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Results for December 2004

314/047 December 2004Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - "Wear it or wear the cost" - showing disabled people and the use of seatbelts in cars
317/047 December 2004Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Fanta - "get an earful" - visual shows an ear sucking Fanta through a straw
318/047 December 2004Dept of Human Services Victoria
Dept of Human Services - Gambling Help - man calls himself a "dickhead" for gambling
319/047 December 2004Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - Berlei - Sophie Faulkner on location, follows loud speaker van in street, Other women join her, taking their clothes off to reveal underwear
321/047 December 2004Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets - Paddle Pop - hyena sitting with lion breaks wind then laughs, before lion grabs him and starts alpine ski race
322/047 December 2004Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Milky Bar Kid changes milk into white chocolate and coats 2 boys who pinched girls' milk drinks and poured the milk on the ground
323/047 December 2004L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
L'Oreal - Paris lipstick - explicit & passionate kissing to show lipstick won't come off
324/047 December 2004Jaguar Australia
Jaguar - Steve McQueen - "he jumped fences on his motorcycle and starlets in his Jag"
325/047 December 2004Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsi-Cola - Pepsi - man chases can of Pepsi as it rolls under truck, causes collision, truck spills red goo and women in underwear start wrestling, fire hydrant bursts so girls have wet T-shirt competition and water spray pressures them against door
326/047 December 2004Telstra - Sensis Pty Ltd
Telstra-Sensis - 1234 - promotes use of mobile phones to get SMS text directions while driving
328/047 December 2004Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - Bacon pizza - pig named Paul O'Connor
329/047 December 2004King Gee
King Gee - "Don't drop your guts in front of the boss" followed by sounds of flatulence
330/047 December 2004Peter Brown Auto Electrics
Peter Brown Auto Electrics - "turning hot pussies into cool cats" - car air conditioning
331/047 December 2004World Brands Management
World Brands Management - Pony shoes - pregnant woman wearing boxing gear, with bloody nose and bruise on face
332/047 December 2004Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited
Inghams - Chicken Breast Fillets - Late Hubby - annoyed wife tips freshly cooked meal into rubbish bin
333/047 December 2004J Boag & Son Brewing Pty Ltd
J Boag - Premuim - (TV) man lifts woman's dress with car arial then removes her dress - she walks to a bar, uses car's badge to open beer bottle, then sprawls provocatively on car bonnet, drinking beer
335/047 December 2004Colorado Group Ltd
Colorado - male ties woman to windmill and rotates her like a fairground ride while she's screaming and laughing
336/047 December 2004Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Roadshow - "The Grudge" - ad showed horror sequences
337/047 December 2004Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Jif Cream - girl speaking thru glass screen to mother asks "When are you going to get out?" Mother repleies "Not for a while yet". Camera pans back to show mother cleaning glass shower recess
338/047 December 2004Bolle Australia Pty Ltd
Bolle - Nudes - crowd of naked bodies bent over with one woman wearing sunglasses sitting up in the middle
339/047 December 2004Sexie Coffie
Sexie Coffie - woman swears when sipping very hot coffee
340/047 December 2004Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - print - woman in underwear standing behind schoolboy playing piano
341/047 December 2004Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - print - woman in underwear pulling schoolboy towards him by his tie
342/047 December 2004Vehicle Distributors Australia Pty Ltd
Vehicle Distributors - Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet - little boys on bus looking through car's sunroof and perving on girls' thighs
344/047 December 2004Lance Dixon Ferrari
Lance Dixon - Bentley Continental GT - "top speed 318km"
345/047 December 2004Women's Policy Office WA
Women's Policy Office WA - Men's Domestic Violence Helpline - man's angry voice, loud thud and woman yelling - words "slutty" and "bullshit" used
346/047 December 2004Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
Sony Computer Entertainment - Playstation - "Getaway" computer game
347/047 December 2004Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
Take 2 - "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" computer game - males leaning out of car firing automatic handguns
348/047 December 2004Taubmans Pty Ltd
Taubmans - Print - images thru microscope of baby's bottom and teflon slide "It's the Teflon that makes walls silky smooth and easy to clean"
350/047 December 2004Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
Take 2 - "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" - computer game - woman leaning in window of car