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Results for May 2001

100/018 May 2001Triumph International (Aust) Pty Ltd
Triumph - 'All Women - All Woman' series - 1 ad: 'A bra with easy access. Isn't that what got you into this in the first place?'
102/018 May 2001Nova 969 Pty Ltd
Nova 969 - 96.9 FM - woman spanks naked man
103/018 May 2001Nestle Chilled Dairy
Nestle - Chilled Dairy - ACTIV yogurt - 'Yum'
107/018 May 2001L J Hooker Ltd
L J Hooker - 'Have you seen this little girl?'
108/018 May 2001Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore SS sedan - speed as an 'escape' for young male driver
109/018 May 2001Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynx Bodyspray ('Ideal Woman')
112/018 May 2001Francis Street Apartments
Francis Street Apartments - Lumina - woman sitting in armchair
113/018 May 2001Kolotex Aust Pty Ltd
Kolotex - Wicked - woman lying on stomach with raised legs
83/018 May 2001Streets Ice Cream
Unilever - Streets - Magnum - condom
84/018 May 2001adidas Australia Pty Ltd
adidas - 'Auskick' - cat - AFL involvement
85/018 May 2001PAN TV Ltd
PAN TV - World Movies - knickerless dancer cartwheels before 'Marquise'
86/018 May 2001Nestle Confectionery
Nestle - ACTIV - woman's head with dissected body of mannequin
87/018 May 2001Key Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
Key Pharmaceuticals - Blistex - naked couple on 'lips' lounge
89/018 May 2001MPS Security Australia
MPS Security Australia
91/018 May 2001Red Rooster
Red Rooster - Little Red Rooster - Barbie/Hot Wheels Promotion
92/018 May 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - LandCruiser - 'Battle of the Elements' - 'bloody weather'
93/018 May 2001Watling Roche Lawyers
Watling Roche Lawyers - Thank God we're on your side
94/018 May 2001Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - man lets woman fall as they dance
95/018 May 2001Francis Street Apartments
Francis Street Apartments - Lumina - woman with plastic bag over head
96/018 May 2001Kemalda Entertainment Pty Ltd
Kemalda - Rodney Rude - 'Ya' Mum's Bum' - NZ sheep's tongues and large condom
97/018 May 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Camry - 'Ramp' - pixel man/roof skating/frisbee in mouth
98/018 May 2001Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Icon Clothing - Golf Punk - '19th'
99/018 May 2001Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
Aurora Energy - man says 'Poop' on receipt of his Aurora a/c