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Results for February 2000

1/008 February 2000Autobarn Bundaberg
Autobarn Bundaberg - malfunctioning automatic teller machine - "shit scared"
10/008 February 2000McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Footy Burger
11/008 February 2000FHM
FHM magazine - February 2000 cover - 'Annalise Braakensiek comes out of her shell'
12/008 February 2000Moonlight Cinema
Moonlight Cinema - male disco dancer shot - 'From Saturday Night Fever to The Godfather'
13/008 February - 'How to get ahead without giving it'
14/008 February 2000Career One - 'Unequal Opportunity'
15/008 February 2000Sporting Shooters Assoc of Aust (NSW) Inc
Sporting Shooters NSW
16/008 February 2000EMI Music Australia
EMI Music - The World's Best Ever Beer Songs 2 - 'You Give Me Head'
17/999 February 2000Accor Asia Pacific Australia
Accor Asia Pacific - 7 Deadly Sins
18/008 February 2000Bosclip Aussie Products Pty Ltd
Bosclip - Lawn Barber 'n Edge Trimmer
19/008 February 2000Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain Surf League - 'To hell and back'
2/008 February 2000Catalina Country Club
Catalina Country Club - truant golfer in rocking car
20/008 February 2000Delfin Property Group Ltd
Delfin Property Group - Craigieburn Garden Villages - 'If he's wearing overalls, he's not a neighbour'
21/008 February 2000Frankston & Peninsula Airport Shuttle
Frankston & Peninsula Airport Shuttle (Airport Bus) Radio (1)
22/008 February 2000H J Heinz Co Australia Ltd
H J Heinz - Big Red Tomato Sauce - plastic bottle squirts noisily and dog farts
23/008 February 2000Womans Room (The)
Womans Room (The) - De jour tampons
24/008 February 2000United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - Bundaberg Rum - white bear & prostitutes
25/008 February 2000Rentlo
Rentlo - woman throws TVs man is watching out of window and hits him on head
26/008 February 2000Big Issue (The)
Big Issue - homeless and unemployed singing
27/008 February 2000Energex Limited
Energex - Emergency Siren - Radio 1
3/008 February 2000McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Double Beef 'n' Bacon Burger - bugger
4/008 February 2000Universal Girls
Universal Girls(1) Miss Nude Aust 1999 - naked girl with 'Sandy Shaw' banner across breasts(2) Girl in bra and pants, with hand pulling front of pants
407/998 February 2000AAPT Ltd
AAPT- SmartChat - Man riding a bicycle.
408/998 February 2000Northern Territory of Australia
NT Dept of Chief Minister - Office of Women's Policy - Domestic Violence Strategy - 2 print advertisements: (1) 'She's expecting --- to be hit by her baby's father.'; (2) 'I learned a lot from Dad. Like how to treat a wife.'
411/998 February 2000Christian Community Church
Christian Community Church "Know where you're going"
414/998 February 2000Cash Converters
Cash Converters - 'Thirteen' - poke in the eye through hole in fence
415/998 February 2000TMP Worldwide Pty Ltd
TMP Worldwide -
416/998 February 2000WA Dept of Premier & Cabinet
WA Dept of Premier & Cabinet - Office of Road Safety - "Two men in a bar"
417/998 February Pty Limited - "Bedroom setting - couple"
418/998 February 2000Jockey Australia Ltd
Jockey Australia - "US Marines"
419/998 February 2000Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare - sexual athlete - 'I'll bet you always come first'
420/998 February 2000REP Film Distributors Pty Ltd
REP Distribution (The Blair Witch Project)
422/998 February 2000McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - McOz Burger
423/998 February 2000Defence Force Recruiting Organisation
Defence Force Recruiting - 'I live with my girlfriend; I'm a normal guy'
424/998 February 2000Dstore Pty Ltd
Dstore Pty Ltd - "Hello, I'm useless"
425/998 February 2000Cash Converters
Cash Converters - Blind Faith
426/998 February 2000Sporting Shooters' Assoc of Aust (SA) Inc
Sporting Shooters SA
427/998 February 2000Lowes Menswear
Lowes Menswear - "Men playing cricket"
428/998 February 2000United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - Baileys Original Irish Cream - "Woman kisses 3 men"
429/998 February 2000Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Meds tampons
431/998 February 2000FHM
FHM magazine - December 1999 cover - calendar
433/998 February 2000Seaworld Pty Ltd
Seaworld Pty Ltd (Red Herring Surf)
434/998 February 2000Melbourne Convention & Marketing Bureau
Melbourne Convention & Marketing Bureau
436/998 February 2000AAPT Ltd
AAPT - The AAPT Championship - Tennis
437/998 February 2000Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Call Connect - "Naked male in nudist colony"
439/998 February 2000Creative Brands Pty Ltd
Creative Brands - Le Tan Fast - back view of naked woman on pier
440/998 February 2000Colgate Palmolive Pty Ltd
Colgate-Palmolive - Mennen Lady Speed Stick
441/998 February 2000Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Icon Clothing - Lee Jeans - girl running thru cemetery to escape zombies
442/998 February 2000McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - McFlurry - schoolboy and mother
443/998 February 2000Roses Only
Roses Only - domestic violence theme
444/998 February 2000Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Bugger of a sale - TV, radio (9) and print (10)
445/998 February 2000Filatex Pty Ltd
Filatex - Gucci Envy - alleged erect penis between couple
446/998 February 2000Time Life Aust Pty Ltd
Time Life - The Century of Warfare
447/998 February 2000Hog's Breath Cafe (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hog's Breath Café - breathalyser scenario - 'pigs'
448/998 February 2000John Fairfax Publications Ltd
John Fairfax - Fairfax Online - "Naked man"
5/008 February 2000Surfers Paradise Rock & Roll Café Pty Ltd
Surfers Paradise Rock & Roll Café - Crazy Horse - girl in bra and g-string, on hands and knees before mirror
6/008 February 2000Cross Promotions
Cross Promotions - Santa Fe Gold - Girl holding cue, with 'Santa Fe Pool Comp' across breasts and 'Every Thursday Night' across genitals
7/008 February 2000Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare - different holidays for maritally troubled couple
9/008 February 2000Pegulan Floor Coverings Pty Ltd
Pegulan Floor Coverings - 'Put Your Foot Down'