Ad Standards administers a transparent, robust, accessible and fair self-regulation system for advertising.

Our purpose

Ad Standards exists to give voice to consumer values and guide industry in maintaining decent, honest advertising aligning with prevailing community values.

Our vision

Ad Standards is the foremost authority in Australia for adjudication of complaints about advertising and marketing communications.

Key result areas

Our strategic plan covers four key result areas:


  • Ad Standards is financially viable and sustainable
  • Business funds the system


  • Concerned community complains to Ad Standards
  • Business understands, supports and endorses Ad Standards system
  • Sole member recognises value provided by Ad Standards
  • Code owners recognise value provided by Ad Standards
  • Industry peak bodies endorse and collaborate to support the system
  • Government stakeholders understand, support and endorse Ad Standards

Internal business processes

  • Ad Standards Community Panel makes robust decisions that align with community standards
  • Ad Standards' complaints handling service meets established best practice
  • A committed, appropriately skilled and sustainable workforce
  • High standards in governance 

Long term development

  • Ad Standards seeks to consolidate complaint handling systems where relevant
  • Ad Standards identifies opportunities to expand remit consistent with international best practice
  • Business continues to fund the complaint handling system into the future
  • Ensure Ad Standards is structurally able to meet future challenges