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Results for February 2005

01/058 February 2005Ansell Healthcare
Ansell - Vibe vibrating condoms - "easily turned on"
10/058 February 2005Agfaphoto Australia
Agfaphoto - "thousands are captured all over the world every day, men, women, children, pets…. The guilty are among us "free your memories - print your digital photos"
11/058 February 2005Living Well Health Club
Living Well Health Club - banner depicts person in bed under sheet, but with bum showing, and red heart written on it in lipstick
12/058 February 2005Camara Clothing (Bardot)
Camara Clothing - Bardot - woman wearing Bardot clothing kneeling on one knee to reveal red panties
13/058 February 2005Excom Education Pty Ltd
Excom Education - "is your job giving you the shits?
15/058 February 2005United International Pictures Pty
United International - "The Fockers" - dog having sex with doll
16/058 February 2005WorkCover New South Wales
Workcover NSW - images of multiple limb amputees, girl who's lost an eye, chemical burn victim
17/058 February 2005Taubmans Pty Ltd
Taubmans - TV - Silk Teflon paint - image of baby's bottom with music and Tom Jones' song "Sex Bomb" changed to "teflon teflon…"
18/058 February 2005Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster phone ringtones - freaky frog portrayed pretending to ride motor bike, but has has human male sex organ in clear view
19/058 February 2005Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster phone ringtones - orgasm sounds from 5 different countries
2/058 February 2005HGC Administrative Services Pty Ltd
HGC - Club X - Intimate Shaver (TV) "keeping pussies clean shaven" - cat on couch approached with shaver, sounds of distressed cat, then reappears hairless
20/058 February 2005Polaroid Aust Pty Ltd
Polaroid - Eyewear - sunglasses with words on lenses "Brazillian" and "Tasmanian" referring to fashionable pubic hair shaving
21/058 February 2005Summit Holden
Summit Holden - white man with face painted balck and wearing afro wig
22/058 February 2005Diageo Australia Ltd
Diageo - Bundaberg Rum - men at sea in rubber dinghy, Bundy Bear tears rubber with fish hook so that they can be saved by girls on nearby boat
25/058 February 2005Lion Hotel The
Lion Nathan - XXXX - "Life sentence" - wedding/engagement ring
3/058 February 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Pecking Order - young man arriving for work experience is given list of lunches for large office
327/048 February 2005Blackbutt Hotel
Blackbutt Hotel - waiter advises no smoking in one bistro, but you CAN smoke in the other
352/048 February 2005Eli Lilly Australia Pty Ltd
Eli Lilly - Erectile Dysfunction - "95% of erection problems can be cured" - couple ballroom dancing, and others in romantic situations
354/048 February 2005Boots Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Boots - Nurofen for Children - "kids just love the orange flavour" and "we all get a good night's sleep" Nicky Buckley implying "drug your kids"
355/048 February 2005Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - car travelling at high speed on winding roads, on wrong side of road, sound of high pitched racing car
357/048 February 2005Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Falcon Utility XR8 Mk11 - mesmerised women following yellow Ute down outback street, car passenger says "Do you think we should stop and give them a ride?"
358/048 February 2005Coopers Brewery Ltd
Coopers Brewery - riot police shown with "smiley faces" on their shields "Make the world a milder place"
359/048 February 2005Skycity Adelaide Pty Ltd
Skycity Adelaide - voice heard from "outside" calling "hello" and asking "is anyone at home?" - turns out to be stereo. Voiceover states Skycity has live music every night
362/048 February 2005STA Travel Pty Ltd
STA Travel - "Call in sick" - woman ringing work from Thailand to say she is sick with "women's problems"
363/048 February 2005Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
Novartis Pharma - Lamisil - animated toe lifts back for fungus to crawl in
364/048 February 2005Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Colt - revving sound of motor, child says "The light's turned green - Bingo" - radio ad
366/048 February 2005Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Newcastle Permanent - "No means No" campaign - no fees for home loan, but using text used to counsel rape victims
368/048 February 2005Pickwood Lodge
Pickwood Lodge - "SEX - chocolates and flowers not required" - brothel
369/048 February 2005Motorola Australia
Motorola - Motoflirt iPod Mini- couple kissing - "Fancy a threeesome? Flirt with Motorola, Telstra and a $99 iPod mini"
370/048 February 2005Bank of South Australia
Bank of SA - rural services - rear view of cow as it uses ATM
371/048 February 2005Angove's Pty Ltd
Angove's - St Agnes Brandy - "Interested? Give it your best shot". Woman and man looking at each other seductively
372/048 February 2005Summit Holden
Summit Holden - "Cheeky Deals on Astra" - girl in red bikini bottom show from rear, getting into car
8/058 February 2005Diageo Australia Ltd
Diageo - Bundaberg Rum - four males out to dinner with girls for Valentine's Day, watching sport on hotel TV located behind girl's backs, and pretending to listen to girls
9/058 February 2005Breville
Breville - Phillishave Coldshave - man cuts hole in ice with saw then plunges his head into icy water beneath