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Results for November 2005

305/058 November 2005Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - Skinny Jeans - implied woman has just has sex with jail inmate and squeezes thru bars back to her own cell, past sleeping guard
306/058 November 2005Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers - women of different ages dissatisfied with their weight - voiceover "fattest person in the room"
307/058 November 2005Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd
Advertiser Newspapers - Adelaide Advertiser - Lipstick - man & woman in café at separate tables, making "eyes" at each other. Woman writes phone number on his newspaper with her lipstick and he responds by hitting her with the paper
308/058 November 2005Wrigley Co Pty Ltd The
Wrigley - Eclipse - "Smoke cigar blow kisses" with image of pack of mints
310/058 November 2005Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - Broadband (TV) - son asks "why did they build the Great Wall of China"; Dad replies "It was built by Nasi Goreng to keep the rabbits out"
311/058 November 2005Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Homeline Plus - adult cupid tries to shoot man with bow & arrow, but misses and hits dog instead - cheap after hours long distance rates
312/058 November 2005Bunnings Group Ltd
Bunnings - man in hardware store on phone to wife pretending he's drinking at pub with mates - gets store employee to corroborate his story
313/058 November - Take 5 Magazine #254520 - women pushing naked breasts into each other
314/058 November 2005Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
Virgin Mobile - Jason Donovan picking up droppings - viewers encouraged not to telephone Jason on 0403 JASOND
316/058 November 2005Golden Circle Ltd
Golden Circle - Original Juice - in Florida it's illegal to be intimate with a porcupine. Prostitute asks porcupine "how's business?"
317/058 November 2005Valcorp Fine Foods Pty Ltd
Valcorp - Dilmah Tea - Ceylonese picking tea leaves then serving white people with the tea in an elegant setting
318/058 November 2005Quality Timbers Mareeba Pty Ltd
Quality Timbers - man with NZ accent "can you give me a hand with my dick?"; reply "it's too small mate" - play on NZ accent for "deck"
321/058 November 2005BIC Australia Pty ltd
BIC - "Girls Girls Girls" - as per neon sign with text "Fail your exams and employment options are limited." and "Take wrong pen to exam, pen stops working, fail exam"
322/058 November 2005The Age
The Age - carry bag - woman mugged - thief throws away contents of bag and keeps the bag bcs it has "The Age" on it
323/058 November 2005Omega Appliances
Omega Appliances - SMEG BBQ - lamb pleading with customers "not everyone is looking forward to you discovering the superior cooking results of your SMEG-Q"
324/058 November 2005Dept of Employment & Workplace Relations
Dept of Employment & Workplace Relations - Workchoices Campaign - ads appears to only feature white Australians
325/058 November 2005Bayer Australia Ltd
Bayer - ED Performance Pack - When? Now - couple's faces shown, woman's above man's - she asks "When?" and his reply is "Now"
326/058 November 2005Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Pfizer - Zyrtec - female in café asks friend how she got rid of her boyfriend - replies she invited him to meet her parents and he was "off like a Zyrtec"
327/058 November 2005Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Monkey/Taxi - young man in back seat of taxi to airport. While drinking Pepsi Max, he sees front passenger show driver pic of aeroplane. When young man realises driver is monkey he asks "Are you sure?" "Don't worry - there's no sugar"
328/058 November 2005Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Stuntmen - showground with 3 men lying between 2 ramps drinking Pepsi Max. Presenter says "Release the Beast" and roadroller truck prepares to drive over ramps. Man asks "Are you sure?" Reply "No worries - there's no sugar"
329/058 November 2005Holden Ltd
Holden - Viva - crowd around Viva car in plaza with "Viva" signs chanting "Viva! Viva!..." man appears with "Viva the revolution" and people shout out the car's features - cheering and V signs with fingers
330/058 November 2005Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Outlander - satellite navigation - woman goes behind tree for toilet break then comes back to car for street directory to use for toilet paper, as they won't need it any more now they have satellite navigation
331/058 November 2005S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Glade Clean & Pure - young boy shown on toilet with voiceover saying that children often responsible for odours
333/058 November 2005Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - 46 Crashes - repeated sound of tyres skidding and glass breaking and voiceover "every single day there are 46 people badly injured on our roads..That's 46 too many"
334/058 November 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - McCafe - Conversations - workmen laugh when young colleague is told to go and find a left-handed hammer, later he has to go up to the McCafe counter to ask for a left-handed spoon
335/058 November 2005SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL - Durex Condoms - woman shown sighing and expressing her delight
336/058 November 2005Coca-Cola Amatil
Coca-Cola Amatil - Deep Spring Mineral Water - naked man with helmet on scooter riding through crowds of people who stare at him as he drinks product to tune of "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon & Garfunkel
64/068 November 2005CS60 Pty Ltd
CS60 Pty Ltd - A Little Bit of Relief - "When life's a bitch, try a little bit of stress relief"