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Results for July 2017

0280/1712 July 2017Ug Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd
Email advertising their latest campaign,
long sleeve tees. Prints + warmth = livin'
The main photo is of two men with several smaller images floating around the main image of surfing photos.
0281/1712 July 2017Harvey Norman
trying to show a reason to buy this product, we are shown bearded actors who supposedly have a bread? distribution business who rely on this product to expand their business and make it grow.
0282/1712 July 2017Walt Disney Studios Australia
The poster displays half of a man's face and half of a skull which appears to be burned

0283/1712 July 2017Universal Pictures

The movie trailers for "The Mummy" and the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" were playing on a continuous loop on the platform while we waited with friends and all 10 children for the train back home after coming in to see Vivid. The trailer for the Mummy, in particular, was highly offensive and scary - not suitable for young viewers - and our son (aged 10) has been suffering terrible insomnia and nightmares since seeing the trailer.

0284/1712 July 2017RSPCA WA (Inc.)
The ad starts off showing "Rusty", a little dog that has been abused, then goes on to show other dogs that have clearly been neglected. At the end, they ask for a donation of $10 per month to help save animals from abuse.
0285/1712 July 2017Chemist Warehouse

An advertisement for Chemist Warehouse appeared on TV showing two women of Asian descent fighting over the last bottle of Fish Oil on the shelf. A pharmacy assistant then goes over to the two Asian women to stop them from fighting and shows them there is plenty more stock behind them. 

0286/1712 July 2017Asahi Premium Beverages

The advertisement is an Instagram post by Vodka Cruiser from the username ‘vodka cruiser’.
It depicts the face of a girl who appears to be a young teenager, with star-shaped glitter underneath her eyes. The caption reads “How to cover your dark eye circles the morning after.”
Other Vodka Cruiser Instagram posts also appear to be directed to children. They include images of settings resembling children’s parties, including two images depicting bottles of Vodka Cruiser amongst colourful confetti, and an image of pink Vodka Cruiser with pink polka dot paper cups and striped pink straws, that would typically be used at children’s parties. Another post depicts a cut out paper heart, coloured in by hand with coloured pencil and bordered by silver stickers. The words, “V is for Valentine Vodka” are handwritten in purple texta in the centre of the heart, and coloured pencils and heart appear in the background.

0287/1712 July 2017Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd

An OPORTOS advertisement. 
The sauciest thing you can enjoy one-handed

0288/1712 July 2017MG Motor Australia
A variety of people promoting the enjoyment of owning an MG car. During the advertisement a number of people, men and women smack a person on the bottom. The action is accompanied by sound which accentuates the notion of smacking.
0289/1712 July 2017Frucor Beverages Australia
Depicting breasts with lemons.

0290/1712 July 2017Nestle Australia Ltd
The new kit Kat ad takes place in a bathroom display shop.
The manager approaches a bath with the employee laying in the bath eating a kit Kat.
He states "your break is over"
Then the kit Kat is snapped & then the employer states "move over" as he loosens his tie.
0291/1712 July 2017Stan
Inappropriate content for a 5:00 time slot. The show being advertised showed a ladies back, she was wearing a bra and no underwear jumping up into a mans arms.
0292/1712 July 2017Total Tools
Marketing campaign for Total Tools.
0293/1712 July 2017Apple

The television commercial promoted a Telstra product and featured Delta Goodrum riding in the passenger seat of a vintage BMW. It was broadcast during The Voice on Channel 9 on Sunday evening.

0294/1712 July 2017Craveable Brands
Email promotion of "Mash and Gravy Balls".

0295/1712 July 2017Wicked Campers

Painted on the wicked van is a picture of Snow White smoking a drug pipe with the words 'Crack enjoy' beside it. Rego QLD 812 JLJ.

0296/1712 July 2017Craveable Brands
1 m x 2 m sign stating grab hunger by the balls mash and gravy balls three for two dollars
0297/1712 July 2017Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
Hyundai advertising a 4 day sale and $1000 factory bonus.
0298/1712 July 2017Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd
Trailer for the movie Rough Night.

0299/1712 July 2017Belly Bandit Australia

On this children's toy website they are advertising ladies bras with the name "Mother Tucker" which is supposed to conjure ideas of "Mother F_cker" I imagine.

0300/1712 July 2017HTH Group

A tradesman is depicted cutting his salad role with a drop saw while using a wreck less and rapid motion while advertising the brand and paying far more attention to the camera crew and smirking throughout the entire stunt.
This ad is insulting to all tradesmen who take pride in their profession and work to strict Work-safe and OH&S standards and practices.
Safety during an apprentice is of utmost importance to tradesmen.

0301/1712 July 2017iSelect Pty Ltd

Heath Insurance tv ad regarding several individuals in an elevator.

0302/1712 July 2017Wicked Campers
"A wife is an attachment you screw on the bed to get housework done."

0303/1712 July 2017Wicked Campers

"Behind every great woman there is a man checking out her arse."

0304/1726 July 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonalds promoting meal using children's movie characters. The ad is available to view here:
0305/1726 July 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
A 30 second advertisement 'Macca’s Made for Family – Despicable Me 3 Family Box 30"'. The ad features a little boy who is obsessed with Minions and wears a Despicable Me Minion costume in all walks of the child’s life – playing soccer, at home, jumping on the trampoline, school picture and when asleep. Then cuts to a shot of the boy smiling excitedly as he is driven up to a McDonald’s restaurant, followed by a ‘fun’ scene inside a McDonald’s restaurant that appears to be in a Minions theme with lots of kids dressed as Minions. Text appears on screen ' MADE FOR SHARING, MADE FOR FAMILY'.
0306/1726 July 2017Yum Restaurants International
Elderly people in wheelchairs out in some park with KFC.
0307/1726 July 2017Honey Birdette
The poster on the outside of the Myer centre shows 2 girls in lingerie with one of the girls with her nipple showing.
0308/1726 July 2017Kleenheat Gas

Aim is to get people to buy kleenheat gas. It is an ad that mocks a man moving house and having a garage sale.

0309/1726 July 2017Coles
Ad described how Coles brand free range eggs have reduced in price.

0310/1726 July 2017The Firm Gentlemens Club
Bottom half of a young girl in a g-string dancing around a pole. Advertising a gentlemans club in the city called the firm.
0311/1726 July 2017Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
The add is about females emotions when they are experiencing, their menstrual cycle. It shows a range of women from various backgrounds.
0312/1726 July 2017The Highway Inn
Advert in female voice regarding an outdoor deck area
0313/1726 July 2017Century Batteries
TV Commercial on WIN [12.35pm] that I feel warrants urgent advice to WIN and Century battteries.
Basically shows a 4WD with boat trailer attached, parked on the wrong side of a rural road, [would expect to be 100kph speeed limit] doing a jump start to a sedan, then rapidly pulling back across the road and continuing journey.

0315/1726 July 2017Lovett Industries
Lovett Industries - Phat Drift Trikes
Australian Designed Vintage Inspired Electric Bike
The World's Sweetest Electric Bike designed by us -
0316/1726 July 2017Campbell's Australia
Buy tim tams because they are best enjoyed with others
0317/1726 July 2017Colonial First State
I recently received a letter from Colonial First State that on the outside of the envelop said:
Boss of:
- Whipping up gourmet meals
- Nailing the gym class
- Knowing where to buy the best coffee
When I opened the letter, which was addressed to me it told I needed to also be the "boss" of where my super goes.

0318/1726 July 2017NIKE Australia Pty Ltd

Man wearing Nike shoes going over barrier in museum. Both adds saying "just do it"

0319/1726 July 2017NIKE Australia Pty Ltd
Nike trainers
0320/1712 July 2017Coffey Ford
Refers to men working, women needing to buy a workhorse to spend their day driving the kids around, shopping, having coffee with the girls, etc etc
0321/1726 July 2017ME Bank
Me bank

0322/1726 July 2017Specsavers Pty Ltd

I found the ad sexist.

0323/1726 July 2017Launceston Show Girls
Very scantily clad women viewed from shoulders down strolling through nightclub to promote Launceston Showgirls
0325/1726 July 2017Aqua Cleanse Pty Ltd

The advert is a very large billboard and reads as follows: "It’s ok to lose your sh*t sometimes because if you don't you'll end up full of sh*t" AquaHealth 1300-802-083"

0326/1726 July 2017L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
New Ad by Emporio Armani advertising Men's and Women's Fragrances
0327/1726 July 2017Carlton and United Breweries
Billboard on corner of South Rd and Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin. Picture of a yak in a field with an obviously pixelated large penis.

0328/1726 July 2017NIKE Australia Pty Ltd
A young man is seen to be involved in situation where it seems he is breaking the law and requires violence to escape from wearing his Nike shoes.

0329/1726 July 2017Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd
The new as for Crazy horse is vile. It shows multiple women in see through lingerie all being shown into a room with an old man seated in a chair. The women then bend over him showing their rear end in lingerie.