A man riding a motor bike then taking a toddler on it driving it home.
0588/1618 January 2017Coca-Cola South Pacific
The advertisement has a bottle of water, and a topless woman lying on the ground holding her arm across her breasts.
0589/1618 January 2017KissKill
Woman in underwear looking in a mirror. Head and face cropped out, buttocks fully exposed.
0590/1618 January 2017Advanced Medical Institute
The ad continually talks about premature ejaculation and taking some product so you can have longer and more satisfying sex.
0591/1618 January 2017Bras n' Things

There is a floor to ceiling screen in the front window of the store, facing the general shopping area and escalators. It shows women in lingerie posing as the camera ranges across their bodies. They pout and part their lips and smile slightly in a distinctly 'come hither' way.

0592/1618 January 2017Lion

Man backs puts boat into water at boat ramp, friends stock up on ice and XXXX Gold, then group seen on the water drinking beer.

0593/1618 January 2017Woolworths Supermarkets

Today I received an email from Woolworths Rewards claiming it wouldn't be Christmas without Coke. It also stated "nothing beats the heat of an Aussie Christmas quite like an icy cold can of Coke." It also offered 50% off Coke 30 packs.

0594/1618 January 2017Aldi Australia
Aldi advertisement for how you can save shopping with Aldi. Buy their products, eg: the sunscreen.

0595/1618 January

 The first ad shows the employee, Tom, strapped to a lie detector by his employer, who then interrogates him about how the company makes its money.
The second ad shows Tom's employer offering him a cup of coffee, which the employer has put truth serum in. Again, the employer interrogates Tom about how the company makes its' money.