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Results for May 2002

100/0214 May 2002Kayser Hosiery Australia
Kayser Hosiery - Platinum 'Victory for Legs' - woman on back with legs in air in shape of V
101/0214 May 2002LG International Corp.
LG International - 'Super Enz' - laundry detergent - man asks "how hard can it be to throw clothing into washing machine?" Man then chased by angry women
103/0214 May 2002Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - Product Directory 1/02 - jumper clad male playing cards - back of card shows woman removing her own jumper
106/0214 May 2002Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Milky Bar Kid points gun at Dastardly Dick after he's been through booby traps
108/0214 May 2002The Berlei Group
Berlei - Wonderbra - smiling female model wearing low-cut bra 'Yes, they're real'
113/0214 May 2002IKEA
IKEA - mother pleased at child washing up till she sees what goes in the sink - includes laptop computer
114/0214 May 2002The Berlei Group
Berlei - wonderbra - close up of woman wearing low cut bra - 'Get lost, boys'
116/0214 May 2002L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
L'Oreal - Maybelline - Wet Shine Lipstick - in Barbie magazine for young girls
117/0214 May 2002The Myer Centre
Myer Centre (The) - Winter Fashions - scantily-clad woman in rural setting with red coloured clothing at her feet
118/0214 May 2002Berri Ltd
Berri Ltd - Australian Fresh Plus - fruit juice with calcium - man asks children if they've got enough OJ "Why bother?" then shows his mouth fill of missing and rotten teeth
119/0214 May 2002Devine Limited
Devine Ltd - Casino Towers - couple drinking coffee on balcony
121/0214 May 2002Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Kit Kat - 'The biggest finger yet'.
122/0214 May 2002Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Limited
Boehringer Ingelheim - Buscopan - talking navels discussing merits of Buscopan
124/0214 May 2002OPSM Pty Ltd
OPSM - Rimless unisex frames - waist up photo of bespectacled woman with hands covering breasts 'Barely there'
125/0214 May 2002Macquarie Unversity - Sydney
Macquarie University - Postgraduate degrees - woman slumped over desk, with knife protruding from back. "There's another way to get the job you want"
98/0214 May 2002Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Austar - Super 12 Rugby - coach berating football team in locker room at halftime, camera pans back to see it's a team of small boys "Take your rugby seriously?"
99/0214 May 2002Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Austar - family playing football in park - elderly man knocked to ground - "Take your League seriously?"