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Results for April 2004

49/0413 April 2004Jews For Jesus
Jews For Jesus - "Be More Jewish - Believe in Jesus"
50/0413 April 2004Coles
Coles - Quick Meals - Lisa McCune in car talking to friends on phone, mouths "Shit"
51/0413 April 2004Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited
Inghams - couple at adoption clinic giving up children so they don't have to share chicken with them
53/0413 April 2004Australian Jockey Club
Australian Jockey Club - Randwick Easter carnival - "Princesses come alive" - woman wearing panties igetting ready for race carnival in langourious sensual manner
56/0413 April 2004Ella Bache
Ella Bache - "Make your face your best asset" - head to knee naked woman with wording covering her body
57/0413 April 2004Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Neutrogena sunless tanning lotion - "No more streaks"-naked woman with scarf over shoulder
60/0413 April 2004National Rugby League Ltd
NRL - Qld footballer releasing cane toads into NSW
61/0413 April 2004Nestle Confectionery
Nestle - Allen's Minties - dog looking for place to urinate, chooses the leg of man bus stop - girl offers Mintie to him to cheer him up with caption "it's moments like these you need Minties"
62/0413 April 2004BPAY Pty Ltd
BPAY - win a maid for a month - ethnic accent Maria Consuela Guadelope
63/0413 April 2004Angove's Pty Ltd
Angove's - Stones Ginger Beer - "get rooted"
64/0413 April 2004Karcher Pty Ltd
Karcher - "Quicker than a hand job"
65/0413 April 2004Australian Capital Reserve Ltd
Australian Capital Reserve - man asks wife "where's my gardening hat?" - on his head
66/0413 April 2004Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
Red Bull - pigeon poops on guy's head - he shoots with catapult then kicks bird
67/0413 April 2004Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Lancer VR-X - rally-type grapics but when mud washes off decals a commercial sedan is revealed
68/0413 April 2004Bank of Western Australia Ltd (Bankwest)
Bank of WA - Bankwest - King Kong grabs woman then throws her away in favour of Bankwest interest deals
70/0413 April 2004RMK
RMK - Boots - young girl tarted up to look sexy
71/0413 April 2004Commercial Radio Australia
Commercial Radio Australia - clumsy man cannot open container, then spills contents and uses woman's scarf to wipe it up
73/0413 April 200499 Group Centre
99 Group Centre - Double A - young woman climbs on photocopier and kneels over scanner with legs apart and accidentally prints image - male colleague walks in and sees prints
74/0413 April 2004Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
Ferrero Rocher - Kinder Surprise - child wins ticket to enter TV and be inside computer games
75/0413 April 2004Calvin Klein Underwear
Calvin Klein Jeans- jeans-only clad male leaning against female pressed against wall
76/0413 April 2004Mike Carney Toyota
Mike Carney Toyota - Nobody's Used Cars TV ad - "What are you doing with that exhaust? You freak!"
77/0413 April 2004Mike Carney Toyota
Mike Carney Toyota - Nobody's Used Cars radio ad - Townsville's having a love affair - "What are you doing with that exhaust? You freak!"
78/0413 April 2004Camping World
Camping World - Big Shane's - dirty old men leering at young women