Best practice on an international stage

Representatives from industry, Government and the community joined with international speakers to discuss the different methods used in countries around the world in achieving best practice in advertising self-regulation.

The discussions focussed on the experiences in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Hungary. Guest speakers were Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Hilary Souter, Chief Executive of New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority and Ildeko Fazekas, Secretary General of ӦRT, the Hungarian self-regulatory organisation.

The luncheon covered information about the benefits of advertising self-regulation, developments and issues facing advertising standards and controls in different parts of the world.  In Australia alcohol advertising, advertising to children, outdoor advertising and online advertising are all issues facing advertisers and self-regulation bodies. These are also issues that face advertisers in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

Highlighted by all speakers was the need to share information and experiences to assist other countries in continuing to meet best practice principles, to improve existing systems, better address emerging policy issues, and to assist countries in establishing effective advertising self-regulation systems.

The work of European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) in developing and coordinating  advertising best practice recommendations which self-regulatory member organisations are encouraged to implement was also discussed. EASA is the key organisation regarding advertising self-regulation in Europe and beyond. It promotes high ethical standards in commercial communications through effective self-regulation and provides ongoing support to member self-regulation organisations. In 2006 ASB joined the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) to ensure access to an appropriate best practice model for advertising complaint resolution.

The luncheon was held during the World Federation of Advertising’s Global Marketer Week being held in Sydney this week.


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