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Results for December 2000

300/0012 December 2000Snack Brands Australia
Snack Brands - Samboy - 'old farts'
326/0012 December 2000Sanity
Sanity Music - CD 'All Roads lead to route 666'
329/0012 December 2000Kemalda Entertainment Pty Ltd
Kemalda - Rodney Rude - Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
330/0012 December 2000Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Paralympics Parade
333/0012 December 2000Queensland Department of Mines & Energy
Dept of Mines & Energy Qld - child puts keys in power point
334/0012 December 2000CPS Housewares Pty Ltd
CPS Housewares - Wiltshire Staysharp Knives
335/0012 December 2000Seagram Pacific
Seagram Pacific - Chivas Regal - 'Yes, God is a Man'
336/0012 December 2000Valvoline (Aust) Pty Ltd
Valvoline - foetal racing car driver
338/0012 December 2000LG Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
LG Electronics - Jet Cooling Air Conditioner - young boys watching woman undress thru window - she puts on aircon which fogs up windows
339/0012 December 2000Cancer Foundation of Western Australia Inc
Cancer Foundation of WA - professionals talk about lung cancer treatment
340/0012 December 2000Precision Cosmetic Laser Surgery
Precision Cosmetic Laser Surgery - 'Leg Vein Removal'
341/0012 December 2000Freedom Furniture Ltd
Freedom Furniture - birth of Christ
342/0012 December 2000Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - Civic - violent robots
343/0012 December 2000Racing Victoria
Racing Victoria
344/0012 December 2000Seven Network Ltd (i7)
Seven Network - i7 - cabbage in bra as nipple soother
346/0012 December 2000Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium - Weet-Bix - child behind moving vehicle
347/0012 December 2000Berri Ltd
Berri Ltd - Berri Plus - Shit - mowing lawn
348/0012 December 2000Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - five naked adults
349/0012 December 2000Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare - woman hits man at barbeque
350/0012 December 2000Plantation Hotel
Plantation Hotel
351/0012 December 2000Berri Ltd
Berri Ltd - Berri Plus - grandmother's shoe laces tied together
354/0012 December 2000Bayswater Car Rental Pty Ltd
Bayswater Car Rental - Aboriginal boy - 'half the rate'
358/0012 December 2000Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
APIA - Ian Leslie and older drivers