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Results for July 2005

153/0512 July 2005Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (SA) Limited
Thoroughbred Racing SA Limited - Adelaide Cup - shows a slow motion dressing of a woman, backview wearing only her underwear
161/0512 July 2005H J Heinz Co Australia Ltd
H J Heinz - Big & Chunky Soup - a woman clad in her underwear walks to the toilet scratching her bottom she goes to the toilet you can hear it flush she comes out and says "Mmm big and chunky"
162/0512 July 2005Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly-Clark - Kotex - Twisted Colours 162/05 - I wanna be famous fake-tan Orange; can't stop looking into the boss' eyes Blue; trannies platform stilettos Pink'
163/0512 July 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Cheeseburger - "Simple" shows words & pictures-"Girl, Doll, Dollhouse, Kitten, Brownies, Ballet, School, Friend, Boy, Lipstick, Nails, Earrings, Mascara, Push-Up Bra, Briefs, Bikini, G-String, T-String, Highlights, Wax, Solarium, Mini.."
164/0512 July 2005Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
Procter & Gamble - Vicks Cough Medicine - man and woman in bed together, woman is dreaming and his woken by man who has cough woman gets up to get him some cough medicine
165/0512 July 2005Wrapped Secrets
Wrapped Secrets - Lingerie - Billboard showing women in lingerie
166/0512 July 2005Port Adelaide Football Club
Port Adelaide Football Club - Power - promotion of AFL Football Club and AFL Football games
167/0512 July 2005Esanda
Esanda - male banker releases rats in a shoe store to stop a woman from spending her money "We'll do anything to help you save money"
168/0512 July 2005GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline - Maxclean - Macleans Extreme Clean toothpaste - couple brushing teeth, they pull faces and tongue kiss
169/0512 July 2005O'Brien Glass Industries Ltd
O'Brien Glass - radio ad, has a father reading a story to his son, then receives a phone calls, hurriedly finishes the story before racing off for an O'Brien's glass replacement job
171/0512 July 2005Regent Cinemas
Regent Cinemas - man in an overcoat standing with this back to audience, he holds front of coat wide open. "Expose yourself to advertising"
172/0512 July 2005General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
General Mills - Betty Crocker Cake Mix - young boy is helping to make a cake, once it's baked he takes a piece and says "I like to shove it down my gob"
173/0512 July 2005ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd
ABC Tissues - Quilton toilet paper - "Love your Bum" Cupid shoots arrows at people's backsides
174/0512 July 2005Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Energizer - Shick Quattro 4 blade razor - Two businessman walk down a corridor in an office. A young woman shows interest and stops the progress of one man in the corridor, she gets close to him to admire his shave, it is fairly intimate
176/0512 July 2005The Sharemarket College
The Sharemarket College - Shows a Buddhist Monk catching & releasing an insect with chopsticks, then shows a woman spraying it dead
178/0512 July 2005HGC Administrative Services Pty Ltd
HGC - Shaft Adult Centre - Shows a woman in a blue dress, looks like she is sitting on the shaft logo which is a long, thin, rounded white band across a grey background in the middle it reads Shaft
179/0512 July 2005GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline - Panadol - woman playing hockey who is losing with a headache then takes the panadol and wins the match
180/0512 July 2005Australian Distribution Company Pty Ltd
Australian Distribution Co - Speed in a Can - sports energy drink, cans pumping like car pistons
181/0512 July 2005IGA Food Stores
IGA - supermarket ad shows a skateboarder performing a stunt without wearing a helmet
182/0512 July 2005Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Just Right - man throwing a dart at a revolving globe of the world with no regard to where it lands. The dart hits the globe and is propelled towards a lamp and then into space.
183/0512 July 2005Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airways - shows two men forming a relationship all the way through to marriage, til one guy wakes up on a flight with another man leaning on him, VO says: If you wanted to sleep with him, you would have married him fly Virgin Atlantic
185/0512 July 2005Globe International Limited
Globe International - Mossimo - young woman dressed in Mossimo bra and jeans, young man dressed in Mossimo clothing
186/0512 July 2005Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - for AFL - shows a young man leaping as if to take a mark with his knee in the back of an old woman who has a walking stand
187/0512 July 2005Wingara Wine Group Pty Ltd
Wingara Wine Group - Deakin Estate - shows a young woman being approached by a man with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Woman looks like she could be under age (for alcohol)
188/0512 July 2005PZ Cussons Australia
PZ Cussons - Morning Fresh - Dishwashing liquid - woman hits man on head with a spanner after he runs it through the dishwasher
189/0512 July 2005TransACT Communications Pty Ltd
TransACT - Shows a man in his twenties eating popcorn as he is about to watch movies. Over 500 movies to watch, whenever you want to watch them