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Results for March 2000

17/0014 March 2000Ken Bruce Electrical & Bedding Discounters
Ken Bruce - mad theme
28/0014 March 2000adidas Australia Pty Ltd
Adidas - brochure insert - naked man and squatting woman
29/0014 March 2000Schweppes Cottee's
Schweppes Cottee's - Solo - Outdoor - 'After Clocking Off, Knock One Off'
30/0014 March 2000PAN TV Ltd
PAN TV - World Movies - raised skirt
32/0014 March 2000NoRegrets Pty Ltd - nipples showing through bra double up as dots in internet address
34/0014 March 2000Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd (The)
Greater Union - 'fat bastard'
35/0014 March 2000Selleys Chemical Co Pty Ltd
Selleys - Liquid Nails
36/0014 March 2000Dubbo Appliance Centre
Dubbo Appliance Centre - Kleenmaid - hand on range hotplate
37/0014 March 2000South Australian Cricket Association
SA Cricket Assoc - Lunch with Malcolm Blight - 'Have lunch with God'
38/0014 March 2000GoConnect Aust Pty Ltd
GoConnect - 'up yours' gesture
39/0014 March 2000OzEmail Pty Ltd
OzEmail Internet - transvestite in print bikini
40/0014 March 2000United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - Mid-Strength Bundaberg Rum & Cola (Bundy Gold) - trio of ads
41/0014 March 2000Pizza Haven
Pizza Haven - panhandler-type with cattle prod
42/0014 March 2000Living Jungle
Living Jungle - 'Black & White Minstrel'-type emerges from jungle making animal noises
43/0014 March 2000Philips Electronics Aust Ltd
Phillips - CD Recordable Mini System - two cows - 'you can also clone CDs'
432/9917 March 2000Fury Ford
Fury Ford - - "Fair dinkum battlers"
44/0014 March 2000ARN Communications Pty Ltd
ARN Communications - 2WS FM - 'You have an amazing mouth'
45/0014 March 2000Cancer Foundation of Western Australia Inc
Cancer Foundation of WA - National Skin Cancer Prevention Programme - 'Timebomb'
46/0014 March 2000Seven Network Ltd (i7)
Seven Network - 'Cold Feet' - rear view of naked man with rose between buttocks
47/0014 March 2000Pizza Haven
Pizza Haven - attacks on rival pizza delivery drivers
48/0014 March 2000Ansett Australia
Ansett Airlines - boy on bicycle at roof-top edge
49/0014 March 2000Riverina Marine Centre
Riverina Marine Centre
50/0014 March 2000Ashley & Martin
Ashley & Martin - 'Improve your roots'
51/0014 March 2000WorkCover New South Wales
WorkCover NSW - 'He didn't give a stuff about his employees'
54/0014 March 2000Andy Arvanitis Mechanical Repairs
Andy Arvanitis Mechanical Repairs - lingerie
55/0014 March 2000Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - 'frigging taxi'
57/0014 March 2000Sydney Morning Herald (The)
Sydney Morning Herald - male homosexual
58/0014 March 2000Sydney Morning Herald (The)
Sydney Morning Herald - Ku Klux Klan
60/0014 March 2000Select Kitchens
Select Kitchens - 2 print ads
61/0014 March 2000Budget Eyewear Aust Pty Ltd
Budget Eyewear - no seat belt
63/0014 March 2000McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - McFlurry - teenage schoolgirl told exchange student has arrived - she doesn't want to share bedroom till she finds out it's a boy
64/0014 March 2000Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - catalogue - pages 8 and 9 - girls and boys in adult poses
65/0014 March 2000National Expert Advisory Committee on Tobacco
National Expert Advisory Committee on Tobacco - 'Tumour'
66/0014 March 2000Courts Admininstration Authority
Courts Admin Authority - Fine Payment Unit - 'Pay now or pay through the nose later'
67/0014 March 2000McElwaine's Fabrics Pty Ltd
McElwaine's Fabrics - 'Attention, Ladies'
68/0014 March 2000Central West Automotive
Central West Automotive - legs of woman wearing short skirt and high heels - 'Easy Finance'
69/0014 March 2000One.Tel Limited
One.Tel - new baby hospital scene - 'Tell your parents it's a baby girl'
70/0014 March 2000United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - UDL- 6 pack - 'The Magnificent Seven'
72/0014 March 2000Sydney Morning Herald (The)
Sydney Morning Herald - Chris O'Halloran on technology and religion
73/0014 March 2000Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Magna - impotent man
74/0014 March 2000Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd
Nine Network - 'Compulsive Viewing' - Flasher Jamie Dunn & B105 FM Morning Crew
75/0011 March 2000KMart Australia Ltd
KMart - children grab elderly woman's handbag
76/0014 March 2000Crows Nest Mainstreet
Crows Nest Mainstreet - 'Faaark! Over 110 places to eat at Crowie' and 'There are so many place to eat at Crows Nest!'
78/0014 March 2000Royal Automobile Club of WA Inc
RAC WA - A child locked in a vehicle will be released after 12 minute call response
79/0014 March 2000Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
Windsor Smith - woman sitting on chair, jacket open to expose breasts, with man standing between her legs holding a shoe at penis level to her mouth
86/0014 March 2000Nestle Confectionery
Nestle - Kit Kat - Baby mop