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Results for December 2001

301/0111 December 2001Streets Ice Cream
Unilever - Streets - Magnum - Strawberry Blonde Magnum Cone - naked woman licks pixelled cone
313/0111 December 2001Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - MobileNet - John Farnham/Glenn Wheatley series - lies
314/0111 December 2001Carter Holt Harvey Tissue Aust Pty Ltd
Carter Holt Harvey - Sorbent Extra Thick - boy locks himself in loo
316/0111 December 2001Godings
Godings - Echo - child with mechanical saw
317/0111 December 2001Erotic Nights Adult Centre
Erotic Nights - 'Do you smoke after sex?'
318/0111 December 2001Crane Aluminium Systems
Crane Aluminium - Amplimesh - 2 ads - 'Keep out unwanted pests' and 'Pest protection for summer'
319/0111 December 2001Burger King Aust Pty Ltd
Burger King - Xtreme Bacon & Cheese Whopper and Coke - psychotherapy - 'We know what you want'
320/0111 December 2001Checkmates
Checkmates - sketch of woman wearing knickers, hands over breasts
321/0111 December 2001Shock Records
Shock Records (ACP Publishing 's Ralph) - 'Great St of Hits' - Imogen Bailey
322/0111 December - 'For Great Sex'
324/0111 December 2001Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets - Magnum - Strawberry Blonde Magnum Cone - schoolteacher licks man's hand
325/0111 December 2001Universal Music Aust Ltd
Universal Music - Afroman - 'The Good Times' - 'Because I Got High'
327/0111 December 2001City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne - woman in club grabs man's buttocks
330/0111 December 2001Furniture One Co-op Ltd
Furniture One - Sleep Lab - forklift
331/0111 December 2001Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd
Oporto - 'Share Your Food' - couple kissing
332/0111 December 2001Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - 'Catherine'
333/0111 December 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Hilux - 'Bugger' - runaway vehicle and baby eating ice cream.
334/0111 December 2001Ricegrowers' Co-operative Ltd Inc NSW
Ricegrowers' Co-op - SunRice - 2 ads - Tortilla Sensations Red Chilli (eye drops) and Flamin' BBQ (coal on buttocks)
336/0111 December 2001FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
FOXTEL - children explode shed
338/0111 December 2001Colonnade Centre Management The
Colonnade Centre Management- woman in bikini lying on back, knees bent
339/0111 December 2001Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan - X-Trail 4WD - croquet - 581 circular letters received
340/0111 December 2001Mitre 10 (Australia) Pty Ltd
Mitre 10 - funeral scene and fountain
341/0111 December 2001United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - UDL- 'Heat' - don’t leave cans in the car