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Results for September 2001

206/0111 September - head and shoulder shot of woman holding mobile phone
208/0111 September 2001Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Ltd
Plumbers' Supplies - 'Get your water works up to scratch'
209/0111 September 2001Joyce Meyer Minsitries
Joyce Meyer Ministries - 'God will heal you everywhere you hurt!'
211/0111 September 2001Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - bras - 'We're big in push-up bras'
212/0111 September 2001Bendigo Air Bus Services
Bendigo Air Bus Services - 'crazy women/Melbourne drivers'
213/0111 September 2001Cunningham's Warehouse Sales Pty Ltd
Cunningham's - bras described as 'flopper stoppers'/'finger' gestures/'Cunno's'
214/0111 September 2001Cunningham's Warehouse Sales Pty Ltd
Cunningham's - cat in bag
215/0111 September 2001United International Pictures Pty
United International - 'Bridget Jones's Diary'
216/0111 September 2001T D Waterhouse Investor Services Ltd
T D Waterhouse - Investor Services - Cursing and Blasphemy
217/0111 September 2001STA Travel Pty Ltd
STA Travel - Israeli/Arab image with firearm slung over shoulder
218/0111 September 2001Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Avalon - driver skids car to stop using handbrake.
219/0111 September 2001Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smith's Snackfood - Twisties Hot Shots (hotshot kills driver and bus veers off road)
220/0111 September 2001Panasonic (Aust) Pty Ltd
Panasonic - Digital Still Camera (b&w three young women wearing bras flashing at camera)
221/0111 September 2001Red Rooster
Red Rooster - 1/2 chicken & chips
222/0111 September 2001Medical Benefits Fund of Australia Ltd
Medical Benefits Fund - bouncing bed and husband groping wife's bottom
223/0111 September 2001Tax Power
Taxpower - 'advertising their services like a prostitute'
224/0111 September 2001Sabre Corporation Pty Ltd
Sabre Corporation - Fudge cosmetics booklet
225/0111 September 2001Hugo Boss Aust Pty Ltd
Hugo Boss - Image of young girl holding hand out to older man seated
226/0111 September 2001LPG Auto Power
LPG Auto Power - 'Still too good to refuse!'
227/0111 September 2001Reece Pty Ltd
Reece - man seated on lavatory
228/0111 September 2001United Distillers & Vintners (Aust.) Ltd
United Distillers - UDL - Stuffed Aust fauna as household goods and cats in bag
229/0111 September 2001Land Rover Australia
Land Rover - Defender - 'The World's Best 4X4s on Show'
231/0111 September 2001First One Imports Pty Ltd
First One Imports - 'Car Dealer Shot'
233/0111 September 2001Cancer Foundation of Western Australia Inc
Cancer Foundation of WA - Target 15 - surgeon exposes and dissects lung
234/0111 September 2001Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - 'slow down by 5 kph'
235/0111 September 2001SA TAB Pty Ltd
SA TAB - 'Dad' in underwear reclines, legs spread, on lounge, drink in hand
236/0111 September 2001Cottons Pty Ltd
Cottons - woman mouths the words 'period/s' and 'vagina'