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Results for October 2000

263/0017 October 2000Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - 'Stretch is Sex'
271/0017 October 2000Aristocrat Technologies Aust Pty Ltd
Aristocrat Technologies - sound of 'win' on poker machine
272/0017 October 2000WA Dept of Premier & Cabinet
WA Dept of Premier & Cabinet - Office of Road Safety - toddlers on tricycles
274/0017 October 2000FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
FOXTEL - Concorde
276/0017 October 2000Lowes Menswear
Lowes Menswear - men depicting a scene of pregnancy and childbirth
277/0017 October 2000Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot - Chiko rolls - 2 advertisements
278/0017 October 2000Janssen Cilag Pty Ltd
Janssen Cilag - Livostin nasal spray
279/0017 October 2000ChaosMusic Ltd
ChaosMusic - Piss Dad off for the Weekend
280/0017 October 2000Townsville 4WD Centre
Townsville 4WD Centre - white man painted to look like Aborigine
282/0017 October 2000Myer/Grace Bros
Myer/Grace Bros - Fathers Day - James Bond images on TVs
283/0017 October 2000SOCOG
SOCOG - Girl wearing makeup and 'You're crazy if you don't go to the Olympics
284/0017 October 2000S-Cape Byron Surf Street
S-Cape Byron Surf Street - graphic on Ripcurl garment of couple copulating doggy style
285/0017 October 2000Laubman & Pank Hearing Centres
Laubman & Pank Hearing Centres - dog flattened by tractor
286/0017 October 2000Gloweave Consolidated Pty Ltd
Gloweave Consolidated - Shirts - ironing Arm
287/0017 October 2000Delfin Ltd
Delfin Property Group - Caroline Springs
288/0017 October 2000Hotline Recycled Auto Parts
Hotline Recycled Auto Parts
289/0017 October 2000Clorox Aust Pty Ltd
Clorox - Glad Tuff Stuff Garbage Bags - full bag punched
292/0017 October 2000Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Oak - animated cartoon insects - worm
293/0017 October 2000Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Oak - animated cartoon insects - cockroach
294/0017 October 2000Knight Frank (Qld) Pty Ltd
Knight Frank (Qld) Pty Ltd - Cairns Central Shopping Centre
296/0017 October 2000Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan - Pulsar - car breaks glass wall
297/0017 October 2000Holeproof
Holeproof - Rio - bra uplift
298/0017 October 2000TAFE Queensland
TAFE Queensland
301/0017 October 2000Holeproof
Holeproof - Rio - men's briefs - rotating protuberance
302/0017 October 2000Colorado Group Ltd
Colorado Group - Lynx shoes
303/0017 October 2000Jackson J
J Jackson - political ad for David Jackson - 'greenie wankers'
304/0017 October 2000Adelaide Bank Ltd
Adelaide Bank - evangelist instead of bank officer calls on couple
305/0017 October 2000E*Trade
E*TRADE - suicide theme
306/0017 October 2000Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Vodafone Network - 'My God, I've Won'
313/0017 October 2000Hidden Valley Australia Pty Ltd
Hidden Valley - mother-in-law
314/0017 October 2000Guinness Australasia Pty Ltd
Guinness A/asia - naked men