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Results for May 2005

100/0510 May 2005Triumph International (Aust) Pty Ltd
Triumph - Sloggi Hot Hips - shows the backs of four women clothed only in briefunderwear
101/0510 May 2005Goodman Fielder Baking Australia
Goodman Fielder - Uncle Toby's - OT's - Ian Thorpe says it's "Fully Sick" to mother on phone who has 3 children who won't eat their cereal until she rings and consults Thorpie
103/0510 May 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Happy Meals - Toy Dogs
104/0510 May 2005Jim Beam Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Jim Beam - man in boxing ring held down against his will while numerous parties physically force him to consume alcohol. He is 'being true' to the original by only drinking Jim Beam
105/0510 May 2005Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd
Frucor - V - cockroach does weightlifting after drinking V
106/0510 May 2005Sports Truth
Sports Truth - Woman in a G-String and a vest
107/0510 May 2005Capt'n Snooze
Capt'n Snooze - Woman declares "It doesn't take me much money to get into bed". She then continues to explain that the beds at Snooze are pretty cheap.
108/0510 May 2005Esanda
Esanda - female banker uses chloroform on man and drags him away from store so that he doesn't spend his money "We'll do anything to help you save money"
110/0510 May 2005Lexus Australia
Lexus Australia - V8 GS430 - car is chained to the wall indicating power
111/0510 May 2005Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Falcon BA II 6IX - shows theme for number 6, indicates it's a 6 speed vehicle. Door number flips from 9 to 6. It's 6.00pm on driver's watch; CDtrack 6 plays in the vehicle; Drives on Highway 6 and road shaped like a 6 to 6 Hills; 'Eye' has 6
112/0510 May 2005Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - man climbs out of window wash cage of multi-storey office with suction caps on hands/ feet. Other men give him a swig of Pepsi Max "Are you are sure?" & they say "Don't worry there's no sugar" he then tumbles down building using suction
114/0510 May 2005Land Rover Australia
Land Rover - Discovery - shows the vehicle speeding, making sudden turns and a 4 wheel drift
115/0510 May 2005UnderCover Wear
UnderCover Wear - woman wearing a purple bra
116/0510 May 2005iTouch Australia
iTouch Australia - Jippii - "farting monkeys" - mobile phone ringtones, shows monkeys breaking wind
117/0510 May 2005Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - Jay Jays - Break Dancing - teenager in front of a group of teenagers destroying objects in a garden and calling it break dancing
118/0510 May 2005Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Camry Sportivo V6 - knives falling from the sky as man dodges them running through the streets 'test your reflexes'
119/0510 May 2005Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Omo - Dirt is good - children playing and creating on the beach, collecting sticks etc to create a whale on the sand.
120/0510 May 2005Mainland Dairies Pty Ltd
Bonland Dairies - Mainland Munchables - Shows the "kids" (teenagers) 'bossing parents around'
121/0510 May 2005Boots Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Boots - Clearasil for men - Brandpower ad where Sally Williams directs her conversation to "Mums with young sons.."
127/0510 May 2005Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster phone wallpaper - shows stick figures in sexual positions, a monkey giving a rude finger gesture and shows a stoned guy with a hemp leaf
95/0510 May 2005Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres Pty Ltd
Jenny Craig - Use of the term "old housewives"
96/0510 May 2005Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - dad & son driving to buy more gas for the bbq; Speeding 6 kms over the limit, he changes lane, swerves to miss car which has braked, runs off the road and hits woman pushing a pram, woman is , killed her blood is on baby,
97/0510 May 2005Yamaha Motor Aust Pty Ltd
Yamaha Motors - Boat engine - shows pleasurecraft with people not wearing life jackets
98/0510 May 2005Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnott's - Tim Tams - Dangerous Liaisons - woman lying on back with a strip of ribbon-like fabric across her breasts and crotch, advertising three different flavoured Tim Tams, chilli, blackforest and creamy truffle
99/0510 May 2005Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Hilux 4WD - 'Get in or get out of the way' (TV) utility being driven in an underground carpark then suburbs and finally a rural setting. Vehicles fly out of the way and fence posts are uprooted.