In 2006 ASB joined the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) to ensure access to an appropriate best practice model for advertising complaint resolution. 

ASB has particularly strong links with self-regulatory bodies in the United KingdomIrelandNew Zealand and Canada and we are developing our relationship within the ASEAN region.

In November 2012, the ASB delivered a world-first advertising self-regulation Dialogue with APEC economies and continues to cooperate with international colleagues to progress advertising development and reform throughout the Asia Pacific region. A second APEC forum was held in 2014.

ASB has played host to a number of international delegations of advertising self-regulators including from China and Korea. The ASB has also provided input on self-regulation in Australia for inclusion in a publication, Advertising Self-Regulation in Asia Pacific, initiated by the International Advertising Association and the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations.


European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is the key organisation regarding advertising self-regulation in Europe and beyond. It promotes high ethical standards in commercial communications by means of effective self-regulation and provides ongoing support to member self-regulation organisations.

It also coordinates advertising best practice recommendations which self-regulatory member organisations are encouraged to implement.

ASB interacts with EASA regularly, utilises the EASA database for research and contacts international counterparts about research and organisational topics of interest. This includes valuable insight and useful information on topics such as Board meeting procedure, violence in advertising, portrayal of gender in advertising, and dealing with complaints that are not forwarded to the Board.

ASB also provides information about the Australian system to other EASA members to inform their research projects and assist in their organisational development. Queries have covered advertising to minors, cinema advertising, environmental matters and complaints management details.

The ASB Chief Executive Officer has attended a number of EASA meetings. Contacts made at these meetings have led to ongoing useful information sharing. The ASB CEO is currently vice chair of the International Council on Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) which aims to provide an international forum to facilitate information exchange, best practice discussion and communication among advertising SROs around the world.

Each year ASB contributes statistical and qualitative information to EASA for inclusion in their annual comparative information outline. We also regularly provide updated information regarding our process and operations for the EASA Blue Book (the authoritative reference for advertising self-regulation in Europe and the world).


The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) is committed to the ongoing development, refinement and capacity building of advertising self-regulation both in Australia and beyond.  In November 2012, the ASB delivered a world-first advertising self-regulation Dialogue with APEC economies, held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Following the Hanoi Dialogue, the APEC Policy Support Unit (PSU) released a report in early 2014 which included recommendations that additional dialogues be undertaken to share best practice among economies, and to offer capacity building for APEC self-regulatory organisations. To implement this regulation the APEC Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) approved a second workshop in Beijing, China in 2014.

Hanoi 2012

With the guidance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and assistance from members of the International Council of the European Advertising Standards Alliance and other international colleagues, the ASB developed and organised the event, taking an active role in promoting the concepts of advertising self-regulation into the Asia Pacific region. With support from international partners and our other international colleagues, the European Advertising Standards Alliance, the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Federation of Advertisers, the ASB helped bring together advertising self-regulation experts and novices from 17 of the 21 APEC economies.

The Dialogue was the second held under APEC’s Regulatory Cooperation Assistance Mechanism (ARCAM).

report on the Dialogue outcomes was presented to APEC with a view to encouraging further progress on the initiative. The ASB continues to encourage APEC to support the alignment of regulatory frameworks in acknowledging advertising’s role in economic growth and the role that self-regulation plays in building consumer trust in the market.  The report recommendations also reflect the importance of reducing and preventing barriers to trade through the development of SROs on the basis of international best practice.

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Beijing 2014

The APEC Advertising Standards Forum and Mentoring Workshop were held as part of the APEC’s SOM3 meeting in Beijing on 8-9 August 2014 and were successful in bringing participants from 16 APEC Economies together to discuss advertising standards and regulations. 

The event was coordinated by the ASB and the Chinese Association of National Advertisers.

The APEC Action Agenda on Advertising Standards was approved by both the Committee for Trade and Investment (CTI) and the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM). 

The report from the Advertising Standards Forum and Mentoring Workshop can be found here.