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Results for June 2002

104/0211 June 2002Land Rover Australia
Land Rover - Discovery "Spear" - man in river fly-fishing, another man naked, carries a spear. "Been anywhere interesting lately?" Landrover travelling through water'
105/0211 June 2002Land Rover Australia
Land Rover - Discovery "Jogger" - jogging man stops to drip water from leaf into his mouth "Been anywhere interesting lately?
109/0211 June 2002Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - Western Cord - man undresses girl, unbottons shirt then jeans, button flies off jeans and shatters bottles and jar
110/0211 June 2002Caltex Australia Ltd
Caltex - elderly woman pulling trolly which seems to be squeaking - staff member offers to oil her wheels, then we find it's her joints that are squeaking'
126/0211 June 2002Elgas Ltd
Elgas - hot water brochure - mother with towel approaching child playing with plastic ducks under the shower
128/0211 June 2002Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
Super Cheap Auto - 'Gee / Jeez that's cheap' comments, as store asst shows products
129/0211 June 2002Nova 100
Nova 100 - naked man bending over, being smacked on bum with paddle wielded by woman - sounds of metal being hit "Sounds different"
130/0211 June 2002B Clear and Simple
B Clear and Simple - Cleaner - 'You don't have to be a brain surgeon'.
131/0211 June 2002Primus Telecommunications (Aust) Pty Ltd
Primus Telecom - male at football game abusing umpire - "the football isn't the only place to have a chaep conversation.
133/0211 June 2002ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
ACP Publishing - Cosmopolitan - sound of woman having orgasm, then it's revealed her sex partner is "Jessica". "Bi sexual sex confessions….in this month's Cosmo".
134/0211 June 2002Prestige Auto Traders Balmain
Prestige Auto Traders - baby boy apparently playing with genitalia but with logo obscuring view - 'Looking for a new toy?'
135/0211 June 2002Kolotex Aust Pty Ltd
Kolotex - Kicks - woman walking and dancing around house taking off her shioes and clothes, and lastly taking off her stockings and throwing them to her male partner.
136/0211 June 2002Australian Business Telephone Company
Australian Business Telephone Company - woman wearing headset, leaning forward exposing cleavage - 'I can give you what you want'.
137/0211 June 2002Snack Brands Australia
Snack Brands - CCs Corn Chips - sumo wrestlers - excited spectator rushes to ring and bites one on the shoulder "Taste something big"
138/0211 June 2002Triumph International (Aust) Pty Ltd
Triumph - waist-up photo of woman wearing bra 'Womanly, Worldly Wild. (So is the bra All Women. All Woman"
140/0211 June 2002Castle Hill Mitsubishi
Castle Hill Mitsubishi - photos of man exercising, a woman in underwear, and a bare-breasted woman (nipples not exposed)
141/0211 June 2002Kayser Hosiery Australia
Kayser Hosiery - Razzamatazz - pink poodle straddles woman's leg and is kicked off.
142/0211 June 2002Energex Limited
Energex - "Is there a killer in your home?" Woman viewing lineup to identify killer among faulty electrical appliances
143/0211 June 2002Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - 'SMS for sweet FA'
144/0211 June 2002Aurias Diamonds
Aurias Diamonds - man on knee proposing to woman, but as she's disappointed with the ring offered she slaps him in disgust "Don't just give any diamond."
146/0211 June 2002Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - Taco Bell - "Fancy a little Mexican?"