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Results for October 2005

259/0511 October 2005Triumph International (Aust) Pty Ltd
Triumph - Xtrovert Maximiser - woman wearing bra & undies and looking at viewers in sultry manner
260/0511 October 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - "release your inner child" - frozen adults with doors in their abdomen opening and small children climbing out, going to Maccas and returning with sandwich/burger and climbs back in. Adult unfreezes and is surprised to see food
262/0511 October 2005Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly-Clark - Kotex - Twisted Colours 262/05 - beach "just so wrong. Pink"; "can you see my bum? Green"; girl leaving sexual encounter "a good idea at the time. Orange"; girl gets tattoo "hope it means what he says it does. Blue" -
263/0511 October 2005iTouch Australia
iTouch - "What is your sex future?" phone service
264/0511 October 2005Allpest WA
Allpest - TV - pest extermination - woman asks "can I exterminate my husband as well as all the pests?"
265/0511 October 2005Allpest WA
Allpest - radio - pest extermination - woman asks "can I exterminate my husband as well as all the pests?"
266/0511 October 2005Bank of South Australia
Bank of SA - female hardware store employee dreams of own home and sees male customer as potential husband, but his partner arrives, so employee feels dumped and approaches the man and slaps him in the face
267/0511 October 2005Woolworths Supermarkets
Woolworths - baby corn & fresh produce - in a field Woolies rep puts arm around farmer's shoulders and farmers says "Back off a bit, because you're making me feel nervous"
269/0511 October 2005Valcorp Fine Foods Pty Ltd
Valcorp - Lavazza - woman in silver bikini holding a cup of coffee and looking sultry - a circus strong man man is hanging upside down in background, tied in chains
270/0511 October 2005Home Building Society
Home Building Society - vans spinning out of control at a children's crossing
271/0511 October 2005Bank of South Australia
Bank of SA - bank has shetland pony with sign "free pony ride with home loan' - female banker advises boss that pony bit a customer - boss changes sign to "No Aoolication Fee" - pony then seen leaving the bank with cowed head
272/0511 October 2005NSW Rugby Union Ltd
NSW Rugby Union - Tooheys New Cup - Eastwood players scoring a try then can of beer appears to right of screen
273/0511 October 2005Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - AFL footballer Dermot Brereton and 2 fans relive "Dermie" being hit in back with lump of wood, then vomiting on the ground
275/0511 October 2005George Weston Foods Limited
George Weston - Tip Top - Swirls Bread Movie Duets - Apple & Cinnamon - lady answers phone and deep raspy voice says "Eat me!" - then woman hypnotically transported to kitchen
276/0511 October 2005George Weston Foods Limited
George Weston - Tip Top - Swirls Bread Movie Duets Sultana & Chocolate - young teenagers "Eat me"
277/0511 October 2005Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium - Up and Go - young man drinking product in electrical store, collects many fans, places flow of air upwards to create enough fanned air to keep him afloat when he jumps off desk
278/0511 October 2005Kittens
Kittens - large bus painted black with near naked woman laying with head turned away imposed on the background
279/0511 October 2005Tetley Australia Pty Ltd
Tetley - tea bags - woman catching elephant droppings then has cup of tea
280/0511 October 2005KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - Rio - "John Cleese" voiceover - "more legroom so you can have longer legs"; "improved styling to look better"; '"ncreased horsepower for more power"; in red and lots of other colours" etc. "The obvious choice has never been so bloody obvious"
281/0511 October 2005Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - Wicked Burger Meal - man driving car while eating chicken
282/0511 October 2005Motorola Australia
Motorola - man at football game holding signs relating to woman (referred to as "the hot babe") sitting next to him, for his mates across the field to see - they then make sexual gestures to her. She is annoyed and physically assaults the man
283/0511 October 2005Sanofi Aventis
Sanofi Aventis - Telfast - man in office falls & appears to be a heart attack, as fellow workers stand by one pours vase water over him. Man finally decides to help but then stops as he needs a hay fever tablet bcs of the flowers from the vase
284/0511 October 2005Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Sniff n Stiff - two men in tuxedos standing behind grand piano - they drop pants and undies and start playing the piano with their penises - introduced by Max Rowley
286/0511 October 2005Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
Beiersdorf - Nivea Body Contouring Cream - little boy plays with his toy cars using his mother's legs as a road
288/0511 October 2005Bendon Ltd
Bendon - woman wearing briefs & bra leaning on "on" letters, with arm held behind head. Behind her sloping downwatds are the letters "bend"
289/0511 October 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Australian Idol - woman in car with boyfriend singing to her "I want to break up" and "besides, you're 33" - sad messages are better received if they're sung
290/0511 October 2005Ateco Automotive Pty Limited
Ateco - Alfa Romeo 156 JTS - Italians stereotyped by image of woman throwing plate of spaghetti and holding fingers in traditional Italian body language
291/0511 October 2005B & B Heating Centre Tasmania
B & B Heating - girl in bikini zipping coat, raising eyebrows, tilting head and flicking hair in flow or aircon, conludes with shot of her in sultry post with thumb hooked into bikini
292/0511 October 2005Ella Bache
Ella Bache - young naked woman in ice cream cone "good enough to eat" campaign
294/0511 October 2005Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter - Kayser Brazillian - young girls scantily dressed
295/0511 October 2005Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Lancer - driver & passenger being thrust backward through seats as a result of fast acceleration
296/0511 October 2005Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
Vodafone - Super Cap - man's friends call him "tight arse" bcs he will only text them, not ring direct
297/0511 October 2005AAPT Ltd
AAPT - woman on phone with T-shirt "missing my kids" - husband patiently waiting for her to get off the phone wears T-shirt "missing my dinner"
298/0511 October 2005Bayer Australia Ltd
Bayer - Berocca - man running down steps and along rail platform trying to outrun train
299/0511 October 2005King Gee
King Gee - Worn Gs - workers approach new apprentice, with feathers, honey, rubber chicken and a goat for initiation - then they see he's wearing "worn" shorts and ask where the new guy is
300/0511 October 2005Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Dove - "Curvy Girls" - young women in underwear standing & sitting in sexually suggestive poses
301/0511 October 2005Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Omo - Dirt is Good - what kids put in their pockets, children putting uncleaned paint brushes, open lipstick tubes and frog in pockets
303/0511 October - (2 ads) - both portray 2 men in embrace, one standing behind the other