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Results for February 2001

1/0113 February 2001Freedom Furniture Ltd
Freedom Furniture - burial of sofa
10/0113 February 2001Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - Jay Jays - theft - 3 ads
12/0113 February 2001Carter Holt Harvey Tissue Aust Pty Ltd
Carter Holt Harvey - Wet Handee Clean-Ups
15/0113 February 2001AAPT Ltd
AAPT - SmartChat - screeching 'mate'
16/0113 February 2001Glenfords Tool Centres
Glenfords Tool Centres - - Jeff Thomson - bleeped out word
17/0113 February 2001LG Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
LG Electronics - Jet Cooling Air Conditioner - 15-seconder
19/0113 February 2001Boots Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Boots - UV Triplegard Sunscreen
2/0113 February 2001GE Lighting Aust Ltd
GE Lighting - nurse and doctor
20/0113 February 2001Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Pine O Cleen - males make mess, female cleans up
21/0113 February 2001Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Carefree G-string panty liners
22/0113 February 2001Nestle Ice Cream
Nestle - Peters Drumstick Gold/Drumstick Gold - Lemon Cheesecake Flavour
23/0113 February 2001Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
Beiersdorf - Nivea Body Moisturising Spray/Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray
24/0113 February 2001Plant Liquidators
Plant Liquidators - 'As hot as an Arab armpit'
3/0113 February 2001The Planet Hotel
Planet Hotel (The) - sex
345/0013 February 2001Anoger Automobiles Pty Ltd
Anoger Automobiles - TATA Truck - 'Not for pussies'
352/0013 February 2001Pacific Service Centres
Pacific Service Centres - mature woman driver makes 2-finger gesture
353/0013 February 2001Mildara Blass Ltd
Mildara Blass - Red Shiraz
355/0013 February 2001Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan - 200 SX
356/0013 February 2001YSL Beaute Australia Pty Ltd
YSL Beaute - Opium-Sophie Dahl lying naked clasping breast, with legs open
359/0013 February 2001Tigerlily Swimwear
Tigerlily - evangelists - young man and woman in underwear
360/0013 February 2001Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter - Kayser 'waterballoon' bra
361/0013 February 2001TradeTools (Qld) Pty Ltd
TradeTools (Qld) - women in bikinis showing breasts
362/0013 February 2001Hoolihan's Lawyers
Hoolihan's Lawyers - Not Guilty
363/0013 February 2001John Danks & Son Pty Ltd
John Danks & Son's Home Hardware - helium gas
364/0013 February 2001Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot - Leggo Stir Through Sauces - Italian speaking Gough Whitlam
365/0013 February 2001Freedom Furniture Ltd
Freedom Furniture - Santa Claus
367/0013 February 2001Estee Lauder Group of Companies
Estee Lauder Group - DKNY fragrance - couple in city
368/0013 February 2001Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Twentieth Century Fox - 'What Lies Beneath'
369/0013 February 2001Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnott's - Tim Tams - cushion over genitals
370/0013 February 2001Melmusic
Melmusic - Cartoon -naked women dressed as Santa and reindeer
371/0013 February 2001Bellesa
Bellesa - logo
372/0013 February - Scotsman
373/0013 February 2001Roads & Traffic Authority
Roads & Traffic Authority - 'Summer Holiday'
374/0013 February 2001Bartesa Pty Ltd
Bartesa Pty Ltd - Weeman Little Boy's Toilet Trainer
375/0013 February 2001None
Kemalda - Rodney Rude - 'Ya' Mums Bum' - 'You come too quick'
376/0013 February 2001Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore - Mark Skaife talking about control provided by anti-lock braking system.
377/0013 February 2001Douwe Egberts Australia
Douwe Egberts - Moccona Coffee
378/0013 February 2001Montezuma's Mexican Restaurants
Montezuma's Restaurant - 'The Last Supper'
379/0013 February 2001Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - man and woman in bath
380/0013 February 2001Personalised Plates Queensland
Personalised Plates Qld - 'Twiggy'
381/0013 February 2001None
NetRegistry - 'We've Got You Covered' - Condom
382/0013 February 2001Macquarie Unversity - Sydney
Macquarie University - Advising Day
41/0113 February 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Landcruiser 78 - man shaving in vehicle
5/0113 February 2001Collins Foods Group Pty Ltd
Collins Foods Group - Sizzler - 'Working Mum'
6/0113 February 2001Collins Foods Group Pty Ltd
Collins Foods Group - Sizzler - 'Kids'
7/0113 February 2001Columbian Cola Drink Company
Columbian Cola Drink Co - sexy girl
8/0113 February 2001Hagemeyer Lifesyle Brands (Aust) Pty Ltd
Hagemeyer Lifestyle - Polaroid - female streaker
9/0113 February 2001Schweppes Cottee's
Schweppes Cottee's - Solo - Bin Surfin' - male jogger gets thirsty and rides green wheelie bin down hill and gulps Solo in one hit