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Results for September 2004

202/0414 September 2004Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - Chelsea Clinton ridiculed
209/0414 September 2004SCA Hygiene Australasia
SCA Hygiene - Libra Tampons - stored above goldfish bowl causing stress to fish
210/0414 September 2004BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
BUPA Health - HBA/Mutual Community - man swears at parents of baby in another flat, keeping him awake - Young Couples Choice campaign
211/0414 September 2004Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - Birthday Party - children throwing food
212/0414 September 2004Bont International
Bont - woman in t-shirt "First one to Bondi gets me"
213/0414 September 2004Subaru (Aust) Pty Ltd
Subaru - Award Fast Start- sedan leaving ground over hilly road, speeding across expanse of water
215/0414 September 2004Jeans West Corporation
Jeans West - girl faints - boy undoes zip on her jeans so she can breathe
216/0414 September 2004Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd
Oporto - cop pulls up girl for speeding and recognises her as "the voice" of the ad and lets her off a ticket
217/0414 September 2004Nestle Foods & Beverages
Nestle - Nescafe Blend 43 - daughter sneaking home early morning - caught by Dad who cups her chin and says she's growing up too fast.
218/0414 September 2004George Weston Foods Limited
George Weston - Don Smallgoods - Jogger steals a man's lunch in the park
219/0414 September 2004Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - you can send any "crap" by mobile phone
220/0414 September 2004Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Sultana Bran - mum comes home and finds kids have made their own afternoon tea
221/0414 September 2004Bayer Australia Ltd
Bayer - Canesten - Once Pessary - Love and Commitment - -"now we have lost the interest of the men" woman goes on to speak about vaginal thrush treatment
222/0414 September 2004S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Glade Clean & Pure - woman trying to convince husband that Glade is superior product by harrassing him
224/0414 September 2004Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Energizer - Schick Quattro 4 blade razor - hospital nurse attends to man with closest shave
225/0414 September 2004Activision Pty Ltd
Activision - Doom 3 - computer game with demonic/horror graphics
226/0414 September 2004Sachi Australia Pty Ltd
Sachi - naked woman leaning, and holding handbag
227/0414 September 2004Marshall Laurence Pty Ltd
Marshall Laurence - Petsecure - pets photos with "deceased" stamped on them if insurance isn't taken up
230/0414 September 2004JD Designs & Enterprises
JD Designs - Pert Backless Panties
231/0414 September 2004Fujifilm Australia Pty Ltd
Fujifilm - terrorist hostage freed after showing photos of family
232/0414 September 2004Sunrice
Sunrice - Rice Creations - delivery man adopting foreign accent according to variety of meals he's delivering - has mobile phones flag-coordinated to each country
233/0414 September 2004Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - Olympic Beach Volleyball - all women should have breast implants
235/0414 September 2004Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore Alloytec V6 - test engine being revved in laboratory scenario
236/0414 September 2004Pacific Mortgage Corporation Pty Ltd
Pacific Mortgage - "we do STUFF THE BANKS won't do"
237/0414 September 2004Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smith's Snackfood - Crisps - Postcards from the Mediterranean - Greek workmen eating crisps while Olympic marathon starts - runners falling over wheelbarrows, cement mixers, buckets etc, because Athens venue not finished
238/0414 September 2004Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple m - Olympic Water Polo - should be sharks in pool
239/0414 September 2004Holden Ltd
Holden - Crewman Cross8 - Family driving car over red-soil environment, stirring up dust and arriving at lake. Space control station reports "There IS water on Mars - but we didn't find it!".
241/0414 September 2004Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Carefree Silk Ease tampon - women on boat in Asia buy silk from trader and make hammocks to relax above the other passengers' heads
244/0414 September 2004Holden Ltd
Holden - Storm Ute - visual of a tornado and dark clouds at a railway crossing. A red Storm Ute pulls up to a halt on the road. The voiceover describes it as a Limited Edition Storm
245/0414 September 2004Keogh Institute for Medical Research
Keogh Institute - "Do you have premature ejaculation?"
246/0414 September 2004Sachi Australia Pty Ltd
Sachi - naked woman with legs in air, wearing only shoes
247/0414 September 2004Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Powerade - men on bikes avoiding opera singer
248/0414 September 2004Holden Ltd
Holden - Commodore Alloytec V6 - young man driving with small child in back seat grinning as car accelerates
249/0414 September 2004Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
Beiersdorf - Nivea Shower Oil - man rubs hands over woman's body then in shower her breasts and pubic hair seem visible
250/0414 September 2004Bed E Buys
Bed E Buys - "pig of a location - oink oink"
251/0414 September 2004Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - Olympic Softball - women look like they've just stepped out of a truck
252/0414 September 2004Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - Olympic Weightlifting - men couldn't make it in own country so came to Australia - been here a week and a half
253/0414 September 2004Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - Fathers' Day - Dads ringing doorbell and hiding round corner of house - after a couple of times, child sends dog out to catch them
254/0414 September 2004Sony Australia Pty Ltd
Sony - Vaio wireless notebook - woman in bikini cut from pin-stripe business suit
255/0414 September 2004Kosciusko Thredbo Pty Ltd
Kosciusko Thredbo - man shakes dandruff from hair onto photos to remind him of snow
256/0414 September 2004Keysun Laboratories Pty Ltd
Keysun - Lentheric - 648 muscles/41 breaths/109 beats/38.2 degrees etc as a woman is sexually aroused
257/0414 September 2004Albany Toyota
Albany Totota - various girls shown with cars - one girl wearing body stocking lying on bonnet
258/0414 September 2004Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Magna - "Out with the old" - council workers collecting rubbish including Magna parked on kerb
259/0414 September 2004Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - quick shots of women in in kitchen wearing underwear and having knives in their hands