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Results for October 2017

0428/1711 October 2017Lowes Menswear

Lowes ad. 2 men spruiking sale of clothes. One man holds a candle horizontally which is unsafe.

0429/1711 October 2017Victorian Aids Council
A billboard on the back of a bus.
0431/1711 October 2017Underworks
I don't think we need to see a beautiful young girl dancing in underwear, performing acrobatic moves, her legs wide open in several positions. The females underwear is more revealing than the males and the male ad is not always with the female ad.
0432/1711 October 2017Family Zone
99% of the ad was fine as it was advertising cyber safety for children and how their software could handle that for your family. The 'story' in the ad was to let your children be mad at 'Family Zone' for limiting cyber content instead of being angry at mum and/or dad. This was a radio ad and all spoken.
0433/1711 October 2017Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd
The movie trailer for the movie "flatliners" was shown with adult themes.
0434/1711 October 2017Seqirus
An older lady talking to the screen about shingles symptoms. Then it goes to a screen of text then back to her to talk again this time with a red rash around her right eye and puss filled sores on her forehead. Then it goes back to a screen of text with a voice over of facts then back to her. This time her face is swollen and red her right eye is barely open she looks very beaten with a bloody mess on her face.

0437/1711 October 2017Vitasoy Australia Products Pty Ltd
The voiceover says "Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk" and the screen pans between fields of wheat, grains, etc, and then they display an Oat liquid product, and a Soy liquid product, that they claim is milk.
0438/1711 October 2017Parfums Christian Dior
It depicts a woman asking a man what would he do for love before cutting away to a picture of the perfume bottle.
0439/1711 October 2017Parfums Christian Dior
Young lady, Natalie Portman frollicking around various locations in beautiful dresses.
0440/1711 October 2017Sydney Meats

The attached correspondence reveals the unfairness of small business to lure customers to their shop and their unfairly extract money under some form of “difference of opinion” despite written evidence. I purchased the $25 meat (1kg) to show how these businesses can get away by short changing their customers, many whom will not complain or advise your office. 

0441/1711 October 2017Cotton On
Cotton on kids puma shoe ad on facebook. I can not attach the ad to this but could email separately.
0442/1711 October 2017Honey Birdette
The electronic billboard visible at the shop front contains an image called "Paris" that is highly sexually explicit.
The womans nipples are both visible in the photo.
0443/1711 October 2017Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd
Movie trailer for Flatliners
0444/1711 October 2017Universal Pictures
Movie ad, Happy Death Day
0445/1711 October 2017BMW Group Australia
The ad is a video of an American Muscle streetcar pulling up at a red light and revving its engine. Next, a new BMW i3s pulls up beside it and the attractive female driver looks over at the American Muscle streetcar driver insinuating that they will race. The lights go green and the American Streetcar does a burnout with smoke and the drag race up the street. The BMW wins.
0446/1711 October 2017Crownbet
The advert focuses on the benefits of the reward program.
0447/1725 October 2017AKA

Billboard with giant picture of Mrs Brown with her legs splayed and her skirt blown up showing her underpants crotch.

0448/1725 October 2017Greg Hocking Real Estate
The billboard is to advertise the property for sale.
0449/1725 October 2017Lexus Australia
The ad was to sell cars
0450/1725 October 2017Dixon Advisory
Male and female depicted on a moving motorcycle, the male person does not have his helmet fastened.
0451/1725 October 2017Heinz
The advertising begins with a man saying that ketchup is thicker than sauce and that most people do not know that this is because more tomatoes are used in ketchup than in sauce. The advertisement then shows the words 'sauce' and 'ketchup' on a white plate constructed of (presumably) sauce and ketchup respectively. When the plate is held vertically the word 'sauce' runs down the plate but the word 'ketchup' does not.
0452/1725 October 2017Telstra Corporation Ltd
A Mobil plan for $99 with free Foxtel to stream on a new phone
0453/1725 October 2017Ozmosis (Rip Curl Group)
Customers are being encouraged to show Ozmosis staff their sporting injuries to receive a discount.
0454/1725 October 2017Ozmosis (Rip Curl Group)
The signage reads "Pay with pain, show us your scars for a chance to win a $5000 Ozmosis kit." This is accompanied by photos of a male with a very scraped and bloody shoulder that deeply disturbed my four year old cousin.
0455/1725 October 2017Ozmosis (Rip Curl Group)
"Pay with Pain" encourages people to upload their scars and injuries to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and receive a 20% discount coupon for their online store.

0456/1725 October 2017Sportsbet

"Merry puntmas"

0457/1725 October 2017Racing and Wagering WA
A man is mowing his lawn whilst on his mobile phone betting.
0458/1725 October 2017Crayola
Crayola silly scents - flavoured markers. The children sniff and the flavours come out of their noses.
0459/1725 October 2017NEDS
Advertisement showed a building site, and the male tradespeople were giving excuses to a female client about why the work couldn't be done. In the end, she walks out and the tradesperson begins betting on his mobile phone.
0460/1725 October 2017NEDS
A woman was clothes shopping and her male partner, who was gambling on his phone on the Ned's gambling site, was handing her more garments to try on so that he would have more time and privacy to continue betting. She praised him for his generosity, but he only wanted to gain time for his mobile betting while she was in the fitting room.
0461/1725 October 2017NEDS
The ad showed a family/friends. A man answered his phone and it was a telemarketer. He pretended it was work and dismissed himself from the room and settled into a chair in another room and got his phone said 'time to bet'. With Neds app appearing on the screen.
0462/1725 October 2017NEDS
A man lets an old lady in front of him at the supermarket checkout and she has a full trolley so he can bet on his phone. 
0463/1725 October 2017Universal Pictures
Movie trailer for 'Happy Death Day' movie .
Description From "A college student relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and terrifying end until she discovers her killer's identity"
This content is apparent in the advertising.

0465/1725 October 2017Universal Pictures

Advertising an upcoming movie in the cinema. - Snowman

0466/1725 October 2017Youfoodz
A young boy around 7-8 years of age has a fork in his hand while dressed like a chef and repeatedly says "forking" during his speech, which is obviously meant to be "fucking". It is inappropriate and offensive that anyone would say that in a commercial - let alone a young child. Children watch The Block and this commercial has aired numerous times during The Block. It now has the word bleeped out.... but the intent is still there. It is an extremely bad example and I (and numerous others who've spoken to me about it at the school) think it is in very bad taste and we would not purchase this company's products as a result. We would like it removed from TV immediately.

0467/1725 October 2017Wicked Campers

Signage on a wicked camper vehicle. " mother fucking awesomeness " Rego - 128 VTR 

0469/1725 October 2017Coty Australia Pty Ltd
Woman living naked on bed except for brief bikini style underwear. Curled in ball to cover breasts.

0470/1725 October 2017Coty Australia Pty Ltd
The poster shows a half naked young girl (definitely seems to be younger than 18) lying on a bed with silky sheets, glancing into the camera with the words "obsession".
0472/1725 October 2017Coty Australia Pty Ltd
A young girl with wet hair in her underwear recline on a sofa with one hand on her groin and between her legs
0475/1725 October 2017NEDS

We wish to complain about the content of the gambling ads that are currently being linked on the Neds website to youtube.


Neds is a new entrant in the online gambling space and is advertising heavily including on social media.

The Neds ads of concern are:

1. The Neds Telemarketer Trick – The husband is having a family dinner with his partner and his in-laws. He fabricates an excuse to go away from the family dinner table to bet, lying that it is an office call and drags out the call to have more time to place bets. The theme is that deceit and neglecting family commitments to gamble is justifiable, and in fact humorous. An underlying theme starts here whereby women are inferior to male as the women in question are easily deceived, this includes his partner and the telemarketer on the phone.

2. The Neds Man Chair – The scene takes place in a dress fitting area. The man pretends to be supporting his partner who is trying on a dress. He pretends to be helping her, but is actually deceiving her as he passes her a few more random dresses that are at the front of the rack. His motive is to keep her busy so he has more time to gamble. The message is that lying to one’s partner in order to create gambling time is permissible and in fact humorous. The subtext is that his need to gamble is more important than his relationship and his partner’s needs. Further it implies that neglecting family commitments and jeopardising a significant relationship is acceptable. The subtext of women being gullible continues.

3. Neds Manners - It’s time to bet – this takes place in the supermarket. It uses humour to show a man letting a ‘little old lady’ go before him in the self-serve checkout … he allows this as it gives him more time to gamble in line. It follows the pattern of disrespect towards woman, depicting the elderly lady as incompetent as she scans the bananas on the touch screen. Although humorous on one level, when viewed in the context of the other advertisements they’re all about treating women as dumb/incompetent/easily tricked and the like.

4. The Neds Supervisor - this takes place on a building site. The ‘boss’ is a woman who is concerned about the lack of progress. The tradies are all on their phones, presumably gambling online. There is circular blame for the lack of progress. The female boss walks off in a huff at the lack of interest and progress, and a somewhat manufactured reason for that outcome. The next shot is the non-plussed supervisor smiling broadly and also turning to his phone to bet on Neds. This appears to be encouraging gambling at work and encouraging poor work performance in an effort to have time for gambling. The workers are jeopardising their employment. The underlying theme of demeaning or dismissing women continues.

5. Neds lift – the lift is full of corporate workers. A man quickly presses all the buttons in one swoop so the lift takes longer to get down, with the implication that he has more time to bet. A tired looking woman notices and he dismisses her concerns with an insincere “Woops”, he then winks to the man next to him suggesting a boys club type of understanding. This ad follows the previous themes of disdain and disrespect for women (and others) in order to gamble.