Gambling advertisements during live sports – new restrictions in place

Gambling advertisements are back in the spotlight with an increase in gambling apps now available. While the operators have a right to advertise their product or service, there are strict guidelines in place and it is important for consumers to know their rights when making a complaint.

From the 30th of March updated rules apply to the broadcast of gambling advertisements, including betting-odds, during live sporting events on free-to-air TV and commercial radio. The new rules supplement existing rules and introduce restrictions that gambling ads cannot be played during live sporting events broadcast between 5am and 8:30pm, and five minutes before and after the event.

These new restrictions do not currently apply to live sport streamed online, however the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are currently seeking feedback on similar rules specific to online content.

Complaints about the timing of broadcast gambling advertisements can be made to the broadcaster that aired the advertisement. If you are not satisfied with the response or do not receive a response within 60 days, you can then send your complaint to ACMA.  Complaints about the frequency of gambling advertisements on television and radio can also be directed to the broadcaster.

However if you believe the content of the advertisement breaches community standards as set out in the AANA Code of Ethics or the AANA Wagering Code you can lodge a complaint with Ad Standards.

For example, ads that encourage or depict excessive gambling or make gambling attractive to children are likely to be found by the Ad Standards Community Panel to be in breach of the Codes.

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  • Donald Keith Chamberlain - 8 June 2018 - 12:32am

    Ads don't close when exit pressed exit is false ads keep reopening why????

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