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Results for August 2001

159/0114 August 2001Warner Village Theme Parks
Warner Village - Movie World - Nikki Webster
171/0114 August 2001Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - 20% Off Underwear
173/0114 August 2001MasterCard Worldwide
MasterCard International - boy smashes guitar
174/0114 August 2001Nintendo Australia Pty Limited
Nintendo - Super Mario Advance - Airport 'Concourse'
175/0114 August 2001Tourism Queensland
Tourism Qld - 'Say G'day' - Australian boy bows to Japanese woman
176/0114 August 2001S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Toilet Duck - 5 women discuss cleaning a lavatory
177/0114 August 2001IKEA
IKEA - series ridiculing people with disabilities and, specifically, pilot with squint seeing double
178/0114 August 2001Peter Cook Amcal Chemist
Peter Cook Amcal Chemist - 'Shoot your dog, shoot your wife, shoot your family', interspersed with gun shots
179/0114 August 2001Rebel Sport Ltd
Rebel Sport - "Kick Arse Sale"
180/0114 August 2001Accor Asia Pacific Australia
Accor Asia Pacific - Novotel Vines Resort, Perth - 7 Deadly Sins Packages - confessional
181/0114 August 2001Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Laser SR2 - Car Park - 'Take it for a burn'
183/0114 August 2001Beach House, The
Beach House - 'Coyote Ugly'
184/0114 August 2001Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
Sony Computer Entertainment - Speedster 2, Playstation, legs with shredded clothing lying on stained carpet.
185/0114 August 2001Holeproof
Holeproof - Love Kylie lingerie.
186/0114 August 2001Foundation for Human Development
Foundation for Human Development - Abortion and breast cancer
187/0114 August 2001Hasbro Australia Ltd
Hasbro - 'Twister' - 'Primates'
189/0114 August 2001Southern Independent Liquor Groups Aust Ltd
Southern Independent Liquor - Pubstop - 2 ads - 'golf clubs' and 'dog/pugs'
190/0114 August 2001Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - 4WD range - Challenger/Triton/Pajero - canoeist
191/0114 August 2001Australian Unity Health Ltd
Australian Unity Health - Smart Start - 'Zipper' - tough guy enters on man using urinal, latter has trouble zipping fly. "Will he need physio? Dental? Chiro?"
192/0114 August 2001Canon Australia Pty Ltd
Canon - MV430i digital video camera - camera in man's sock
193/0114 August 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Rav 4 - Kung Fu
194/0114 August 2001EMAP Australia Pty Ltd
Emap - 'New Woman' - sperm and egg - 'Sh*t'
196/0114 August 2001Kosciusko Thredbo Pty Ltd
Kosciusko Thredbo - naked woman - green mouth, blue nipples, black pubic hair
197/0114 August 2001Novartis Consumer Health A/asia Pty Ltd
Novartis Consumer Health - Jarrah Just Add Water Hot Chocolate - nun
198/0114 August 2001Sexpo Pty Ltd Sexpo
199/0114 August 2001Pittwater Real Estate
Pittwater Real Estate - 2 little girls wearing make up and false breasts
200/0114 August 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Camry Wagon - ' Rugby' - mother tackles player at school football match
201/0114 August 2001Seven Network Ltd (i7)
Seven Network - i7 - woman cleans toilet with man's toothbrush
203/0114 August 2001Frontier Touring Co
Frontier Touring - Eminem concerts
204/0114 August 2001McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Happy Meals - Action Man and Betty Spaghetti
205/0114 August 2001GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline - Panadol Gel Tabs - 'and you can drop 3 dress sizes in just two weeks!'