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Results for December 2002

277/0210 December 2002La Famiglia Fine Foods Pty Ltd
La Famiglia - Garlic Bread - grandmother steals last piece of bread with long tongue.
279/0210 December 2002Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Pajero 4WD - speeding across gravel roads "Spirited cars for spirited people"
280/0210 December 2002Saab Automobile Australia Pty Ltd
Saab - silver car passes bus on wrong side of road.
285/0210 December 2002S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Raid - toddlers playing with toys slapping each other and laughing as they try to kill insects buzzing round them
286/0210 December 2002Goodman Fielder Baking Australia
Goodman Fielder - Helga's Traditional Bakehouse - "Is the bread Helga's?" French waiter lifts top of sandwich.
287/0210 December 2002Swift & Moore Pty Ltd
Swift & Moore - Canadian Club Whisky - man playing golf on frozen land loses ball when a seal jumps through ice hole and takes ball - Man goes to get it back, and mate says 'Want to borrow my club?'
288/0210 December 2002Yamaha Motor Aust Pty Ltd
Yamaha Motors - off road motorcycles and ATVs performing stunts and speeding along trail, doing "donuts".
289/0210 December 2002Zapf Creation (Australia) Pty Ltd
Zapf Creation - 'Baby Born' - focus on girls - changing doll's nappy, feeds and takes to potty
290/0210 December 2002Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - MX5/Mazda 6 - three cars in line.
292/0210 December 2002Shriro Australia Pty Ltd
Shriro - Casio watches - man bribes woman to remove top in street.
293/0210 December 2002Shriro Australia Pty Ltd
Shriro - Casio watches - man bribes woman to remove top in bar.
294/0210 December 2002Goodman Fielder Limited
Goodman Fielder - Uncle Toby's - Fruit Twists - Grant Hackett eats Twist then corkscrews his body to the shap of the bar, before diving into the pool and swimming
295/0210 December 2002Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Falcon Utility - group of men singing: 'A billion bottles of beer in the ute '.
297/0210 December 2002Sara Lee Apparel Group
Sara Lee Apparel - Wonderbra - woman wearing bra with text 'I've got a big future in front of me'.
298/0210 December 2002Sara Lee Apparel Group
Sara Lee Apparel - Wonderbra - woman wearing bra and defiant look 'Stop following me'.
299/0210 December 2002Women's Policy Office WA
Women's Policy Office WA - Freedom from Fear - 2 ads - anti-domestic violence campaign - (1) man talking to his mirrored reflection and (2)man in garage/workshop cuts hand and kicks in anger - sound of argument, broken furniture, woman crying
300/0210 December 2002Ella Bache
Ella Bache - 'Add some colour to what you wear this summer' - side view of woman in skin-coloured body suit.
301/0210 December 2002Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore Utility - 'Crop circles' helicopters and news crews viewing scene - amused man leaning on bonnet of car
302/0210 December 2002Sheldon & Hammond Pty Ltd
Sheldon & Hammond - Zippo - man relights torch on Statue of Liberty with cigarette lighter
303/0210 December 2002Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynx - man puts fish in mouth to attract woman. Voiceover "Black tipped seagull seduces the female by filling his mouth with fish
304/0210 December 2002Tattersall's Hobart Aquatic Centre
Tattersall's Hobart Aquatic Centre - swimwear modelled by children.
305/0210 December 2002Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - Bravo - man leaves dog behind and drives off in Bravo.
306/0210 December 2002Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Telstra SMS - man watching TV won't answer phone - girl does, and finds it's him on mobile - he says "While you're up, can you change the channel?"
307/0210 December 2002Jaguar Australia
Jaguar - 'James Bond' XK Jaguar being driven at speed on ice (aka Die Another Day"