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Results for March 2002

45/0212 March 2002Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - 'Excuses' - man driving 75kph in 60kph zone - woman holds dead child hit by speeding car "She doesn't want your excuses"
46/0212 March 2002Aussie Home Loans
Aussie Home Loans - owner of Aussie, driving, looks sideways and says, 'At Aussie, we save yer'
48/0212 March 2002Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd
Virgin Blue Airlines - man urinating in public toilet - mobile rings, so another man answers it for him
50/0212 March 2002Roche Products Pty Ltd
Roche - Obesity Consumer Awareness Campaign - Xenical - doctor referred to as "he"
51/0212 March 2002Maverick
Maverick - scantily clothed women on motorcycles
52/0212 March 2002Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - NSX/Integra/S2000/Civic - F1 race cars intercut with road cars "F1 technology screaming to get out. Honda the power of dreams"
53/0212 March 2002Storm Masters Pty Ltd
Storm Masters - speaking on telephone during storm despite Telstra's warnings
54/0212 March 2002Peters & Brownes Group
Peters & Brownes - Connoisseur ice cream - man with naked torso - 'You'll never go back.'
55/0212 March 2002Holden Ltd
Holden - Monaro - computer game - "The Monaro is back" and "Game Over"car negotiating bends, tunnel, bridge and passing Australian landmarks
56/0212 March 2002Wrigley Co Pty Ltd The
Wrigley - PK - girls feign difficulties in swimming pool to attract lifesavers "Your breath stinks. You need PK"
57/0212 March 2002Lexus Australia
Lexus Australia - SC430 - convertible attracts young woman to older man "He's witty, charming, smart, really smart, knows a lot about music & art, incredably kind & generous, adventurous, sensitive, & sexy - man of my dreams" Caption "She's lying"
58/0212 March 2002Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola - men riding camels in desert and carrying surfboards
59/0212 March 2002Rajon Music Group Pty Ltd The
Rajon - 'Comedy Songs for the Aussie Bloke' CD - 'piss yourself laughing'
60/0212 March 2002Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Roadshow - "Harry Potter and the Philospopher's Stone" - 'bloody'
63/0212 March 2002Australian Grand Prix Corporation
Australian Grand Prix Corp - 2002 Foster's Australian Grand Prix - 2 ads - 'Grand Prix is God' and 'There's a place where it always rains on the fourth day'
64/0212 March 2002GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline - NicabateCQ- cricketers watching local game, one giving up smoking and showing a patch on his arm. When his turn comes, he grabs a groin protector and says "You can never have enough protection"
65/0212 March 2002Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - butchers chanting and passing out leaflets aka Hare Krishna 'Red Meat. Feel Good.'
66/0212 March 2002LG Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
LG Electronics - man knocks soccer ball from under youth sitting on it
67/0212 March 2002Energy Australia
Energy Australia - man stands on phone book to make himself taller, then tries milk crate, then ladder - answers door to see short man from EA
68/0212 March 2002Riverview Service Centre Pty Ltd
Riverview Service Centre - 'Seen the "Dykes" at the Riverview Service Centre lately???' Owners are Keith & Phil Dyke
69/0212 March 2002McLernon's Commercial Trading Co
McLernon's - 'No Wuckers!' Offers ex-govt furniture
71/0212 March 2002Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain - 'Mother of a Job' - woman giving birth, various scenes of boy growing up. Nutrician speaking from inside pantry, mum closes door on her. Iron Man Food
74/0212 March 2002Unilever Australasia
Unilever - SunSilk - Maximum Shine shampoo - woman comments in head about another woman's hair. Sees hairdresser Joh Bailey "I like the look of him. I wonder if he's. Joh says "Yeah, sorry, I am"