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Results for November 2001

239/019 November 2001James Cook University
James Cook University
264/0113 November 2001FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
FOXTEL - FOX Footy Channel - 2 ads - footballer at confessional (3) and Pope's head on referee (1)
265/0113 November 2001Pacific Access Pty Ltd
Pacific Access - - 'Visit 40 pubs in your lunch hour.'
266/0113 November 2001Peters & Brownes Group
Peters & Brownes - Choc Chill - building site
268/0113 November 2001Australian Family Association
Australian Family Assoc - 'Wanted - Your teenage son'
269/0113 November 2001Bayer Australia Ltd
Bayer - Pluravit - man's head in sandpit
270/0113 November 2001Sussan Corp (Aust) Pty Ltd
Sussan - woman covering breasts with arms - 'topless?'
271/0113 November 2001Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - 'I don't know if I'll last that long'
272/0113 November 2001Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Pfizer - erectile dysfunction campaign
275/0113 November 2001Look
Look - Riki Nathan - naked woman wearing high heel sandals
276/0113 November 2001Outdoor Furniture Specialists The
Outdoor Furniture Specialists - woman poolside with tresses covering nipple
277/0113 November 2001ABC Décor
ABC Décor - 'Imagine this child being raped or murdered'
278/0113 November 2001Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Maori
279/0113 November 2001McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - children's sport on Saturday
281/0113 November 2001Jaguar Australia
Jaguar - naked, crouched woman with jaguar printed body
282/0113 November 2001Holeproof
Holeproof - Rio - two women in underwear on beach appeal to men
283/0113 November 2001Ricegrowers' Co-operative Ltd Inc NSW
Ricegrowers' Co-op - SunRice Flavoured Rices - boy unjustly punished
284/0113 November 2001Orlando Wyndham Group Pty Ltd
Orlando Wyndham - Clan Campbell
285/0113 November 2001Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
Red Bull - 'gives you wings' - TV reporter entangled in mike cord; Adam & Eve; men rowing boar to slow drum; prisoner flies out of jail after drinking Red Bull
286/0113 November 20013M Aust Pty Ltd
3M - Nexcare Tattoo Bandages - boys and dinosaurs
287/0113 November 2001TEAC Aust Pty Ltd
TEAC - 2 ads - Reference 100 'Personally, I prefer small' and Reference 300 'Seriously well equipped' and Micro Systems
288/0113 November 2001Australian Therapeutic Supplies Pty Ltd
Australian Therapeutic Supplies - Four Seasons Condoms - Glow in Dark
289/0113 November 2001Hot & Air
Hot & Air - naked running man
290/0113 November 2001Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnott's - Kettle Chips - elderly man obtains crisps by deception
291/0113 November 2001Packard Bell Aust Pty Ltd
Packard Bell - NEC Verser Computer - 'piss him off'
292/0113 November 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Celica- 'Hold on tight' - car in centre of road
293/0113 November 2001Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - young man at toilet says, 'They've got a better package than me'
294/0113 November 2001Victorian Smoking and Health Program
Victorian Smoking and Health Program - man in hospital, wife and daughter visiting
295/0113 November 2001Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Vodafone Network - No Plans - 'bollocks'
296/0113 November 2001Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot - Leggo Stir Through Sauces - Italian-speaking Kerri-Ann Kennerley
297/0113 November 2001Naturopathica
Naturopathica - Horny Goat Weed - Devil horns on 'H' of large-type headline reading 'Get Horny' - man and woman in sexual position
298/0113 November 2001Burger King Aust Pty Ltd
Burger King - Chicken Deluxe - 'Give her one'
300/0113 November 2001Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - Integra - Is racing in your blood?
302/0113 November 2001Calvin Klein Underwear
Calvin Klein Underwear
304/0113 November 2001Red Rooster
Red Rooster - Parmigiana Flayva - bully/thief
307/0113 November 2001Club Filter
Club Filter - man with penis-inflating apparatus
308/0113 November 2001Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd
Stuart Alexander - Campino Strawberries & Cream - sweets offered by strangers
309/0113 November 2001Geraldton Blinds and Curtains
Geraldton Blinds and Curtains - peeping tom
310/0113 November 2001AXA Australia Health Insurance Pty Ltd
AXA Australia - HBA/Mutual Community - young man with protruding teeth
311/0113 November 2001National Australia Bank Ltd
National Australia Bank - Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation
312/0113 November 2001Australian Polish Review
Australian Polish Review - planes into World Trade Centre
315/0113 November 2001MLC Ltd
MLC - train driver stops shots of platform and passengers alighting fall onto the tracks - driver is too engrossed in managing his investments on the phone