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Results for October 2004

260/0412 October 2004Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Sprite Recharge - "as much energy as a flasher in a straight jacket"
261/0412 October 2004McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Chilli Quarter Pounder - "Are you crying?" "You're such a girl"
262/0412 October 2004Right To Life Australia
Right To Life - coloured image of foetus "This is a life. Not a choice".
263/0412 October 2004Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore SV6 - print - no holding back
264/0412 October 2004Home Building Society
Home Building Society - four Mini cars bumper-to-bumper (as per sequence in 'The Italian Job" movie) on Perth streets and down steps
265/0412 October 2004Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - ad for men's shirts begins with man on toilet
266/0412 October 2004Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Napisan Oxy Action - "so easy even a man can do it"
267/0412 October 2004Liposuction Australia
Liposuction Australia - looks like model has dark pubic hair but actually wearing black bikini bottom
268/0412 October 2004Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Crystal deodorant - woman jumps out of window to avoid getting underarm stains on her dress
269/0412 October 2004Kraft Foods Ltd
Kraft Foods - grl lures Mum outside then locks door, and proceeds to eat all the nachos with cheese
270/0412 October 2004Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - 5 cent deal - two rappers with scantily-clad women in sexy poses - imitation of rapper "50 cent" and entourage
271/0412 October 2004Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - auto servicing - use wine glass to sample oil
272/0412 October 2004Bridgestone Tyres Australia Ltd
Bridgestone - Peter Brock lowering car onto gecko's tail
274/0412 October 2004Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Camry Sportivo V6 - car swerves to avoid falling traffic cones
275/0412 October 2004Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Mobile - young people crowded into small car "pack more into your night"
277/0412 October 2004Clovely Estate
Clovely Estate - winery - "it may not improve your sex life but you'll see a cockatoo" "We love taking the piss"
278/0412 October 2004Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Peters Drumstick - Loaded - man fast forwarding thru video of his life- underwear-clad girl walks into bedroom, voiceover "just the best bits"
279/0412 October 2004Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman - "Feel like shooting the kids during school holidays? Go Digital!"
280/0412 October 2004Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L
DaimlerChrysler - Mercedes Benz - Karma - Buddist monks driving, swerving to avoid killing insects