Case 0276-21




  • Food/Bev Venue


TV - Free to Air

Determination date

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Upheld - Modified or Discontinued


  • Violence
  • S/S/N - sexualisation of children
  • portrays frightening / distressing content
  • b) not overstate claims
  • c) not imply social acceptance
  • includes sexual imagery
  • truthful and honest / not misleading

Case Description

There are two versions of this television advertisement, a 15 second version and a 30 second version. Both versions of the advertisement feature an animated clown in an alleyway standing facing two children and opening his trench coat to reveal toys. A burger superhero appears and throws wooden sticks at the clown pinning him to the wall. He then jumps on a ladder hanging from a helicopter and flies away.

Report File

PDF icon 0276-21_0.pdf