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Results for February 2002

1/0212 February 2002Mike's Hard Lemonade Co
Mike's Hard Lemonade - 2 ads - man feeding fish to dolphin, who bites off his hand "Does it sting?"; lumberjack chops off his foot by accident
10/0212 February 2002Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - 2 ads - (1)choir singing national anthem, with lamb chop bounces over words; (2) lamb chop on BBQ, national anthem, and voiceovers commenting on Aussies disagreeing on certain issues
11/0212 February 2002World Vision Australia
World Vision - child (Chafule in Mozambique) kills rats to eat, compared with (Basazin in Ethiopia) who is sponsored by WV - "What's your world vision for the new year?"
12/0212 February 2002Seagram Pacific
Seagram Pacific - Chivas Regal - 'cut-out' image of female - 'If only they were this simple'
13/0212 February 2002Barbeques Galore (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Barbeques Galore - blindfolded man led towards "surprise" bbq. "I'm glad you didn't get me a chainsaw"
14/0212 February 2002Peerless Activewear
Peerless Activewear - reclining woman wearing jersey but with naked buttocks
15/0212 February 2002Columbia TriStar Films Pty Ltd
Columbia TriStar Films - 'Thirteen Ghosts'
16/0212 February 2002AAPT Ltd
AAPT- SmartChat - man talking to work experience girl, prompting her so she gets the job
17/0212 February 2002Lois Lane Shoes
Lois Lane Shoes - woman uses mobile phone while driving and litters road
18/0212 February 2002Technology works (Australia)
Technology works - women in underwear offering computers "Prices are sexy"
2/0212 February 2002Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Corolla - three cars driving dangerously thru paddocks and round tractor, halting just short of two cows
20/0212 February 2002AWB Photo & Film Company
AWB Photo & Film - 'Shoot your kids for Christmas'
22/0212 February 2002Seeley International
Seeley International - Breezair - children jump on furniture
23/0212 February 2002Digital Audio Group
Digital Audio Group - copulating couple - 'DB dynamics loudspeakers really get you pumping'
24/0212 February 2002PAN TV Ltd
PAN TV - World Movies - 'Shout Out' - 'Bored stiff with regular television?'
25/0212 February 2002Experko
Experko - Deeko Serviettes - boy about to say, 'knackers', is muffled by product
27/0212 February 2002KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - Sportage/Spectra/Rio - 'No deposit and no repayments' - woman's head covered by placard - 'What else do you need?'
28/0212 February 2002KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - Rio - wind machine blows woman off-screen - 'What else do you need?'
29/0212 February 2002KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - Spectra - woman on bonnet of car - 'What else do you need?'
3/0212 February 2002Australian Laser Clinic Pty Ltd The
Australian Laser Clinic - woman in bra embracing man with hairy back, with expression of displeasure; "after" shots of her smiling when man has hairless back
32/0212 February 2002Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - Long Shorts - 'That's really long, mate'
33/0212 February 2002Sabrands Pty Ltd
Sabrands - Punch & Juicy - 'Mr Thirsty'
34/0212 February 2002Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - CRV - Rural 4WD - woman "L" driver swerves into bush to avoid tortoise
35/0212 February 2002Festival Mushroom Records
Festival Mushroom Records - Kylie Minogue wearing revealing outfits promoting her new album
36/0212 February 2002Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - Bras - Sarah O'Hare 'boasting' that ad is permitted on TV
37/0212 February 2002FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
FOXTEL - Summer television campaign - 'Kung Fu Lesbian Space Massacre 3' - "where the alien's face gets eaten by cockroaches"
38/0212 February 2002Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd
Toshiba - 'The new pocket PC revealed' - woman with product in pocket of translucent jeans
39/0212 February 2002Environment Protection Authority
Environment Protection Authority - Litter Prevention campaign - 'Don't be a tosser'
40/0212 February 2002SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL - Saturn by Durex condoms - sperm blocked by condom - 'Saturn condoms by Durex for one hundred million reasons'
41/0212 February 2002Ford Dealer Advertising Fund
Ford Dealer Advertising Fund - compressed air distorts face of racing driver
42/0212 February 2002Subaru (Aust) Pty Ltd
Subaru - All-Wheel Drive system - Demonstrator Clearance - vehicles curve between people rather than witches' hats
43/0212 February 2002Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets - Magnum - 'Basic Instinct' take-off (TV) - woman sits astride man on bed then reaches for a knife, striking chocolate coating on ice cream
44/0212 February 2002MasterCard Worldwide
MasterCard International - Priceless Promotional campaign - 'The Lord of the Rings'
5/0212 February 2002LVMH Watch & Jewellery Aust Pty Ltd
LVMH Watch & Jewellery - Christian Dior Watches - cartoon-style fist wearing a Dior watch, hitting a jaw
7/0212 February 2002J Boag & Son Brewing Pty Ltd
J Boag & Sons - James Boag's Premium Lager - woman on stairs, legs apart revealing underwear - 'Who is James Boag?'
8/0212 February 2002Maxxium Australia Pty Ltd
Maxxium - Jim Beam - 4 ads - (1) man changing TV channel for Ally McBeal;(2) man vacuums floor in front of woman on lounge; (3) man orders salad while friends order steaks; (4) man speaks to camera about his new lifestyle then jumps into pool