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Results for May 2000

111/009 May 2000Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Falcon - Runout Sale
113/009 May 2000Burswood Amcal Chemist
Burswood Amcal Chemist
117/009 May 2000Sexpo Pty Ltd
Sexpo - (TV) - exhibition
119/009 May 2000Herald & Weekly Times Ltd (The)
Herald & Weekly Times - Herald Sun - dart thrown at footballer
122/009 May 2000Wine Planet Pty Ltd
123/009 May 2000Courts Admininstration Authority
Courts Admin Authority - Fine Payment Unit - two print ads - 'Pay Now or Pay Through the Nose Later'
125/009 May 2000Catherines on the Gold Coast
Catherine's on the Gold Coast "Miss Erotica"
126/009 May 2000United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - UDL - 'Personalities'
127/009 May 2000Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Triton 4WD Ute - 'bugger'
129/009 May 2000Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic
Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic
130/009 May 2000Wingara Wine Group Pty Ltd
Wingara Wine Group (Deakin Estate)
131/009 May 2000Goldfingers Mens Club
Goldfingers - tabletop dancing club for men
133/009 May 2000Glenellerslie Herefords
Glenellerslie Herefords - woman with large bottom
134/009 May 2000Caltex Australia Ltd
Caltex - service stations - cornflakes and condoms
135/009 May 2000Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - Odyssey - baby driving car
137/009 May 2000Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - Crash Course
138/009 May 2000Sancella Pty Ltd
Sancella - Libra Invisible Slim tampons - dog caught in door pet flap
142/009 May 2000Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - 4 ads
143/009 May 2000Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Vodafone Network - sport/weather/finance/restaurants
144/009 May 2000Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
Procter & Gamble - Oil of Olay SPF15 Range
145/009 May 2000Star City
Star City - Good Friday
146/009 May 2000Best & Less
Best & Less - children in knickers
147/009 May 2000Hog's Breath Cafe (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hog's Breath Café - description of meat aligned to waitress
68/999 May 2000Tenneco Automotive T/A Monroe Pty Ltd
Tenneco Automotive (T/A Monroe Aust - man smashing car)