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Results for December 2005

337/0513 December 2005Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited
Inghams - Selections - Mother dyes son's football jersey and Dad's shirt pink then serves them checken and voiceover says "Ingham's makes any Mum a great Mum"
339/0513 December 2005Douwe Egberts Australia
Douwe Egberts - Senseo Coffee Machine - has 8 yr old making coffee, carrying it hot to father, then sitting on Dad's lap while it's drunk
340/0513 December 2005Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers - Dare Iced Coffee - waiter tries to doge motorcycles to serve coffee to customers on other side of racetrack
341/0513 December 2005Unitab Ltd
Unitab - "The Thinking Man's recreation" - famous statue called "The Thinking Man" campaign
342/0513 December 2005Holeproof
Holeproof - Antz Pantz - Nicky Hilton and Kimberley Stewart in underwear at hotel, look around at ants swarming over an after-party mess and order room service to clean up. 'Rex' arrives and proceeds to eat the ants crawling on the girls' legs
344/0513 December 2005Radio Rentals Ltd
Radio Rentals - "shagged furniture" shows mattress simulating sex
345/0513 December 2005AAMI
AAMI - child in car toddler seat uses remote control to raise & lower garage door which keeps hitting car bonnet as it comes down
346/0513 December 2005BlueScope Steel
BlueScope Steel - Colorbond - Outhouse - man sitting on toilet, with door open so he can gaze at his new roof. Wife's friend and young daughter see him, so he reluctantly closes the door
348/0513 December 2005Hearts Abroad
Hearts Abroad - introduction agency "are you looking for a beautiful devoted Russian wife?" and "find love in Russia" - feature girl Olga Kulikova
349/0513 December 2005World League for Protection of Animals Inc
World Leage for Protection of Animals - shows kangaroojoeys in mother's pouch and taxt "Safe today. Dead tonight" and "Stop the cruelty. Stop the killing"
350/0513 December 2005Myer/Grace Bros
Myer - Britney Spears Fantasy perfume - hunter falls in love with goddess (Britney) he follows through woods but when she has to leave on a "Goddess World Tour" he shoots a "magic love arrow" at her back - we see it's suction capped - and she stays
353/0513 December 2005Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Falcon Utility XR8 - dogs following Ute down country street a la 357/04 where it was young women - male passenger says "I think we should give them a lift" and driver replies "Nah mate - they're dogs".
354/0513 December 2005Golden Circle Ltd
Golden Circle - Original Juice - two hippos in bed and one farts while the other holds its breath - "Here's an original fact - a hippo can hold its breath for 5 minutes"
356/0513 December 2005Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd
Virgin Blue - Velocity Credit Card - man reads letter and says "We finally have enough frequent flyer points to get two tickets to " then keels over with heart attack, then wife reads letter and also keels over. V/O "Don't wait - join Virgin Blue"
358/0513 December 2005Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - "Dangerous Curves" - ad for women's bra sale
359/0513 December 2005Violet Home Loans Australia Pty Ltd
Violet Home Loans - Green background with outline of woman in violet, wearing handcuffs - one part around rist and other hanging free and open
360/0513 December 2005Maddy's Skin Care Centre
Maddy's Skin Care Centre - "Before and after" photos of body enhancement therapy
361/0513 December 2005Schering-Plough Pty Ltd
Schering - Postinor 2 - (radio) - Emergency contraception - morning after pill " I didn't even know what it was till I needed it". No prescription required.
362/0513 December 2005Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynxjet - big-busted airline flight attendants exhibiting sex services they offer inflight
364/0513 December 2005YRSA's Vineyard
YRSA's Vineyard - guy discussing taste and region of wines then woman says not interested in "all the hullabaloo" just the name of the wine - then calls the guy "a wanker"
366/0513 December 2005Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - Underwear for everyday - lacy bra for "get lucky day"
367/0513 December 2005SCA Hygiene Australasia
SCA Hygiene - Libra Tampons - best angel made with a tampon wins $500
369/0513 December 2005Funbox Pty Ltd
Funbox - Gold Coast Girls - 4 women scantily dressed showing the sexual activities they get up to in their shared house
370/0513 December 2005Telstra - Sensis Pty Ltd
Telstra-Sensis - Yellow Pages - woman phones bar looking for husband, describing him as having a laugh like a hyena
371/0513 December 2005Action Buses
ACTION Buses- "Take your eyes off the road" - on bus back/side - man shown relaxing with eyes closed and headphones on
372/0513 December 2005TransACT Communications Pty Ltd
TransACT - "Find out why blue is better" - image of blue eyes to advertise their SIM card