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Results for July 2001

150/0110 July 2001Groupe SEB Aust Pty Ltd
Groupe SEB - Avantis Iron by Tefal - iron with life of its own flattens cat
151/0110 July 2001Nintendo Australia Pty Limited
Nintendo - Conkers bad fur day
152/0110 July 2001Konica Australia Pty Ltd
Konica Australia - attractive female office worker describes photocopier to male colleagues
153/0110 July 2001Dolce Pelle Pty Ltd
Dolce Pelle - Sugaring - naked couple
154/0110 July 2001Australian Ballet The
Australian Ballet - 'Tivoli'
155/0110 July 2001Novartis Consumer Health A/asia Pty Ltd
Novartis Consumer Health - Jarrah Café Latte - transvestite
156/0110 July 2001Samsung Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
Samsung - Joystick Phone - bikini-clad woman - 'Joystick: Just out.'
158/0110 July 2001Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union - The Pier
160/0110 July 2001Australian Therapeutic Supplies Pty Ltd
Australian Therapeutic Supplies - Four Seasons condoms - 3 full, vertical condoms
161/0110 July 2001Aventis Pharma Pty Ltd
Aventis Pharma - Telfast Decongestant- man picking his nose and woman looking on
162/0110 July 2001Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Magna - People in vehicle having a 'fun time' and driver rocking to loud music.
164/0110 July 2001Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - "malfunction in his engine room"
165/0110 July 2001Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - Catalogue insert in newspapers - Woman with bare bum seated in front of wardrobe with two men dressing.
166/0110 July 2001All-Fect Distributors Ltd
All-Fect Distributors - Bon-o-Bon Chocolates - 'Border Crossing'
167/0110 July 2001Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot - Four n' Twenty Pies - 'Rabbit Food'
168/0110 July 2001RACQ
RACQ - (1) Dad imitates son's driving (2)wife car breaks down (3)boat accident (4) topiary tree (5) doorbell sounds like car horn (6) backseat behaviour by sons (7) mature couple(8) chihauhau with vet bucket on head
172/0110 July 2001Nintendo Australia Pty Limited
Nintendo - Gameboy - chanting Satanists