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Results for February 2003

03/0311 February 2003Electronic Arts Inc.
Electronic Arts - 'Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2' - game featuring two youths enticing police to chase them by urinating on police car.
11/0311 February 2003Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Mortein - Fly says 'Jeez'.
12/0311 February 2003KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - Rio - Woman selects car keys from bowl.
14/0311 February 2003Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Carefree Tampons - image of woman with highlighted square over breasts.
22/0311 February 2003Grosby Footwear
Grosby - children's shoes - children in military camp.
309/0211 February 2003Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Triton Ute - med admiring Ute saying 'Ken Beauty'
312/0211 February 2003Holden Ltd
Holden - Astra - cherry from bag of fruit floating in air inside car, moving between front and back seats in relation to movement of car
315/0211 February 2003Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Triton Ute - 'Ken Beauty' (radio).
316/0211 February 2003Ateco Automotive Pty Limited
Ateco - Alfa Romeo - young woman at board meeting thinking instead of driving car.
321/0211 February 2003Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter - Kayser Perfects - image of woman from calf to waist in black lace underpants - competition to win a year's worth of bras and briefs
330/0211 February 2003Peugeot Automobiles Australia
Peugeot 206 - Indian man continually crashes car, gets elephant to sit on it, blowtorches it, to remodel it to look like the Peugeot 206 he's seen in the print ad